Best mattress in a box 2024: Expert-rated boxed beds

best mattress in a box: image shows the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid bed in a box placed on a wooden bedframe with a golden labrador lying on top

The best mattresses in a box (beds-in-a-box) are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to mattresses that you would buy in a store, without compromising on comfort or quality. In contrast to the mattresses that you find in a store, mattresses in a box are sold online and are compressed and neatly packaged into a box before being delivered directly to your door. Not only is a mattress in a box more manoeuvrable, the money that mattress brands save on bricks and mortar stores often translates to greater savings for the consumer. 

Some of the best mattress brands in the world have thrown themselves behind this cost-effective and space-saving alternative to mattress construction, resulting in nearly all the beds featured in our official best mattress guide being bed in a box types. DreamCloud, Helix Sleep, Nectar, and other world-class brands are featured in this guide, so you know you’re in safe hands. 

As a collective team of mattress experts and certified sleep coaches, we have invested over 2,000 hours rigorously testing a large portion of the mattresses in a box feature within this guide. As well as comfort and quality, we have examined key areas such as temperature control and pressure relief. We then analysed the test data to ensure that only the best mattresses in a box are profiled here. 

You can expect to pay around $1,100 or under for a good quality queen size, but there are plenty of monthly mattress sales to ensure you never pay MSRP.  For example, right now a queen size Nectar is just $659, while a queen size Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress costs $699 for a queen plus you get $199 of free bedding. However, with the