Cyber Monday mattress deals 2023 — the best sales still available

Cyber Monday mattress sales image shows Saatva Classic, the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, DreamCloud and purple mattresses which are among this year's best sales
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While Cyber Monday may be over, there are still plenty of Cyber Monday mattress deals up for grabs, with sales from every major mattress brand and retailer including Saatva, Mattress Firm, Purple, Casper, Emma and Helix. The live discounts we're seeing right now match those spotted during Black Friday, so we aren't expecting many Cyber Monday exclusives. The good news is that if you missed your chance to buy one of this year's best mattresses for less in the Black Friday sales, you can still do so today. Many of these sales will end soon, so we recommend buying now to avoid missing out. 

The very best deals for saving you money and getting you free bedding come from Helix, Nolah, Leesa and Layla, while the best money-off deals are found at Saatva, Purple, Casper and Tempur-Pedic. In fact, we have an exclusive Saatva discount that saves you $400 off the award-winning Saatva Classic with prices from $695. The Classic is our top-rated hybrid mattress of the year and we won't see a cheaper price than this today.

Our mattress editors and deals experts are updating this guide live throughout today, so you'll find all of the best Cyber Monday mattress sales still active right here. We've split our guide into specific sections to make it super-easy for you to find the best deal for your sleep needs and budget. In our Editor's Choice section you'll find the very best discounts overall. There aren't many of these, but they offer much bigger savings compared to the average monthly sale, plus free bedding gifts for even better value for money. These are the stand-out mattress deals of Cyber Monday.

We also have a section dedicated to the best value mattresses to buy in the Cyber Monday sales. These discounts aren't much bigger than what we normally see on these beds, but our mattress editors feel they are such good value anyway that you should consider them when choosing a mattress to buy online today.

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Below you'll find all the best Cyber Monday mattress sales live right now:

Recent updates

2023's Cyber Monday are now live and we are updating this guide throughout today to bring you the very best deals as they land. Our experts have analyzed today's sales and have confirmed that they match this year's best Black Friday prices.

Cyber Monday mattress deals — Editor's choice

These are the nine very best Cyber Monday mattress deals live now:

1. Saatva Classic Mattress: $1,095 $695 at Saatva

1. Saatva Classic Mattress: from $1,095 $695 at Saatva
We think the Saatva Classic is the best mattress for all sleepers, thanks to three levels of firmness and two different heights. This is a hugely customizable luxury innerspring hybrid made with premium memory foam and coils, and one you would pay a lot more for in stores. We awarded a near-perfect score in our Saatva Classic mattress review, praising its incredible pressure relief, cooling support and lower back support. There's an early Saatva Cyber Monday sale live right now that can save you up to $350 off the largest sizes of the Classic. However, with our exclusive discount you can save $400 off every size of this award-winning hybrid, reducing the cost of a queen to $1,595 (was $1,995). The Labor Day sale price was better at $1,395, but we don't expect this current price to drop any lower and we do expect it to go back up to $1,695 after Cyber Monday. You'll also get free mattress installation and old mattress and foundation removal, plus a year's sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. That's superb value for a handcrafted mattress. 

2. DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress: $839 $449 at DreamCloud
Sleep Editor Pick

2. DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress: from $839 $449 at DreamCloud
I write about and review a huge range of mattresses for Tom's Guide, and the DreamCloud Hybrid is one of my absolute favorites. In fact, every single one of my mattress testers loves this hybrid too. I recommend it to anyone who loves the look of the Saatva Classic (above), yet has a much smaller budget. The DreamCloud Hybrid uses memory foam and coils to create a responsive, contouring feel not too dissimilar to the Saatva. Though I'd argue that the DreamCloud is the more contouring of the two, making it the better choice for people who like a little 'hug' from their bed. Because of its high motion isolation, the DreamCloud is also one of my go-to mattress recommendations for couples who bed share yet often wake each other up with their in-bed movements. I think this hybrid is exceptional value for money with 40% off in the Cyber Monday mattress sales – that reduces the price of a queen to $749 (was $1,038). You'll get a lifetime warranty and 365-night trial too.  

