DreamCloud sales for October: browse the Labor Day deals

DreamCloud deals
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The current DreamCloud mattress sale in the US delivers the lowest prices we've seen since we started tracking, by a significant margin. There's 40% off the entire US range, and even accounting for the fact that these mattresses are never sold at full price, that's a serious bargain if you're after the flagship DreamCloud model. Usually you'll pay $899 for a queen size, but right now it's $799. 

It's billed as a Labor Day mattress sale, but this offer has been running for several months now, and we're not expecting it to expire any time soon. In the past, DreamCloud has bundled in free bedding, but that deal seems to have been retired in favor of lower pricing on the mattress itself – if you need bedding, you can pick it up at a serious discount with your mattress purchase. 

As always, every DreamCloud mattress comes with a full-year trial plus a lifetime warranty – matching the best you'll find anywhere, and an excellent perk at this price point. Read our DreamCloud mattress review to learn why we rate it so highly for couples and sleepers seeking a great mattress for back pain.

Meanwhile, DreamCloud UK takes 57% off its Luxury Hybrid mattress. You want to focus on price rather than discount, because RRP fluctuates. The current offer delivers some of the lowest prices we've seen, so now is a great time to buy. You'll also get a free sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases with your purchase. 

If you've seen our best mattress guide, you'll know that we rate DreamCloud mattresses in general, and they're even more tempting with these amazing discounts. Read on to learn more about the best DreamCloud mattress sales and deals happening right now in the US and UK...

US DreamCloud mattress sales and deals

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress sale: now from

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress sale: now from $499 at DreamCloud
Lowest price!
The five-layer DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is the cheapest model in the US, and combines a breathable cashmere top with gel-infused memory foam for pressure relief, and innerspring coils for bounce. Right now, you can bring home a queen for $799. That's a $100 drop from its previous sale price and the lowest upfront cost we've seen. This deal has been running for a while now and we're not expecting it to go anywhere soon.

DreamCloud Premier Mattress sale: now from

DreamCloud Premier Mattress sale: now from $699 at DreamCloud
The six-layer DreamCloud Premier Hybrid sits in the middle of the US range. The differences in design between the three models isn't hugely clear, but this one promises improved support over the cheaper DreamCloud. MSRP fluctuates, which means you should focus on price rather than discount. This month's sale knocks it to $1,099. You can pick a bedding bundle at a major discount with your purchase, too. 

DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress sale: now from

DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress sale: now from $999 at DreamCloud
The eight-layer DreamCloud Premier Rest is the most luxurious and expensive of the US range, and promises maximum support, comfort and plushness. Right now, you can bring a queen size model home for $1,399, which is an excellent price.

UK DreamCloud mattress sales and deals

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress: was

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress: was £949 now from £409 + free bedding at DreamCloud
The UK DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is a 28cm-tall mattress with 15cm pocket springs for bounce and airflow, as well as a layer of memory foam for custom support. It's designed to suit all sleep styles, and comes with a full year's sleep trial and forever warranty. A double drops to £709 after discount, and you'll get a free duvet and bedding set with purchase.

Like its sister brand Nectar, DreamCloud also offers one of the longest mattress trials at 365 nights. If you change your mind during the trial, the brand will collect the mattress and refund your money. Remember, you don’t need a specific discount code as the savings are automatically added to each model.

To see how the two brands compare, take a look at our in-depth DreamCloud vs Nectar comparison.

DreamCloud mattress price: how much do they cost?

With the latest discounts (no promo code needed), the entry-level DreamCloud mattress in a box is priced from $499 (was from $839). It comes in six different sizes, with the queen size now costing $799 (was $1,332), while the Cal king is priced $999 (was $1,699). These are the lowest we've tracked, effectively placing this luxury hybrid between the cusp of budget and lower mid-range. We'll keep an eye on this year's Memorial Day mattress sales to see if this discount holds or returns over the next few weeks.

The DreamCloud Premier now costs from $699 with a discount (was $1,169) and rises up to $1,299 for a Cal king size in the sale (was $2,169). Completing the line-up is the DreamCloud Premier Rest, the most luxurious of the range and designed with a sumptuous cashmere pillow top. The queen size costs $1,399 (was $2,332) in the sale, while a twin starts from $999 (was $1,669).

The typical DreamCloud sale we see is $200 off plus hundreds of dollars worth of free bedding. There aren't any freebies included this time although if you're so inclined, you can add a discounted bedding set for $129. In any case, we've never seen prices drop so low after DreamCloud promo codes.

Finding a luxury hybrid mattress that straddles budget pricing is a rarity, indeed – this current DreamCloud mattress sale trumps offers from competitors like Saatva, Helix and Casper. However, for a another affordable alternative, take a look at our guide to the best Emma mattress sales and discount codes, which helps you save on the Emma Original US.

