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Nectar Memory Foam mattress review (2022)

We review the Nectar mattress to see if it really does deliver superb support for less

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review: image shows the Nectar mattress on a white bed frame
(Image: © Nectar)

Tom's Guide Verdict

The Nectar Mattress is one of the best-value memory foam mattresses you can buy, providing comfort and support for a lot less than its mid-range rivals. We loved sleeping on it during testing, and the 365-night trial and lifetime warranty make it easy to recommend to most sleepers. Yes, you could spend more on a higher-end mattress, but when it comes to that sweet spot between performance and price, the Nectar Mattress is tough to beat.


  • +

    Great value (up to $499 of free gifts)

  • +

    Excellent comfort and support

  • +

    Forever warranty

  • +

    Free shipping and returns


  • -

    Might be too soft for those not used to an all-foam mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress has received a small update since we originally reviewed it: it now has an extra inch of support foam in the base - increasing the depth from 11 inches to 12 inches - and the Tencel cover has been replaced with a new cooling cover made from polyethylene. We're reviewing the new version, and don't think the changes will impact our original review findings. 

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is the flagship offering from award-winning sleep specialist Nectar. This affordable mattress in a box (opens in new tab) has exploded in popularity since it first launched six years ago, thanks in no small part to its highly competitive pricing (it costs from just $499) and spectacularly good offers. 

While Nectar is by no means the only mattress brand to promise you the best night's sleep, few can match the $499-worth of accessories the company gives away for free, depending on what size Nectar Mattress you buy.

We'll say it now: when it comes to value we think the Nectar Memory Foam is one of the very best mattresses you can buy. But what's it actually like to sleep on? That's where we can help. In our Nectar mattress review, we put the award-winning mattress to the test, to help you decide whether it's the right option for you. 

As we explain further into our review, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress has layer upon layer of comfort including three inches of  super-comfy and cooling gel memory foam and a two-inch dynamic support layer for extra pressure relief. There’s also a heat-wicking quilted cool cover to top things off.

If you like the sound of it, you can try it yourself at home - it comes with a huge year-long risk-free trial. If you don't like it, Nectar will collect it and you'll get a full refund. Read on for our in-depth analysis of the Nectar mattress - and you'll find today's best Nectar mattress deals on this page too.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: Review in brief

  • The Nectar has a medium-firm comfort level 
  • 11 inches deep, with five layers 
  • Made from gel memory foam and foam

The Nectar Memory Foam is Nectar's best-selling mattress. It's the cheapest of the three options available from the sleep company, which has offices in San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv and London. The other mattresses in the US range are the Nectar Premier and the cooling Premier Copper - read our Nectar Premier Copper mattress review for the low-down on this model.

Comprising five different layers, the mattress has a super-soft quilted Tencel cover on top, followed by a breathable gel memory foam layer, which helps to distribute your weight and ease pressure points, while diffusing heat to keep your body cool. 

Nectar memory foam mattress review: diagram showing the five different layers

(Image credit: Nectar)

Next, an adaptive hi-core memory foam adds extra support, helping avoid the sinking feeling that can come with some foam-based mattresses. Under this, a base layer helps stabilize the materials above and offers another layer of support, while the bottom mattress cover prevents slippage on your bed frame (it works with any type) or the floor. 

The Nectar mattress comes in US, UK and EU sizing. In the US there are six different options, ranging from a twin all the way up to a California king.

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: specs

Depth: 11" (new version: 12")
Firmness: 6.5/10
Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
Material: foam
Flip: no
Delivery fee: free
Return fee: free
Trial: 365 nights
Guarantee: lifetime

It's a bed in a box, which means it'll be delivered free of charge to your doorstep, rolled up in a vacuum-sealed box. All you have to do is take it out of the box, lay it down and let it expand. Alternatively, for an extra $149 you can choose white glove delivery, where a Nectar representative will set the mattress up for you, and remove your existing mattress. (White glove delivery has been paused during the pandemic though.)

One area where Nectar really stands out is its industry-leading 365-night sleep trial, and the company's impressive forever warranty. Nectar is so confident you'll love the mattress, it gives you a full year to trial it - that's three times longer than the 100-night trial offered by most other mattress companies. You'll typically get just a 10-year warranty for other mattresses, too; not a whole lifetime's warranty. These are huge perks for first-time memory foam customers, who may need a bit of time for their bodies to adjust to the new material.

If you decide your Nectar mattress isn't a perfect fit, Nectar offers free returns within the 365-night trial period. The company will refund you, and the mattress will be donated or recycled.

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: sizing
Twin38” x 75”11”45lbs
Twin XL38” x 80”11”48lbs
Full54” x 75”11”68lbs
Queen60” x 80”11”74lbs
King76” x 80”11”89lbs
Cal king72” x 84”11”89lbs

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review: Price and deals

  • Cheaper than Purple and Casper
  • Sold with up to $399-worth of free sleep accessories
  • Comes with 365-night trial and forever warranty

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress sits at the more affordable end of the mattress market. At full price, it's now a solid mid-range mattress, but the company has continued to sell it at the previous, cheaper prices via a lengthy sale, which keeps the Nectar mattress comfortably within the cheaper mid-range bracket. 

