Casper Comfy Mattress Topper review 2024

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper provides plenty of plush support while keeping you cool

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper, featuring a woman resting on her back enjoying said topper on her bed
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The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper lives up to its name. Its dual-foam design will cradle your body while keeping you aligned, and the perforated surface will prevent you from overheating at night. It is quite plush so we recommend it most for side sleepers and lighter-weight individuals. The removable knit cover is tricky to put on and not machine-washable, but it does add another layer of comfort to an already-comfortable topper.


  • +

    Excellent temperature regulation

  • +

    Plush, cloud-like comfort

  • +

    Great for side sleepers

  • +

    Comes with a knit cover


  • -

    Could be too plush for back / stomach sleepers

  • -

    Knit cover is a hassle to put on

  • -

    Cover isn't machine-washable

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The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper was released in early 2022 as an upgrade from its previous (now discontinued) topper. But instead of latex, this one is made using the signature memory foam featured in Casper's award-winning memory foam mattresses for a plusher, more luxurious feel that won't leave you overheated. 

So how does it compare to the best mattress toppers? We spent over two weeks sleeping on a queen-size Casper Comfy Mattress Topper, testing it for comfort, support, and temperature regulation. In our in-depth review below, we’ll explain how it fared, and also provide details on where to purchase it.

Also, keep in mind that a mattress topper can temporarily rejuvenate a mattress, but if your mattress is worn out, we’ve got plenty of recommendations in our guide to this year’s best mattresses for all budgets.

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper review in brief

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper provides a comfortable and relaxing experience that’s comparable to sleeping on a giant pillow. If your mattress is too hard, this can soften it up considerably. And if you tend to wake up hot and sweaty, its perforated foam provides excellent temperature regulation.

After testing the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper for over two weeks, we were impressed with the continuous level of comfort it provided. Although it is extremely cushy, we didn’t think that it was too soft to keep everything properly aligned. It's an ideal balance of comfort and support for side sleepers. However, comfort levels are affected by a variety of factors, including weight, so some heavier sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress topper. Ditto front and back sleepers, who might like something a touch more firm.

The mattress topper is 3 inches thick, which explains why it provides such a lush feel. The included knit cover zips around to completely enclose the topper, which makes for more hygienic sleep. However, the cover is not machine-washable. Instead, it should be spot cleaned with mild detergent and then air-dried. (Plus, putting the cover on the mattress topper can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you're doing it for the first time.)

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper specs

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper product image

(Image credit: Casper)

Inner: Memory foam
Cover: Polyester / cotton blend, removable but not machine washable
Straps: None
Thickness: 3 inches
Trial period: 30 nights
Warranty: 5 years
Price bracket: Upper-mid

In terms of cost, the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper sits in the upper mid-range area, with a starting MSRP of $149. You'll be able to find occasional discounts on Casper's website, as well as at Amazon, Target, and other third-party sellers.

At time of writing, as a newer product the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper doesn’t have many user reviews – but the small handful we were able to find are overwhelmingly positive. And given that we've had a positive experience in reviewing the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress, and the Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology, we’re confident that the company uses the same quality materials in its topper.

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper has a 30-night trial, which gives you plenty of time to decide if it works for your needs. It's also backed by a 5-year warranty.

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper review: Materials

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper unzipped

(Image credit: Casper)
  • A 3-inch topper made up of two foam layers
  • Knit cover is removable but not machine-washable

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper consists of two layers. On top is a plush panel of memory foam that's designed to cradle your body and quickly respond to your movements. Below that is a layer of durable base foam to keep everything stable. Both layers of foam are perforated to help disperse heat; they're also CertiPUR-US certified.

The included knit cover is made from a blend of recycled polyester, recycled cotton, rayon, and spandex. It's removable, though not machine-washable so you'll need to spot-treat it. We highly recommend placing a mattress protector over it to safeguard it from stains and spills, as well as allergens and bed bugs.

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper review: Price & deals

  • An upper mid-range bed topper with a starting MSRP of $149
  • Available at Casper plus other major retailers
  • Includes a 30-night trial and 5-year warranty

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper is the brand's lone topper. It falls in the upper mid-range bracket, with a queen retailing for $249. However, it's currently 10% off during the latest Casper mattress sale, knocking the price of a queen topper to $224.10. 

If the size you want isn't on sale or in stock from Casper direct, the Casper Comfy Mattress is also available to purchase from third-party retailers like Amazon, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Thus, it may be worth shopping around to see if those stores will meet or beat Casper's prices.

Below are the official MSRPs for the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper:

  • Twin MSRP: $149
  • Twin XL MSRP: $169
  • Full MSRP: $229
  • Queen MSRP: $249
  • King MSRP: $289
  • California King MSRP: $289

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper comes with a 30-night trial and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. The similarly-priced Molecule CopperWELL Mattress Topper offers those same amenities, though the Molecule topper has a 7-zone ergonomic design versus the flat surface of Casper's topper. 

