Memorial Day vs Black Friday mattress sales: When is it the best time to buy a bed?

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Everybody loves a sale, which is why I'm excited to see what mattress deals Memorial Day brings this year. If you're hoping to save on one of the best mattresses of 2024, you might be wondering whether to shop now or wait for Black Friday in November – typically the best time of the year to buy a new mattress online.

This year's Memorial Day mattress sales are already underway and I'm seeing some excellent deals from sleep brands that I rate. While Black Friday typically brings with it the lowest MSRPs, the biggest discounts and the largest free bedding bundles, some brands are already matching their best Black Friday deals for Memorial Day.

Shopping now instead of waiting for November has other advantages too. These include avoiding potential shipping delays – everyone buys a bed during Black Friday, so there are often longer waiting times for orders to be fulfilled. 

Read on to find out why shopping for a new mattress in the Memorial Day sales instead of waiting for Black Friday could be right for you. Plus, I'm rounding up some of my favorite deals live right now to help kick-start your new bed shopping.

Memorial Day vs Black Friday: Which mattress sale should you shop?

1. Some Memorial Day sales are Black Friday-worthy

Black Friday might dominate the deals conversation, but some of this year's Memorial Day sales on mattresses are just as exciting. In fact, I've already seen some deals that compare to the best I saw during Black Friday and we're still a week away from Memorial Day itself.

I track mattress sales year-round for Tom's Guide so I know which sales are worth getting excited about and which ones aren't worth your attention. Some of the very best offers right now include a $400 discount on the best hybrid mattress of the year, the Saatva Classic. My colleagues love this luxury innerspring hybrid and say it's like having a custom hotel mattress at home. 

Right now you can save $400 on the Classic and get free old bed removal at Saatva, with a queen reduced to $1,695 (was $2,095). That's brilliant value for a handcrafted bed with a year's sleep trial and lifetime warranty, and it matches the best offer I saw from Saatva during last year's Black Friday sales.

2. Summer is the best time to trial a mattress

A mattress trial gives you a set period of time to test the mattress to see how it performs. As well as experiencing the feel and support of the bed, this is a time to learn about the temperature regulation.

Hot weather is notoriously difficult to sleep in because the body naturally cools as it winds down. Many mattresses promise a breathable build to keep an even temperature overnight – but they don't always deliver. Having the trial period over summer allows you to experience the temperature regulation during what is, for many of us, the hottest part of the year. 

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And when you buy a mattress in the Memorial Day sales, your mattress trial period will fall during the summer. This is important if you're buying one of the best cooling mattresses to combat overheating in bed.

3. You need a bed urgently and want to avoid price hikes

When summer comes, many mattress brands increase the MSRP of their beds, leading to higher prices overall. This doesn't mean that every mattress will get more expensive over the summer – and some brands will increase the MSRP of certain size of a certain mattress and not others (Saatva does this). 

As it's something we've seen happen frequently over the years, I fully expect some brands to repeat the pattern this year. If you need a new mattress urgently, I highly recommend buying in the Memorial Day sales and not buying through the summer months as you may end up paying more. 

November is a long way away if you're dealing with a mattress covered in yellow stains and riddled with signs of mold, dust mites and more. Plenty of this year's best mattresses in a box are on sale for great prices right now and some, such as Nectar and DreamCloud, ship within two to three days so you don't have to wait long.

The 3 best Memorial Day mattress deals I'd buy now

1. Saatva Classic: was from $1,395$995 at Saatva

1. Saatva Classic: was from $1,395 $995 at Saatva
Supportive, breathable, and luxurious, the Saatva Classic is our current pick for the best mattress in the world. And with our semi-exclusive link you can save $400 on all sizes, taking a queen to $1,695 (was $2,095). Saatva does tend to raise the MSRP of the Classic from time to time, so I won't be surprised if this bed is more expensive by Black Friday. You can learn more with our Saatva Classic mattress review.

2. Helix Midnight Luxe: was from $1,373$1,030 at Helix Sleep

2. Helix Midnight Luxe: was from $1,373 $1,030 at Helix Sleep
In our Helix Midnight Luxe mattress review our testing panel declared the plush support of the Midnight Luxe as the best mattress for side sleepers. If you want to try it for yourself, this 30% off deal from Helix is huge. For $1,780.40 (down from $2,373.80), you'll get a queen size mattress and two free pillows.

3. Casper Snow Max: was from $3,125$2,185 at Casper

3. Casper Snow Max: was from $3,125 $2,185 at Casper
Casper's recently relaunched mattress range has seen our previous favorite cooling mattress – the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow – replaced with the Casper Snow Max. Can it compare? We suspect so, but if you're not sure, the 100-night mattress trial will show you if this new bed can stand up against warm summer nights. This 30% off sale is comparable to the Casper Black Friday deal, with a queen now $2,620 (was $3,745). 

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