That means you can buy the Nectar mattress for significantly less than other leading memory foam mattresses.

Here's the 'official' (and actual) pricing for all sizes

  • Twin: $798 (usually sold at $499)
  • Twin XL: $968 (usually sold at $669)
  • Full: $1,198 (usually sold at $799)
  • Queen: $1,298 (usually sold at $899)
  • King: $1,598 (usually sold at $1,199)
  • Cal King: $1,598 (usually sold at $1,199)

However, where Nectar really stands out is through the fantastic promotions it runs throughout the year, which make the mattress even better value. Traditionally, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress was usually sold with two free pillows (worth $150). 

Recent deals, though, have been even better. Since last year we have seen the Nectar mattress sold with a free mattress protector and sheets set (as well as the two premium pillows), worth up to $399 in total. Throw in the 365-night sleep trial and Forever Warranty, and the Nectar Memory Foam mattress is exceptional value for money. 

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review: Performance

  • Extremely comfortable and supportive
  • 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale
  • Doesn't get too hot at night

Nectar classifies the memory foam mattress as medium firm, rating it in the middle of the firmness scale at 6.5 (10 is the firmest) - and we would agree. 

We tested the Nectar mattress for over two months. Two of our reviewers were first-time users of a memory foam mattress, and it took them a few nights to get used to the soft, cushioned feel of the Nectar mattress, compared to a standard box spring mattress. After they adjusted, they loved how the mattress contoured to their bodies, providing full, tailored support, while cushioning pressure points like shoulders and hips. 

Overall, we found the Nectar mattress manages to deliver a fantastic balance of softness and firmness, providing luxury comfort without the feeling of sinking into the mattress. 

(Image credit: Nectar)

Edge support was good - we didn't notice any sagging when sitting on the side of the mattress, or getting in and out of bed. We also found the cooling properties of the Nectar mattress to be excellent, especially during the hot summer season. 

We had wondered whether a memory foam mattress designed to hug the body would cause us to overheat during the night, but we stayed cool all night long. Whether this was down to the gel-infused foams and breathable fabrics, as Nectar claims, we don't know - but it was certainly cool over the summer. 

Something to keep in mind though: one of our stomach-sleeping reviewers found their hips sinking in, which became uncomfortable after a while. It'll depend on your weight, but if you sleep on your front your body might not benefit from this type of mattress. The best way to find out is to use the 365-night trial and see how you get on.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review: What we didn't like

  • Removable cover isn't machine-washable
  • Can take a little longer to fully expand
  • Some feel its slightly on the firm side

One feature we'd have liked to see in the Nectar Memory Foam mattress is a machine-washable cover. Although you can unzip the cover, Nectar advises against removing and machine washing it - the Tencel fibres may become damaged if you do. Instead, Nectar recommends spot cleaning any spills with a safe, mild detergent or hand soap. (Prevention is better than cure though, and we advise buying one of the best mattress protectors (opens in new tab) too.)

If that's a deal breaker, try the memory foam Amerisleep AS3 (opens in new tab), or anything from Tempur-Pedic. The latter is expensive, but there's often a Tempur-Pedic mattress deal (opens in new tab) to bring the price down a little. Both brands let you can remove and machine-wash the covers of their mattresses in a cool cycle.

It's potentially worth noting the setup time as well. It took just over 48 hours for our Nectar Memory Foam mattress to fully expand after we opened the vacuum-sealed bag. That's well within the 24-72-hour time period Nectar specifies (and the company does say you can safely and comfortably sleep on the mattress right away) - but it's longer than some of the other bed-in-a-box mattresses we've tested. The Helix Midnight mattress (opens in new tab), for example, took 45 minutes. We found that the corners and ends took the most time to fully develop, so just bear in mind you might have to wait a day or two for optimal sleep performance.

The other thing to consider is that if you're switching from a regular spring mattress to the Nectar mattress, it might take some time to get used to the memory foam. Although Nectar does provide one of the firmer memory foam mattresses around, it could take a while to get used to the feeling of the mattress contouring to your body shape, especially if you're a stomach sleeper.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review: User reviews

  • Average score of 4.7/5 from over 26,000 user reviews
  • Majority say they love how comfortable it is
  • A few think the edges could be firmer

Our reviewers loved the Nectar mattress, but everyone's experience of a mattress is different - your shape, size, weight and sleeping style can all affect how comfortable you find a mattress. So we also combed through hundreds of user reviews to build a more rounded picture of what the Nectar Memory Foam mattress is like to sleep on.

Overwhelmingly, the mattress gets positive reviews from customers. On the Nectar website, it boasts just over 4.7 out of 5 stars, from over 26,000 customer reviews (Feb 2021). On Amazon, too, the mattress scores wells, with an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars from 2,600 reviews. Users consistently praise its comfort and cooling properties, with several reviewers claiming the mattress helped relieve aches and pains during the night.