In the UK, the one and only DreamCloud has a starting RRP of £1,349 (was £1,099). Fluctuating RRPs can skew the strength of its larger discounts – we actually saw lower prices after a recent 50% off sale. If you care about free stuff, however, you'll appreciate the included duvet and bedding set that'll save you another £300. For more on this model, read our DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress review.

DreamCloud mattress sale US: today's best prices

DreamCloud Mattress sales, deals and discounts: The DreamCloud Mattress shown on a light wood frame bed with red drapes hanging at the windows

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1. DreamCloud Mattress deals

A popular hybrid mattress with a big focus on comfort

Sizes: 6 (Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, cal king) | Depth: 14 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Hybrid (foam and coils) | Comfort: 6.5 (medium firm) | Trial: 365 days | Warranty: Lifetime warranty | MSRP: $839 - $2,178

Sleeps cool 
Hotel quality comfort
Responsive innerspring feel
Some may find it too tall

The award winning DreamCloud hybrid mattress combines the contouring of foam with the bounce and support of individually wrapped coils. A hybrid mattress like this is perfect if you're looking for the reduced motion transfer and form hugging structure of memory foam but still want the give of a coil mattress. The DreamCloud offers all of this through five separate layers and a cooling design to avoid any of the over-heating that many associate with a foam mattress. 

A cooling quilted foam and cashmere cover sits on top of a layer of pressure relieving gel memory foam. Underneath you'll find an extra layer of supportive foam as well as individually wrapped coils and a base layer to keep everything in line. 

All of these layers work together to offer up an incredibly comfortable sleep. The coil layer works with the extra foam support to reduce motion transfer, while also working with the gel memory foam and cover to help with airflow through and disperse heat for a cooler sleep as well. 

A twin size starts at just $499 in the current DreamCloud mattress sale, with a queen size coming in at $799 and the Cal king priced $999. There aren't any freebies included, but these are the lowest prices we've seen upfront for this luxury hybrid. We'll see if this year's DreamCloud Black Friday mattress sale follows suit.

DreamCloud mattress sales and discounts: A couple sit on the DreamCloud Premier Mattress

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2. DreamCloud Premier mattress deals

The ideal DreamCloud hybrid mattress in terms of features vs price

Sizes: 6 (Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, cal king) | Depth: 15 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Hybrid (foam and coils) | Comfort: 6.5 (medium-firm) | Trial: 365 days | Warranty: Lifetime warranty | MSRP: $1,169 - $2,178

Less motion transfer
Improved edge support
Premium high-loft memory foam
More expensive than the standard

The six-layer DreamCloud Premier mattress is designed to ensure reduced motion transfer, which could help you sleep better if you're regularly disturbed by your partner tossing turning in bed next to you. The materials are more luxurious than the cheaper DreamCloud Mattress too, starting with a Mongolian cashmere-blend cover. Although it's not specifically designed for bigger bodies, reviews suggest this is one of the best mattresses for heavy people, too. 

Taking its cues from some of the best memory foam mattresses, this DreamCloud hybrid has a one-inch thick Euro Top Cradle Layer followed by a one-inch thick Euro Top Support Layer, plus a 2.5-inch layer of contouring memory foam to relieve pressure points.

Underneath all that foam lives 8.5 inches of individually wrapped coils or a fine-tuned layer of support that naturally adjusts to your body position during sleep. While this isn't a proper cooling mattress, those coils should help boost airflow too. At the bottom of the mattress a porous foam base keeps the bed steady while further reducing motion transfer. 

While the price does rise to reflect these enhancements, you're still getting a great deal here. Starting at $699 with a discount, the DreamCloud Premier still undercuts some of the pricier mattresses on the market while offering some luxury features to boot. We hope to see these all-time low prices (or better) during DreamCloud's Black Friday sale in November.

DreamCloud mattress sales and discounts: The Premier Rest mattress

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3. DreamCloud Premier Rest mattress deals

Sink into a cashmere Pillow Top with this luxury hotel-level hybrid

Sizes: 6 (Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, cal king) | Depth: 16 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Hybrid (foam and coils) **Comfort:** 6.5 (medium firm) | Trial: 365 days | Warranty: Lifetime warranty | MSRP: $1,669 - $3,838

The DreamCloud Premier mattress range continues with the Premier Rest, the most expensive model in the brand’s range and the one to pick if you want the best materials DreamCloud has to offer. It’s designed as a Luxury Firm offering (rated 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale) and is suited to all sleeping positions, so no-one misses out here. 

There are seven different layers inside the Premier Rest, including gel memory foam that works in tandem with a spring coil system to disperse body heat and help you sleep cooler. Those individually wrapped coils, plus  Low Motion-Transfer Support Foam, should also dampen how much you feel your partner moving in bed next to you.

Anyone with aches and pains will know the benefits of contouring memory foam, which makes you feel as though you’re being cradled, all while pressure is relieved on your hips, knees and back. 

