Purple Rejuvenate mattress review 2024

The Purple Rejuvenate is a luxury mattress in every sense of the word – here's our full review

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The Purple Rejuvenate is part of the brand's Luxe range of ultra-premium mattresses and measures a lofty 15" tall. During our month long test, this sumptuous hybrid delivered instant comfort and ergonomic support which we feel would suit people of average to heavier body weights. We also found that it offers superb pressure relief around the back, shoulders and hips. It's a close rival to the top-rated Saatva Classic hybrid, but we feel that the Saatva is the better value of the two; it's more customizable – the Purple Rejuvenate only comes in one firmness level and one height – and Purple's trial period and warranty are much shorter at 100 nights and 10 years for the warranty (Saatva offers 365 nights and a lifetime warranty). If you have the budget and want an opulent mattress offering great edge support, motion isolation and pressure relief, the Purple Rejuvenate is a solid choice. But for us, there are other luxury beds that perform just as well at a third of the cost or less.


  • +

    Excellent build quality and finish

  • +

    Great spinal alignment

  • +

    Lasting pressure relief

  • +

    Strong edge support


  • -

    Could be too firm for lighter bodies

  • -

    Pricier than comparable luxury rivals

  • -

    Short warranty for the price

  • -

    Limited sizes (no twin or full)

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Purple Rejuvenate mattress review in brief

The Purple Rejuvenate is a luxury hybrid mattress from Purple Sleep, one of the original bed-in-a-box brands. The Rejuvenate is one of three innovative models added to the Purple lineup since the company’s acquisition of Intellibed. 

Although the Purple Rejuvenate sits at the low end of the brand's 'Luxe' range, it's far from cheap at $5,495 for a queen (MSRP). It's designed for sleepers seeking ultimate nighttime luxury – and who are prepared to pay handsomely for it. We tested a queen size Purple Rejuvenate for a month to see if it delivers on its luxury sleep promises and to see how it compares to 2024's best mattresses for all sleepers and budgets.

Purple Rejuvenate specs

Type: Hybrid
Materials: Pillow top, coils, GelFlex grid, foams
Firmness (1-10): 'Firm'
Height: 15.5"
Trial: 100 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price range: Premium

You'll find more detail in our full review further down in this article, but if you're in a rush and just want the highlights, here's the quick version. The Purple Rejuvenate certainly looks premium, with a bold gray, quilted top, royal purple sides and high build quality. Upon lying down, it is instantly clear that this mattress is designed with full body comfort in mind. 

The six-layered design is a lofty 15.5" high, making it taller than all of today's luxury mattresses (the maximum we've come across so far is 14.5"). The design includes Purple's signature GelFlex grid, plus layers of luxurious foam and springs. During our month-long review period, we found that the Rejuvenate delivered exceptional alignment and support. 

The plush, quilted top layer deliver a cushioned feel, while firmer lower levels prevent the sleeper from sinking too far in, and enabled us to jump out of bed each morning with ample edge-to-edge support giving us a boost out. After full testing, we feel that the Purple Rejuvenate is an excellent choice of mattress for better sleep posture and back support.

One caveat: this mattress arrives flat, in a sizeable box, so it's only really suitable for those who have plenty of manoeuvring room in their home. If you live in a smaller city apartment with narrow hallways, stairway and entrances, consider ordering another model that arrives compressed and packed – our best mattress in a box guide has plenty of excellent recommendations, including an alternative Purple bed. 

In terms of comfort, we think the Purple Rejuvenate is simply unbeatable. However, its' terribly expensive and we have tested other superbly comfortable mattresses for far lower prices. It also comes with just about the shortest sleep trial you'll find anywhere (100 nights), which feels very stingy for this level of investment. Read on for our full Purple Rejuvenate mattress review.