Claire Davies, Tom's Guide Sleep Editor

3. Emma Hybrid Comfort: $739$329 at Emma Sleep

3. Emma Hybrid Comfort: from $739 $329 at Emma Sleep
At just $479 for a queen, this Emma Hybrid Comfort Cyber Monday mattress deal is one of the best you'll find online. Few mattress sales are coming close to offering this type of price for a well-rated hybrid this holiday season, so we'd advise snapping up this offer while it's still live – and while stock lasts. The Emma Hybrid Comfort is a seven-layer mattress made of coils and foam, and thanks to those coils it's more breathable than the Emma Original (a pure memory foam bed that our testers felt slept a little hot). That makes the Emma Hybrid Comfort the better choice of the two Emma beds for hot sleepers searching for a cheap mattress in the Cyber Monday mattress sales. You'll have a year to trial the Emma Hybrid Comfort at home, with a 10-year warranty covering your purchase. There's free shipping direct to your door too. Simply outstanding value.

4. Helix Midnight Mattress: $936 $703 at Helix

4. Helix Midnight Mattress: from $936 $703 at Helix
As part of its Cyber Monday mattress deals, Helix is taking 25% off all of its top-rated mattresses. That includes our best mattress for side sleepers, the Helix Midnight hybrid (foam and coils). On top of that discount, you'll also get a free bedding bundle worth $333. That's the same deal we saw in the Black Friday sales and it's still excellent value for money – we rarely see money-off discounts and free bedding gifts from Helix, so now is definitely the best time to buy the Helix Midnight (and other Helix beds). After discount, you can get a queen size Helix Midnight for $999 (was $1,332). Our Helix Midnight Mattress review panel found that while the edge support was lacking on the Midnight, it's an otherwise excellent mattress for relieving pressure on shoulders, hips and knees – all impact points when you sleep on your side.

5. Sleep Number i8 smart bed: $3,339 $2,379 at Sleep Number

5. Sleep Number i8 smart bed: from $3,339 $2,379 at Sleep Number
This year's Sleep Number Cyber Monday sale is enormous at up to 50% off, making now the best time to buy the Sleep Number i8 smart bed — our top pick of this year's best smart mattresses. Sleep Number beds are on everyone's wishlist each Cyber Monday because they are packed with tech to help you sleep better. While they do provide sleep tracking, we're more drawn to the automatic pressure relief and firmness adjustments – the smart bed tailor's itself to your body. Even better, your side will feel totally different to your partner's side of the bed, so this is an excellent mattress to save you from sleep divorce. We recommend the Sleep Number i8 to all sleepers who have the budget and the need for a mattress that takes the guesswork out of firmness levels, comfort and depth of pressure relief. After discount, the twin is $2,279 (was $3,339), whereas the queen is $2,799 (was $3,999). 

6. Nolah Evolution 15" Hybrid Mattress: $1,499 $924 at Nolah

6. Nolah Evolution 15" Hybrid Mattress: from $1,499 $924 at Nolah
The Nolah Cyber Monday sale is now live and the deal is a complete roll-over from Black Friday, with 35% off mattresses plus a free bedding bundle worth $259. This is still an excellent deal, especially if you want a top-rated hybrid mattress for hot sleepers. The Nolah Evolution 15" is made with graphite-infused AirFoam Ice to dissipate heat, and that coupled with a cool-touch cover means you'll be sleeping cooler (and waking up fresher) from the first night. Like the DreamCloud Hybrid, the Nolah Evolution 15 isolates motion very well (read more in our Nolah Evolution 15 mattress review), making this a good Cyber Monday mattress deal for couples and bedsharers. Use the code TOMSGUIDE50 to save an extra $50 off your Nolah mattress purchase. The Evolution 15" comes with free shipping and a lifetime warranty, just like the Saatva Classic, but the trial period is shorter 120-nights. 

7. Bear Elite Hybrid: $1,893 $1,231 at Bear Mattress

7. Bear Elite Hybrid: from $1,893 $1,231 at Bear Mattress
The Bear Elite Hybrid uses a specific foam and coil construction to boost your recovery from physical exercise. So this is the best Cyber Monday deal for fitness fans and people who work very active joints and want a mattress that will help them maximize their rest at night. The Bear Elite Hybrid reduces all pressure points, virtually eliminating aches and pains, and uses phase change technology to dissipate excess heat to keep you cool. The Bear Mattress Cyber Monday sale is excellent this year, with 35% off the Elite Hybrid (and other Bear mattresses) plus you get up to $400 of free bedding including pillows, sheets and a mattress protector. Bear Mattress offers a lifetime warranty for extra peace of mind. You'll have 120 nights to trial this hybrid at home, with free shipping and returns too. After discount, the twin is $1,231 (was $1,893), whereas the queen is $1,499 (was $2,305).