The DreamCloud Premier Rest works with all bed types, from divans and box springs to adjustable beds, so if you love your existing bed base, there’s no reason to replace it. It takes around 24 hours for the Rest to be ready to sleep on. Like its cheaper siblings, this one comes on a 365-night trial and is covered by DreamCloud’s lifetime warranty. 

Considering the premium quality materials and seven different layers on offer here, $99 for a twin is an incredible value, especially for a hybrid. For a similar luxury hotel-style mattress with a reasonable price tag, read our Saatva Classic Mattress review. (For the latest savings, read our Saatva sales and deals guide.)

DreamCloud mattress sale UK: today's best prices

DreamCloud Premier Mattress

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

1. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress UK

A comfy hybrid mattress for couples

Good motion isolation
Defined edge support
Could be too firm for lighter bodies

Unlike DreamCloud US, the UK arm of the brand only has one mattress at present, and that’s the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress. The sale offer is pretty evergreen here also, expect you don’t get any free sleep gifts with the UK model. You do however get a bigger cash discount, which currently saves you up to 45% iff any size, no discount code needed.

There are five different layers to the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, starting (from the bottom up) with a support foam base to absorb motion. This is important in any mattress that couples share, as motion absorption (also known as motion isolation) means you won’t feel each other moving around so much. A layer of 15cm ActiveEdge coils further minimises motion while boosting support and breathability. 

To boost in-bed comfort, the Dream Plush breathable memory foam layer provides all the comforting, deep contouring support for your body. The luxury quilted top adds in extra softness as well as keeping the mattress breathable so that heat escapes rather than builds up. 

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is a well-made luxury mattress that supports a range of sleeping styles, but in particular back, stomach and combi sleepers. It’s reasonably priced anyway for the sleep tech involved and the high build quality. A current 55% off sale plus free bedding is a solid deal, though we've seen lower prices from lesser discounts. 

Which DreamCloud mattress should you buy?

The DreamCloud Premier is, on paper, the better DreamCloud mattress. It offers extra motion protection, plenty of cooling features, and additional edge support for just a little extra cash over the base model. However, the DreamCloud still offers an excellent night's sleep, just with less direct focus on these aspects of your sleep, and for less cash. 

You won't go wrong with either DreamCloud mattress sales, as they both offer impressive spec sheets for their prices. You'll get a fantastic night's sleep on both models, but if you are concerned about waking up when your partner shifts or you want extra cooling tech packed in it's easy to make the jump to the Premier model. 

Make sure you check our DreamCloud coupons page for the latest promo codes and offers throughout the year. 

In the UK, we'd also recommend Simba's range of hybrids, which are good for couples and hot sleepers. To help you save, we've rounded up the latest and best Simba mattress sales and discounts.

DreamCloud promo code: do you need one?

You won't need a DreamCloud promo code to find great discounts on these mattresses, as all discounts and free accessories are automatically applied at checkout for you and are available to browse on the site as well. 

That means you won't need to hunt down any specific discount codes to secure your savings. Simply add your chosen DreamCloud mattress to your cart and you'll find all your free gifts ready and waiting for you, plus your saving clearly marked. 

DreamCloud Black Friday and Cyber Monday: what happened?

The Black Friday mattress deals (and Cyber Monday mattress deals that follow) are the time of year that bed brands match or better their lowest prices. 

For Black Friday 2022, DreamCloud US offered 25% off and a free bedding bundle. This deal ran through from late November until after Cyber Monday, although the name changed quite a few times – it was at points misleadingly labelled a 'Better Than Black Friday' sale. The price of the bedding bundle fluctuated, with a maximum value of $500. That deal dropped the price of its original Hybrid in queen size to $899, which is $100 cheaper than the usual evergreen price. 

This breaks the pattern of what DreamCloud usually does for its Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals. For the past few years (from at least 2018 to 2021), the brand has run its evergreen deal ($200 off, with a bedding bundle of between $399 and $599 thrown in) across Black Friday, with no extra perks to mark the biggest sales event of the year.  

In previous years, the 25% off plus sleep bundle deal has only appeared during one, short 'Better than Black Friday' Flash Sale, often in early November. Last year, that sale took the price of a queen size DreamCloud hybrid to $899, with a twin dropping to $599. 

DreamCloud mattress sales ahead of Black Friday: the DreamCloud Original pictured on a wooden base

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DreamCloud Prime Day deals: what you need to know

In the US, DreamCloud mattresses are sold via Amazon as well as direct from the brand. However, in 2023, they weren't included in the Prime Day mattress deals. Curve ball: DreamCloud was one of a handful of brands to run its own 'Prime Time' rival deal, coinciding with the timings of the 2-day Amazon sales bonanza. The offer itself wasn't particularly exceptional, though, just a continuation of the discounts we saw in the run-up to the event.

As a general rule, Amazon tends to price-match DreamCloud's own website, and we recommend buying direct from the brand, where possible, to make things like warranties and trial periods smoother. 

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