Purple Rejuvenate mattress review: Price & trials

  • The Purple Rejuvenate is a true luxury mattress at $5,495 for a queen
  • Stingy when it comes to extras – just a 10-year warranty
  • Usually on sale for around $500 off

The Purple Rejuvenate is a premium mattress with a queen retailing for $5,495. It's one of three Luxe beds from Purple, sitting beneath the RejuvenatePlus and the RejuvenatePremier, both of which are much more expensive.

Here's how much the Purple Rejuvenate mattress costs at MSRP versus when it's on sale:

  • Twin XL: MSRP $4,495 (normally sells for $3,995)
  • Queen: MSRP $5,495 (normally sells for $4,995)
  • King: MSRP $6,995 (normally sells for $6,495)
  • Cal King: MSRP $6,995 (normally sells for $6,495)
  • Split King: MSRP $8,990 (normally sells for $8,490)

A number of brands run mattress sales all year around snd Purple is one of them, so most months you can find a Purple Mattress deal to save you (on average) around $500. And that's the deal we're seeing for this year's Presidents' Day mattress sales, with a queen size reduced to $4,995 plus free shipping.

There aren't any compelling extras of note to help amp up the value though. The trial period is 100 nights and the warranty is 10 years – both of which are average terms in the industry and don't reflect what we see with luxury beds. 

For example, the Saatva Classic, rated as the best hybrid mattress in the world right now, comes on a year's trial and has a lifetime warranty. It also has free White Glove Delivery including free old mattress and bed removal. Purple offers free in-home delivery and setup at no extra cost for the Rejuvenate. You can read our Saatva Classic mattress review to see why we rate it so highly.

See the Rejuvenate Mattress from $4,495 at Purple

See the Rejuvenate Mattress from $4,495 at Purple
The Rejuvenate is a high-end mattress for a premium price, aimed at those willing to invest in some serious nighttime luxury. It comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial, with free returns and free shipping. Complementary in-home setup is also an option if you require it.

Purple Rejuvenate mattress review: Design

  • A tall (15.5 inch) six-layer hybrid mattress
  • Consists of coils, foams, and Purple's GelFlex grid
  • No carry handles or removable cover

At 15.5 inches tall, Purple Rejuvenate is one chunky mattress. Inside, you'll find six distinct layers, starting with a luxurious quilted top made with cooling fibers designed to regulate sleep temperature. (Purple calls this a Euro-top, but it's not what we would define as a Euro-top.) Beneath that is a thin layer of comfort foam. It's not specifically described as memory foam, but Purple does say that it's designed to conform to the sleeper's shape. 

Next up is Purple’s GelFlex Grid Plus, which is the brand’s proprietary blend of polymers that create a geometric layer of cushioned comfort. It's designed to contour to the sleeper's curves and relieve pressure but bounce back into shape immediately once pressure is removed. It's a good choice for those who want contouring from their mattress, but who don't like the sink-in feel of memory foam, and prefer something more responsive. Because of the open structure, it shouldn't trap body heat like some memory foams can, either. This grid layer is surrounded by a perimeter of foam designed to firm up the edges. 

Purple Rejuvenate mattress review image shows the inside materials

(Image credit: Purple)

Beneath that is another foam layer, presumably more for buffering in this case. This sits on top of a layer of 8" tall coils, which are zoned to provide extra support or softness where it's needed. As you can see in the illustration above, there are firmer coils in the central third of the Purple Rejuvenate to provide extra support for the lumbar and to ensure your spine remains in neutral alignment. 

Coils create space for air to circulate within the mattress, so these should also boost breathability – it's one of the reasons why hybrid mattresses sleep cooler than all-foam models. Though if you struggle with overheating in bed and night sweats, we'd recommend considering one of the best cooling mattresses instead.

There aren't any straps so you'll want to keep that in mind during setup or whenever you choose to rotate your mattress. (It's also quite heavy, with a queen bed size weighing 126lbs.) The top cover has an antimicrobial finish but it's not removable, so you'll still want to wrap it in one of the best mattress protectors you can afford to keep it safe from spills and stains.