There were, of course, some negative reviews. These mainly consisted of users complaining that the mattress was too firm or soft for their liking, and that it took a while for their bodies to adjust. Some commented that the sides of the mattress weren't as firm as they would have liked for sitting on the edge, but many more reported firm edges with no sagging at all. We also noticed several people pointing to subpar customer service, with some saying they had difficulty getting in contact with the company. (Bear in mind these recent complaints were made during the pandemic.)

One thing to keep in mind: if you order the Nectar mattress through Amazon, you'll be subject to Amazon's 180-day return policy - rather than Nectar's 365-night policy. Reading through the reviews on Amazon, we saw complaints from several customers who hadn't realized this. 

Should you buy the Nectar Memory Foam mattress?

Nectar mattress review

(Image credit: Nectar)

Yes. The Nectar Memory Foam mattress is easy for us to highly recommend. For comfort, quality, and sheer value for money, we think it's the best mattress (opens in new tab) you can buy. Ours was exceptionally comfortable and supportive, and kept us cool during the hot summer months. We also liked that the medium firmness of the Nectar mattress helped us adjust from sleeping on a regular box spring. 

Overall, we found that the supportive cushioning of the quilted memory foam cover provided ample comfort for our side and back sleeping reviewers. However if you're a front or heavier sleeper, you may prefer a slightly firmer option, such as the Saatva Classic mattress, which has three different comfort options to choose between – soft, medium firm, and firm – and starts from $887. See our Saatva mattress sales guide for the latest savings

Alternatively, if you're looking to go all-out on your new mattress, and are willing to spend more, then you may prefer to try an ultra-premium foam mattress, such as the Tempur-ProAdapt (opens in new tab) (from $2,799).

But if you're looking for outstanding value at a more affordable price, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress is a clear winner. Add in the huge 365-night trial, forever warranty, and convenience of free bed-in-box shipment, and we think the Nectar Memory Foam mattress is a superb option for anyone who wants a brilliant night's sleep without spending thousands of dollars.

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: Competitors

1. Emma Original Mattress

The Emma Original mattress

(Image credit: Emma)

Type: Mattress in a box
Firmness: 6 out of 10
Materials: Airgocell foam, visco-elastic memory foam, polyester, polypropylene
Height: 12 inches
MSRP: $649 - $1,299

The Emma Original mattress is close competition for the Nectar Original although you can expect to pay more for Emma’s memory foam mattress. For your money you get 3-zone technology with a firmer middle for support and a more plush feel at the head and feet for extra pressure relief and contouring. Like Nectar, the Emma Original uses high-quality foam ideal for all body weights and sleeping positions.

The Emma reaches 6 on the firmness scale, so it’s a touch softer than Nectar’s 6.5. It is also made using the brand’s own breathable and adaptive Airgocell foam ideal for hot sleepers who are also looking to stay cozy.

Choose it if: you want extra cushioning for pressure points
Avoid it if: you are looking to keep things super-affordable

2. Purple Original mattress

The Purple Original Mattress

(Image credit: Purple)

Type: Mattress in a box
Firmness: 6.5 out of 10
Materials: Hyper-Elastic Polymer, polyurethane, viscose, polyester
Height: 16 inches
MSRP: $799 - $1,998

Purple’s Original foam mattress features a unique GelFlex grid – a proprietary layer of hyper-elastic polymer that cushions pressure points and also adds support. While the price of the Purple Original is higher than the Nectar Original, you get what you pay for here, not just in added features but in actual height too, with the Purple coming in at 16 inches – four inches taller than Nectar’s Original.

The GelFlex grid is a welcome feature if you sleep hot, with the 1,400-plus air channels allowing plenty of airflow and breathability. The Purple Original also has a dual-layer comfort foam base and a SoftFlex cover for all-round comfort. 

Choose it if: you sleep hot and need extra cooling comfort
Avoid it if: you are looking for a shallower mattress

3. Saatva Modern Foam mattress

Saatva Modern Foam Mattress

(Image credit: Saatva)

Type: Standard
Firmness: 6 out of 10 (10 is firmest)
Materials: Organic cotton, natural latex, comfort foam, cooling-gel infused memory foam
Height: 11 inches
MSRP: $795 - $1,895

This beautiful eco-friendly mattress from Saatva is proof that organic comfort and luxury doesn’t have to cost the Earth, and the materials used in Saatva’s Modern Foam mattress are ideal if you are looking for a more naturally made mattress over the Nectar Original, which contains synthetic foam.

There is layer upon layer of natural foam comfort here for contouring and ease of movement. The Saatva also has features including dual-phase cooling technology, which actively draws away body heat, plus there’s a patented lumbar zone design to keep your posture aligned as you sleep. Meanwhile, natural latex adds plenty of pressure relief.

Choose it if: you want an eco-friendly organic mattress
Avoid it if: you want a longer trial and warranty

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