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The best Casper mattress sales, deals and prices in July 2021

Casper mattress deals
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The latest Casper mattress sale is offering up both big discounts on new mattresses and impressive savings on bedding and accessories right now, with 15% off mattresses and 10% off bedding. Plus, final sale items are now half price - an extra 20% off the 30% savings we've been seeing over the last few weeks.  

Among our top picks is this 45% discount on the Casper Wave Hybrid - it's the 2019 model, but with prices starting at $849.75 down from $1,545 you're getting a great deal - especially considering we've been seeing this model at $1,082 over the past few months. If you want to spend a little less, though, you'll also find the Casper Wave starting at $672.50 (was $1,345) - that particular model has been on sale for $874 for the last few months but is currently half price. 

That's phenomenal value. The company makes some of the best mattresses in the US, and although these aren't the very latest versions, with up to $940 off the price do you really care? 

There are plenty of other bargains in the Casper 'last call' sale too - but it's due to end soon, so you'll need to be quick. A word of advice though: check the terms and conditions. Casper's usual sleep trial and returns policy doesn't apply to these offers.

Casper Wave Hybrid mattress: $1,545 $849.75 at Casper
Save $695 -
The Casper Wave Hybrid mattress is now down to $849.75 - that's an extra $233 off the previous sales price of $1,082 that we've been seeing over the last few months. Combining the support and pressure relief of memory foam with the strength of a spring, you're picking up an excellent premium mattress at a fantastic price here.
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Casper Wave mattress: $1,345 $672.50 at Casper
Save $672.50 -
The Casper Wave mattress is now half price, with a 50% discount offering up an additional $201 off the previous $874 sales price. That means you're getting a particularly strong price here, far better than we've seen over the last few months. There's additional cooling features in here, with extra gel to maintain temperature control as well as a supportive and comfortable base as well.
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How much is a Casper mattress?

At full price, you can buy a Casper mattress for as low as $395 if you choose the basic Casper Elements model, but the main range costs a lot more. The most popular Casper mattress is the Original, which usually costs from $599; while the premium Casper Wave Hybrid starts at $1,495. 

These prices put Casper at the top end of the mid-range mattress in a box market. The company does occasionally offer cheap mattress deals, with discounts typically around 10-15%, or 20% with a Casper bundle deal. However, Casper mattress sales don't last as long as those from other brands, so if you see an offer you like, it's worth grabbing while you can.

As well as mattresses, Casper makes luxury bedding, bedframes, pillows, and even a dog bed for your fluffy friend. All the mattresses come with a 100-night trial, and completely free shipping.

The good news is that you shouldn't have to pay full price though. With plenty of President's Day mattress sales on the way, we're expecting to see some healthy Casper mattress deals soon.

Which Casper mattress should you choose?

Casper's three main mattresses cater for every kind of sleeper and budget. The best balance of support and value is the 11-inch Casper Original, which is the most popular option. It comes in an all-foam or hybrid option, and starts from $595 for a twin size. 

For anyone looking for something softer or extra plush, the 12-inch Casper Nova Hybrid offers extra padding and cushioning, and starts from $1,085. Meanwhile, if you suffer from aches and pains, the Casper Wave boasts 13 inches of gel pods and five layers to provide more relief. It's packed full of innovative sleep tech, and the most expensive Casper mattress, starting at $1,495.

The cheapest Casper mattress you can buy is the basic Casper Elements mattress. It's the thinnest, at 10 inches deep, and starts from $395.

The best Casper mattress prices

Cyber Monday Casper mattress deals

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1. Casper Original mattress deals

The best-selling Casper mattress - and there's 20% off in the Cyber Monday sale

Sizes: 6 - Twin to Cal King | Depth: 11 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Foam/Hybrid | Comfort: Medium-firm | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years | RRP: $595 - $1,295

Great for support and cooling
Breathable foam
Targeted support
Best value Casper mattress

When it comes to bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Casper Original is the first to come to mind for many people - partially because it was one of the first; partially because it's one of the best. You can choose between an all-foam construction or hybrid coil support, depending on your preferences.

Whichever version you select, the Casper Original delivers three zones of targeted support, with softer foam for the shoulders, and firmer foam supporting the hips and lower back in the middle of the mattress. The Original helps keep you cool as well, with Casper's trademarked Airscape top layer. This is a perforated foam layer that helps wick away heat and increase air circulation.

The all-foam version is a good one to choose if you like the feeling of being hugged by your mattress; while the hybrid option gives an extra bit of lift and bounce from the coil sprung base. You'll want to use the Original on a foundation to give it more rigidity and support, and the Casper mattress and foundation bundle deal on offer right now is a great way to care for both your body and your new mattress.