8. Avocado Green Mattress: $1,399 $1,259 at Avocado
It's rare to see Avocado Green Mattress on sale, so even though this 10% discount isn't as huge as some of the Cyber Monday mattress deals above, it's still a decent saving on one of the

8. Avocado Green Mattress: from $1,399 $1,259 at Avocado
It's rare to see Avocado Green Mattress on sale, so even though this 10% discount isn't as huge as some of the Cyber Monday mattress deals above, it's still a decent saving on one of the best organic mattresses in America. During our Avocado Green Mattress review process we found mattress best-suited back and stomach sleepers, and heavier people searching for a firmer mattress to keep their spine healthily aligned during sleep. Our testers also said the Avocado Green Mattress sleeps cool, so hot sleepers will be able to take advantage of the naturally cooling properties of this all natural latex mattress. In this Cyber Monday sale you can save 10% on an Avocado Green Mattress when you use the code TG10 during checkout, bringing a queen size to $1799.10 (MSRP:$1999). You'll get free shipping, plus a 25-year warranty and one-year sleep trial. 

9. Sleep Number i8 smart bed: $3,399 $2,379 at Sleep Number

9. Sleep Number i8 smart bed: from $3,399 $2,379 at Sleep Number
This year's Sleep Number Cyber Monday sale will get you 30% off the i8 Smart Bed, this year's best smart mattress overall. There's sleep tracking here to help you figure out how well you're sleeping, and where it could be improved, but we're more interested in the very clever automatic pressure relief and firmness adjustments – this smart bed tailor's itself to your body whenever you move in bed. There's independent control on each side too, so your side of the bed will feel different to your partner's. This 30% off Cyber Monday sale is a roll over from Black Friday, and we suspect that today is the last day so move fast if you want a Sleep Number smart bed for much less. You'll get free shipping and smart bed installation too.

Cyber Monday mattress deals — Best value

These deals aren't necessarily as good as the above for both discounts and free bedding, but our team of mattress experts feel they are excellent value for money anyway and should be on your list to consider buying in the Cyber Monday sales.

1. Siena Memory Foam Mattress:$499$199 at Siena

1. Siena Memory Foam Mattress: from $499 $199 at Siena
The Siena Mattress is a very affordable memory foam mattress from the same company behind Nectar and DreamCloud. Its medium-firmness feel should suit most sleepers and we like that it has five layers of memory foam and polyfoam, with a breathable cover to help you sleep cooler at night. In our Siena Memory Foam mattress review, we said it offers excellent temperature regulation, superb edge support, and low motion transfer for a very low price. As part of its mattress sale — Siena is offering the twin for $199 (was $499), whereas the queen is $399 (was $699). You also get a 180-night trial with free shipping and returns in the Cyber Monday sales. 

2. Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress: $619$374 at Cocoon by Sealy

2. Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress: from $619 $374 at Cocoon by Sealy
If you're the type of person that gets warm overnight, this is the mattress for you. While many mattresses can wick away heat, in our Cocoon Chill Mattress review we found that the Cocoon Chill does the best job of actually keeping you cool overnight. We also love the mattress' ability to reduce motion transfer, so you won't notice when your partner gets up in the middle of the night. As part of its current mattress deals — the twin size is down to just $374 (was $619), whereas the queen is on sale for $674 (was $1,079) with this Cyber Monday deal. Use coupon "EXTRA25" during checkout to get these prices. Plus, you get free pillows and a sheet set with your mattress purchase.

3. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: $699$359 at Nectar

3. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: from $699 $359 at Nectar
Our favorite value mattress is now 40% off in Nectar's annual flash sale. This limited time sale is traditionally held in November with prices we may not see again till next year. In our Nectar mattress review, we called the Editor's Choice mattress a tremendous value for the money. We found it's very comfortable (thanks to its five layers of memory foam) and it offers excellent pressure relief around your shoulders, hips, and back. Bonus points for offering an impressive 365-night trial and a forever guarantee. Currently, you can get the twin mattress for $359 (was $599) or the queen for $659 (was $1,099).

4. DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress: $839 $449 at DreamCloud

4. DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress: from $839 $449 at DreamCloud
The Dreamcloud is one of our top-rated mattresses in a box and an excellent mattress for back pain. DreamCloud's Cyber Monday sale reduces the price to $449 for the twin (was $839) or $799 for the queen (was $1,332). That's well over half the price of its luxury rival, the Saatva Classic, and as we explain in our DreamCloud mattress review it comes with a lifetime warranty and a year's free at-home trial.