One thing to note is that this mattress comes in a limited size range. There's no twin bed size (although there is a twin XL) and no full bed size either.

Purple Rejuvenate mattress review: Support and comfort

  • We rate it as a 7/10 on the firmness scale
  • Excellent edge to edge support
  • Responsive top layer provides superior body contouring

The Rejuvenate felt as comfortable as it looked, and during our review period, it provided a safe haven for high-quality and uninterrupted sleep. During our review period, other relatives including a senior with arthritis also took test naps on the Rejuvenate, and over the course of three weeks, we pooled notes and feedback.

Purple describes this as a 'Firm' mattress (compared to the 'Soft' RejuvenatePlus, and the 'Medium' RejuvenatePremier). We'd rate it a 7/10 in terms of firmness.  The cushy, ultra-luxurious top reminded us of a five-star hotel bed and the responsive comfort foam beneath provided the right amount of softness. Meanwhile, the sturdy and firm layers beneath ensured we did not sink too far into the mattress. 

We were able to shift from comfortably lying down to easily springing out of bed, whether we were resting in the dead center or sitting at the edge, and our entire back felt aligned and supported at all times. Whether you’re on your feet all day or hunched over your computer from nine to five, the Rejuvenate delivers corrective ergonomic support.

The second we lay down on the Purple Rejuvenate, we feel as though the top layer encourages our spine to realign and straighten. Additionally, it encourages shoulders to draw back to their rightful place. Upon waking up we feel refreshed, with fewer aches and improved posture. 

Purple Luxe Rejuvenate mattress review: Performance

  • Little to no motion transfer makes it great for couples
  • Exceptional temperature regulation
  • Sturdy and supportive edges

We tested a queen Rejuvenate mattress by sleeping on it for 30 nights, including day naps in between. We tested it in all major areas of performance, including motion isolation, edge support, and temperature regulation, to get a rounded view of how it performs in the real world. Here's what we discovered during our month-long review...

Motion isolation

The Purple Rejuvenate boasts pocketed coils, designed to respond individually when pressure is applied, as well as layers of foams and the GelFlex grid, all of which should help absorb movements on the surface of the mattress. 

We took a 10lbs kettlebell and placed it 5" away from a tall glass – the glass remained upright and did not topple over. We also dropped a gallon of water (or 8.34lbs) from one foot above the mattress, with the tall glass just about 5" away and the latter did not move. 

To further test, we had one person jump as well as hop out of the bed a few times, while another lay on the opposite side. The latter noted that they did not feel any of the movements. 

Score: 4/5

Temperature regulation 

Purple Rejuvenate mattress review with hand on top cooling cover

(Image credit: Future / Tanya Klich)

The top layer of the Rejuvenate looks impeccably crafted, boasting a plush, quilted cover. There are perforations and quilted patterns across that contribute to the breathable fabric. The company says the cooling cover works with the GelFlex Grid Plus to ensure a comfortable sleeping temperature. The sophisticated coil system was designed to allow for better air circulation within the mattress to also allow for a refreshing and cool night’s sleep. 

We did not yet put a mattress cover or comforters on the bed, as we plan to move it in a few months. It’s also important to note that we tested this in a basement that tends to run cooler than the rest of the house. But it’s clear that Purple focused heavily on solving the common pain point of temperature regulation during sleep. 

The coil system was designed to not only promote body alignment but internal circulation for better airflow within the mattress. The fabric stayed relatively cool to the touch throughout the night and during day naps, contributing to a more comfortable sleep. 

Score: 5/5

Edge support

The Purple Rejuvenate features edge-to-edge coils for instantly noticeable support as you sit on the edge of the mattress, making it easy to hop in and out of bed. We placed the same Poland Spring jug and weight closer to the edge (about 10") and dropped the water jug two feet from the air, while the glass sat 12" away. The jug was dropped and bounced off the bed onto the floor, while the glass did not move. 