Casper Cyber Monday mattress deals

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2. Casper Nova Hybrid mattress deals

Plush support for those who like a softer sleep - plus 20% off for Cyber Monday

Sizes: 6 - Twin to Cal King | Depth: 12 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Hybrid | Comfort: Medium-soft | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years | RRP: $1,095 - $2,295

Recycled mattress cover
Soft yet supportive
Seven zones of support
May be a little soft for back sleepers

Casper's mid-range Nova Hybrid mattress is the perfect choice if you like to have a super comfy, plush mattress, but don't want to sacrifice support. With seven zones of targeted support combined with an extra soft Airscape top layer, it'll feel like you're sleeping on a cloud (a customer's words, not ours).

Since soft mattresses can tend to make you hotter at night thanks to their cradling effect, Casper has made a special effort to ensure the Nova keeps you cool. It boasts two separate layers of perforated foam to increase airflow, and the hybrid construction also contributes to this.

If you're a fan of soft mattresses and you're not sure if the Original will be quite as plush as you want, the Nova is the perfect option – with more that twice the zones of support plus a softer top layer, it'll make sure your back is healthy while keeping you in utmost comfort.

Casper Cyber Monday mattress deals

(Image credit: Casper)

3. Casper Wave Hybrid mattress deals

Casper's most advanced mattress

Sizes: 6 - Twin to Cal King | Depth: 13 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Hybrid | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years | RRP: $1,495 - $2,995

Extra-supportive gel pods
Thin layer of dedicated cooling gel
Full-body ergonomic zones
It's pricey

If you want the best of the best, the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress is the one to choose. It's Casper's most advanced, and boasts a huge amount of ergonomic and cooling tech to deliver the ultimate bedtime experience.

The Wave is especially good if you really suffer from night-time overheating. With three layers of Airscape (compared to the Original's one and the Nova's two), the Wave is designed from the ground up with cooling in mind. Starting with the hybrid base to increase airflow, the mattress is topped with three layers of perforated foam, and finished with a thin layer of cooling gel.

If you're plagued by aches and pains, the Wave is also your best option. With gel pods under the waist and back, your spine will be perfectly aligned no matter what position you sleep in, and Casper's zoned support max tech provides full-body relief.

If it's in budget, there's no competition between Casper's other offerings and the Wave – but it is expensive. However, just like all of Casper's products, the Wave is covered by a 100-day trial period, so you can make sure it lives up to the claims and is really worth the money.

Casper mattress bed frame deals

If you want the whole package, you might want to pick up a Casper bed frame and foundation, too. There's quite the selection, including the sturdy and basic Metal Bed Frame, which can be bought with the foundation (from $250), the modern aluminium Platform Bed Frame (from $895 $806), the Adjustable Bed Frame (from $945 $851) and the ultimate in luxury, the Haven Bed Frame (from $1,395 $1,256).

While your Casper mattress does need a foundation to provide the correct support, your choice of bed frame is largely down to taste. For example, the Platform and Haven both have headboards, while others are of simpler construction. The most important thing is that you have a some sort of frame to make the most of your new mattress, and keep it stable and off the floor as you sleep.

Do I need a Casper mattress promo code?

No, you don't usually need a Casper mattress promo code. These Casper mattress sale offers are automatically applied at checkout, so you won't have to remember a discount code to start saving money. To take advantage of a Casper mattress deal, just head straight to the website, and the discount will be applied at checkout. 

Casper Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in 2021: what we expect to see 

Casper's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the past have offered discounts of  up to 15% - with up to 20% off at Amazon. However, as it's one of the most established brands, Casper hasn't traditionally had to resort to wild price slashes to move its products – their quality and the brand's market presence seems to have done that on its own. 

Nevertheless, we're expecting to see some great Black Friday mattress deals and Black Friday mattress topper deals this year. The market is increasingly saturated, and with the pandemic causing economic uncertainty, we may well see the biggest Casper mattress Black Friday deals ever as the company looks to stay competitive. 

So, for Black Friday 2021, we expect to see at least the same Casper Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as previous years, with prices on all mattresses cut by a hefty 15%. If you're looking at a larger-sized Wave, that could save you over $400.

As with the current Casper sale, Casper's also not averse to offering bundle deals, so be prepared to see some cracking savings on mattresses with accessories. We expect to see Black Friday mattress deals from Casper reaching at least 20% when combined with other products, so it's definitely worth seeing if the brand can outdo itself this time around.

However, seeing as there are no guarantees of any deals better than what's currently on offer, you might be better off just bagging this deal while it lasts. After all, even if you miss out on an extra $50 saving, is it worth sleeping on your old mattress until then?

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