5. Avocado Eco Organic Mattress: $777$699 at Avocado

5. Avocado Eco Organic Mattress: from $777 $699 at Avocado
If you want the cheapest fully certified organic mattress in the Cyber Monday sales, look no further than the Avocado Eco Organic. This is the most affordable full organic mattress in the Avocado Green range, and today you can save 10% on every size when using our Cyber Monday exclusive code TG10. After the discount a queen size Eco Organic mattress is reduced to $1,169 (was $1,299), which is a superb price for a mattress packed with GOTS and GOLS certified organic and natural materials to keep you cool and dry during sleep, and to reduce pressure points and support your spine in every sleeping position. The warranty is only 10 years compared to a lifetime guarantee on the flagship Avocado Green Mattress, but that's still good coverage for a more affordable bed. We rarely see Avocado mattress sales, so we'd advise buying this today if you think it's the best choice for you.

6. Layla Memory Foam Mattress: $749 $549 at Layla

6. Layla Memory Foam Mattress: from $749 $549 at Layla
Both Layla mattresses are on sale right now, but we love the Layla Memory Foam Mattress and its currently up to $200 off, plus you'll get one or two free Layla pillows depending on the size of mattress you buy. The Layla is perfect for side sleepers looking for plush pressure relief around the hips, shoulders and knees, and is a good choice for combination sleepers who switch positions during the night. This Cyber Monday mattress deals reduces the cost of a twin to $549 (was $749), whereas a queen costs just $899 (was $1,099).

7. Casper Original Mattress: £895 $671 at Casper

7. Casper Original Mattress: from £895 $671 at Casper
We think that the Casper Original mattress is perfect for combination sleepers and couples who need the ultimate in-motion isolation. This mattress is also great for side sleepers who want a softer sleep sensation but still require a certain level of support. During our Casper Original mattress review, we found that it was a lot more plush than advertised despite sitting at around 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This all-foam offering also benefits from having a top layer of Casper’s Signature Airscape foam, which allows for good airflow and keeps hot sleepers at a reasonable temperature. There is a fantastic deal on the Casper Original mattresses right now, thanks to the Cyber Monday sales. You can get a queen size mattress for just $971.25, which is an impressive 25% off. Whilst Casper does run regular offers throughout the year, this usually comes in at around a 10% saving, so don’t expect to see it any cheaper than it currently is after today’s sale. Within that price, you also get free delivery, a 100-night trial, and a 10-year warranty. 

8. The Purple Mattress$1,399$1,119 at Purple

8. The Purple Mattress: from $1,399 $1,119 at Purple
Purple is one of the best-known mattress-in-a-box brands across America, and it’s no surprise that they’re also voted one of the best. With this Cyber Monday mattress deal, you can get a Purple Original mattress for $1,119 instead of its usual price of $1,399. The price also includes free shipping within two days of purchase, a 100-night trial, and an industry-standard 10-year warranty. The Purple Mattress is a good mid-range mattress that proves you don’t have to compromise when it comes to comfort and support at a good price. This mattress is perfect for anyone who suffers aches and pains at night. Thanks to the patented Purple Grid tech, a hyper-elastic polymer grid, this mattress will adapt to your body to offer the comfort and support that you need. Our Purple Mattress review found that this mattress was ideal for hot sleepers who needed to stay cool at night and also for side and back sleepers who want their pressure points, especially shoulders and hips, adequately supported.

9. Casper Snug Mattress: from $425 $318 at Casper

9. Casper Snug Mattress: from $425 $318 at Casper

While a starting price of $318 may not sound like the cheapest deal, the smallest sized Casper Snug available right now is a full, meaning you can get a king for a low price of $446.25.  The 8.5” Casper Snug is a budget-friendly bed that may not boast maximum pressure relief or advanced cooling technology, but it is excellent value and ideally suited to back and stomach sleepers who need a firmer surface to keep their spines aligned. Currently, it's 25% off and marked as final sale, so you won't be able to return or exchange it. However, you do get free delivery and a 10-year limited warranty.