We sat at the very edge and did not sink in one bit. Getting in and out of the bed was a seamless experience and could be helpful for anyone with mobility issues. Also, if you’re a morning runner, a new parent or any early riser who has to spring out of bed comfortably and effectively in the AM, this mattress has the edge support for you. 

Score: 5/5 

Purple Rejuvenate mattress review: Delivery and setup

  • Mattress is delivered flat, rather than rolled and boxed
  • Maneuvering is tricky, but setup after that is straightforward
  • No issues with off-gassing

We received a call the day before delivery to inform us that the mattress would arrive anytime between noon and 7pm, which is a vast and vague window but we were eager for its arrival. We received our review model before this mattress officially went on sale, and when we organized delivery we assumed it would be vacuum-packed and rolled (as is the norm with most boxed beds nowadays). When the delivery truck arrived, however, we learned that the Rejuvenate arrives whole and upright, in a massive brown box.

We live in a narrow Brooklyn duplex marked by slender free-standing staircases, so the delivery duo informed me that the massive box would be unable to fit and pivot (insert 'Ross from Friends' joke here) around our skinny stairways to get to our lower-level bedrooms. 

When we contacted Purple, we were told that this was because the Rejuvenate features Purple’s GelFlex Grid Plus, a higher-density version of the company’s proprietary technology. The Premium Restore line, meanwhile, arrives in a compact box like all other Purple mattresses. In the end, we had to have the mattress re-routed to a family member's home for testing there. Although unwieldy, the sturdy box kept the mattress well-protected throughout its travels.

Delivery and set-up

Once delivered, unboxing was a breeze – if you have a wide enough hallway and doors for this giant box to pass through. Two people could easily slide it across the room from one side to the other. The mattress was packaged in a clamshell-style box, held together by green plastic straps that easily unclasp. This made removing and disposing of the box a cinch. No scissors were necessary until we got to the plastic cover. Because it did not arrive compressed in a small box, the mattress arrives ready to sleep on, and does not need time to inflate or air out. 

You'll definitely need two people to handle the setup of this mattress as it can weigh anywhere between 82lbs and 160lbs. Fortunately, Purple also offers free in-home delivery and setup if you can't find anyone local to help you, along with optional removal of your existing mattress. Purple doesn't advertise this option so prominently on the product page, but you'll spot it as you advance through checkout.

Equally important, we did not sense any toxic scents or strange smells (off-gassing is harmless but can be a stong scent), which is a great time to note that all Purple mattresses are made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.

Purple Rejuvenate mattress review: Customer reviews

Unhelpfully, Purple lumps reviews for all of its products together, so it's very difficult to gather specific comments on particular models. At the time we tested it (July 2023), this mattress had only been available for a month or so, and we couldn't find any reviews that referred specifically to the Purple Rejuvenate. 

We can note that across the brand offerings, Purple mattresses have gathered more than 29,500 reviews and scored an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Generally, Purple mattresses gather lots of praise for pressure relief, especially from those who suffer from back aches and pains. There were, however, some complaints about delivery. 

Should you buy the Rejuvenate mattress?

All in all, we appreciate the Purple Rejuvenate's top layer’s gentle and cradling softness, yet supportive and firm foundation. We felt the plushness and stability the second we laid down. Other family members including a senior with arthritis agreed that the combo is a recipe for instant comfort and full-body alignment. After roughly four weeks on the Rejuvenate it’s safe to say that long-term, it provides better sleep quality as it truly relieves pressure off the body’s most common pain points: back, shoulders and hips. 

Just as you might shop for a 'forever home,' think of the Rejuvenate as your 'forever mattress.' With the higher price point you get a well-engineered mattress and an antimicrobial top that extends its lifespan. This highly priced mattress delivers on the luxe branding, and more importantly can be considered a proper investment in improving your sleep quality over the long term. Expensive, but definitely worth it.

Purple Rejuvenate mattress review: Alternatives to consider