What is mattress White Glove Delivery and which brands offer it for free?

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When you buy a new mattress online or in store, you may hear the phrase White Glove Delivery. Wondering what it means? In a nutshell, White Glove Delivery is a premium delivery service that, in the mattress world, usually involves free shipping of your mattress and free set up of that mattress by an expert installation team in your bedroom of choice. 

In addition, and if you arrange it in advance, that same time will also remove your old mattress (and sometimes your bed frame)  — a great perk if you're wondering how to get rid of your old mattress. They will also take all of the packaging used on your new mattress with them, saving you the hassle of disposing of it.

Take a look at our expert best mattress guide and you’ll see White Glove Delivery pops up with only a few brands. That’s because it’s a premium service and not the industry standard. Here’s what you need to know about mattress White Glove Delivery, what it includes, and which brands offer it free of charge. 

What is mattress White Glove Delivery?

As we explained above, in the world of mattresses White Glove Delivery is a premium delivery service that usually involves shipping and setup of your new mattress, plus removal of your old mattress. Some brands will even take your old box spring too, but not all of them go this extra mile.

You usually come across White Glove Delivery when you are buying a luxury mattress from a leading sleep brand. For example, Saatva, who makes the best hybrid mattress in the world, offers the following as part of its White Glove Delivery service:

  • Free shipping
  • Free setup of your new mattress in your room of choice
  • Free removal of your old mattress
  • Free removal of your old foundation or box spring 

Simba Sirius Bed Frame headboard and slats on display

White Glove Delivery doesn't usually include removal of bed frames (Image credit: Future)

What isn’t included in White Glove Delivery?

It would be fantastic if White Glove Delivery included removal of any old bed frame, but that isn’t the case. Some brands will stipulate in their shipping terms and conditions that adjustable beds, water beds and bed frames of any description cannot be removed by their delivery partners.

White Glove Delivery also doesn't cover moving your bedroom furniture around, or disposing of headboards or footboards. It doesn't cover removal of your old mattress packaging if you held onto it for some reason – only removal of packaging materials for your new mattress.

When you’re deciding whether to purchase a new mattress and the brand you’re considering offers White Glove Delivery, go through their rules with a fine tooth comb. If you’re undecided between two mattresses, you may find that one offers a more comprehensive type of White Glove Delivery than the other and that can be your deciding factor if the beds are an even match in all other key areas. 

Is mattress White Glove Delivery free of charge?

No, some mattress brands charge for White Glove Delivery – and they may also call it something different, such as White Glove Set-up and Delivery, or Premium Shipping and Mattress Installation. 

Fees range from $100 to $279, and the contents of the White Glove Delivery service ranges greatly between brands who charge for it. As we said earlier in our article, luxury mattresses are normally where you will come across free White Glove Delivery. People who buy expensive beds love to see it too because they feel it helps their money go further. 

Which mattress brands offer White Glove Delivery?

Many of this year’s best mattresses in a box and traditional innerspring mattresses can be shipped via White Glove Delivery, but not all of them offer this premium shipping service for free. Here is a list of major mattress brands that offer White Glove Delivery, with details of whether it’s free or paid for (and what it includes if so).

Saatva – Free White Glove Delivery: Saatva’s delivery team will set up your new mattress and take away your old mattress and foundation (or box spring) for free. Tick the box next to "Free mattress & foundation removal" at checkout. They won’t take waterbed bases, adjustable bases, frames, Sleep Number bases, stained/damaged mattresses and foundations, or headboards and footboards.

Saatva RX mattress placed on a black bed frame after White Glove Delivery and installation

Our Saatva mattress packaging was removed and taken away as part of the brand's free White Glove Delivery service (Image credit: Future / Alison Barretta)

Stearns & Foster – Free White Glove Delivery: This is similar to Saatva’s service above, with the Stearns & Foster delivery partners delivering and setting up your new luxury mattress for you. They will also remove your old mattress and box spring but you must request this when ordering your new mattress. 

Cocoon by Sealy – Free White Glove Delivery: Considering how Cocoon by Sealy makes some of the best memory foam mattresses for very affordable prices ($699 for a queen size Cocoon Chill, plus free bedding), we’re astounded to see free White Glove Delivery too. This includes setting up your new mattress and removing your old one and box spring. 

Nectar Sleep – $199 for White Glove Delivery: Nectar’s White Glove Service includes delivery, unboxing and assembly of your new Nectar mattress to your room of choice. The fee also includes removal of your old mattress.

Bear Mattress – From $100 for White Glove Service: Bear’s equivalent of White Glove Delivery is hugely customizable and offers the most options out of any online mattress brand. Removing your old mattress only after delivering your new one costs $100, and that scales up to the most premium version: Installing your new mattress and removing your old mattress and base. 

GhostBed –$279 for White Glove Delivery: This is one of the most expensive options we’ve come across, and it adds a hefty chunk to the final price you pay. Of course, there’s the option of free standard shipping if you’re happy to set up your new mattress and remove your old one. GhostBed’s White Glove Setup & Mattress Removal included unboxing your new mattress and adjustable base or foundation, plus removing your old mattress and box spring and packaging materials. 

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