Cyber Monday mattress deals — Flash sale

1. Zinus Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress:$389$129 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

1. Zinus Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress: from $389 $129 at Bed, Bath & Beyond
With extra memory foam and a 7-Zone Ventilation System for cooler sleep, The Zinus Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam is a huge upgrade from the brand’s original model. While Zinus sells the mattress in four different thickness levels, this Cyber Monday deal focuses on the (cheapest) 8” model. Side and front sleepers should fare well with this pressure-relieving, medium-firm bed, but we don't recommend it to heavyweight sleepers over 250lbs as it won't offer enough support. This flash sale at Cyber Monday, Bed, Bath & Beyond knocks up to $443 off the 8” queen size Zinus Green Tea Luxe, reducing it to just $156.60 (was $599.99). It also comes with a 10-year warranty and free shipping and returns, but you don’t get a sleep trial. If you want a cheap mattress for your main bed or guest room, this is an excellent Cyber Monday mattress saving.

2. Allswell X 10 Hybrid Mattress:$100 $70 at Walmart

2. Allswell X 10 Hybrid Mattress: from $100 $70 at Walmart
The Allswell X10 Hybrid Mattress is one of the cheapest Cyber Monday mattress deals we've seen so far, and the best option for people on a very tight budget or who are upgrading their guest room bed. This cheap hybrid provides a decent amount of support for the price, thanks to individually wrapped coils that help dish out pressure relief (in addition to the top layer of premium memory foam), as well as providing great motion isolation. As a hybrid, the Allswell X 10 sleeps fairly cool too, with air flowing freely through and around those coils. It's rated a medium-firm, which suits most sleeping positions. The Allswell X 10 Hybrid is budget friendly even when at full price, but this Walmart Cyber Monday deal has made it astoundingly cheap at just $70 for a twin. Extras include a 10 year warranty, free shipping and returns and 90-day trial. We predict this will sell out, so move fast if you want it.

Cyber Monday mattress deals — Hybrid

Helix Midnight Luxe: was $1,373 now $1,030 @ Helix
Sleep Editor pick

Helix Midnight Luxe: was $1,373 now $1,030 @ Helix
I write about many hybrid mattresses for my job, but none have caught my eye this year quite like the Helix Midnight Luxe. I'm a side sleeper who occasionally dozes on my stomach (something I missed being able to do during pregnancy when I was suffering with hip pain), so I love a great side sleeper bed. The original version of the Midnight Luxe is ranked as our best mattress for side sleepers and this luxury version provides more cradling memory foam and deeper pressure relief. When my fellow Sleep Editor Ruth was writing her Helix Midnight Luxe hands-on review she described the comfort as ‘dreamy’ — who doesn't want that from a mattress? I'm a hot sleeper too, so I appreciate the use of coils to boost airflow for cooler sleep. I see Helix mattress sales most months so it's unlikely you'll have to pay full price for the Midnight Luxe. There's 25% off right now, which matches their Cyber Monday mattress sale last year. If you need a new mattress now and want the Midnight Luxe, you can save over $590 on a queen (was $2,373.80) with code BF25. Plus, your order will come with free pillows. That's great value for money.

Claire Davies, Tom's Guide Sleep Editor

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid: was $839 now $529 @ DreamCloud

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid: was $839 now $529 @ DreamCloud
Boasting four layers of comforting CertiPUR-US certified foam, this firm, luxury hybrid is perfect for all sleepers. It has one layer of individually wrapped coils for motion isolation, making it our best choice for couples, and comes with extras such as a 365-night trial and an offer on a bedding bundle. DreamCloud has kicked off its Cyber Monday mattress deals by slashing 40% off mattresses, so you can get a king size for just $999 (was $1,699) – saving you $700. However, sleepers with a lighter build may want something softer, which is why we also recommend the memory foam version.

Stearns & Foster Estate Luxe: was $3,499 now $3,099 at Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster Estate Luxe: was $3,499 now $3,099 at Stearns & Foster
If you want a tall and luxurious mattress to alleviate overheating and pain when you lie down, the Estate Luxe is a great choice. The new Stearns & Foster mattress sale comes ahead of Cyber Monday and we hope this discount sticks around because you can save $400 off the opulent Estate Luxe and you'll get a free $300 Visa gift card. We normally see the Visa card del from Stearns & Foster, but it's rare to see a cash discount too. Therefore now is the best time to buy this tall, breathable and pressure relieving hybrid mattress. Use the code 300VISA to claim your gift card – the $400 discount will be added automatically, dropping the price of a queen to $3,199 (was $3,599).