Meanwhile, pricier rivals include the Saatva Mattress Topper (retailing from $175) and the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Topper (retailing from $319). Saatva offers a more generous trial period of 180 nights while Tempur-Pedic provides a 10-year warranty.

For something more cost-efficient (and plusher), the Sleep Innovations 4-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper retails from $93.99 and comes with a 10-year warranty. Browse today's best mattress topper deals for other ways to save.

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper review: Design & features

  • A 3-inch, dual-layer mattress topper
  • Top layer is plush; bottom layer is more stable
  • Perforated foam helps disperse body heat

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper on a Saatva Loom and Leaf mattress, without the knit cover

(Image credit: Terri Williams)

The 3-inch Casper Comfy Mattress Topper has two layers. The bottom layer is made of supportive memory foam to help you avoid waking up with aches and pains. The top layer is plush and cradles the body for a luxurious experience. Since the top layer is also made of AirScape perforated foam, this means that heat won't be trapped inside of it. 

The polyester-blend knit cover provides an additional barrier for people who don’t like the feel of memory foam underneath their sheets. However, our only concern is that the cover isn’t actually washable. It should be spot cleaned and then air-dried. We consider this a drawback compared to mattress toppers with covers that can be taken off and washed – but at least it includes a cover at all, unlike some other memory foam mattress toppers.

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper review: Performance

  • Best for side sleepers who like a plusher bed
  • Doesn't sleep warm, even with a heavy duvet
  • Set-up process is a bit of an ordeal

casper comfy mattress topper with knit cover

(Image credit: Terri Williams)

We slept on a queen Casper Comfy Mattress Topper for over two weeks, testing it on temperature regulation, support, and pressure relief in accordance with our mattress methodology. We also rated the ease of set-up.

In addition to our own experience, we analyzed verified customer reviews to provide a broader look at what to expect from this mattress topper. Here's what we learned...


Casper comfy mattress topper with topper and separate cover

(Image credit: Terri Williams)

Score: 4/5

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper arrived in a shipping box with two parts: the topper itself and the knit cover.

There were instructions included on how to assemble the set, and we followed them to a tee. We removed the topper from the packaging and gently cut open the outer plastic wrap. Next, the topper was placed on top of the mattress (blue side up) and all of the plastic wrap was removed. The mattress topper started expanding so quickly, we barely had time to take photos of the expansion process!

Next, we removed the knit cover from its plastic bag and had to locate the side of the cover that didn’t have a zipper on it – this was the head-end. There was a blue zipper pull, and we used it to unzip the cover fully. Then we placed the cover onto the topper – or rather, we placed the topper inside the cover. 

Now, putting the cover onto the mattress topper was just the first of three steps. We had to flip the mattress topper over so it was face down, and then zip the cover closed. After finally zipping up the topper, we had to flip the topper back over one more time. Again, we followed these instructions according to Casper.

At times, this process felt like a wrestling match, since we are talking about a 3-inch-thick, queen mattress pad. As a silver lining, it's not very heavy as it only weighs about 16 lbs.

Fortunately, we did not experience any off-gassing with the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper. If we had, it probably would have made it much worse by having to handle the item so much – and at such close range.

Temperature regulation

Score: 5/5

The first few nights, we didn’t put any bedding on the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper because we wanted to see how the knit cover would perform. (For reference, we slept on a Saatva Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress.) The mattress topper did an excellent job of keeping us cool at night on its own. 

Next, we added a sheet set (Casper percale bed sheets) to see if the extra layer of bedding would make a difference. It didn’t. We could still feel the cooling effects and never woke up hot and sweaty. 

The final temperature test was to add the duvet cover. Once again, the Casper mattress topper continued to keep us cool at night while we slept. 

We credit the top layer of AirScape perforated foam for helping us stay cool, as it allowed air to circulate instead of being trapped inside. If you sleep hot but can't afford a specialized cooling mattress, you may want to consider adding a Casper Comfy Mattress Topper to your current bed instead.

Firmness and support

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper side profile

(Image credit: Terri Williams)

Score: 5/5

The Casper Comfy Mattress Topper is luxuriously soft but supportive enough to keep everything aligned so we never woke up with aches and pains. Our main tester is a side sleeper and found the Casper mattress topper most ideal in this sleep position, although she also felt supported when resting on her back and stomach.

Full disclosure: our head tester prefers soft support as opposed to firm support, so she was quite pleased with the feel of the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper. However, if you prefer a medium-firm or firm mattress, you may not find it as easy to get comfortable. Same for routine back or stomach sleepers, as well as heavier bodies. However, our lead tester isn't lightweight so all of this will come down to individual preferences. (You do get 30 nights to trial this topper, after all.)

If you need to make a softer bed more firm, check out the Viscosoft Active Cooling Mattress Topper instead.

Casper Comfy Mattress Topper: User reviews

Curiously, we couldn't find any user reviews for the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper on Casper's website – perhaps due to it being a newer product. We had better luck at Amazon, where it has a 4.1-star rating out of 5, although there are fewer than 50 accounts (as of December 2022). The oldest reviews date back to May 2022.

Some shoppers found it to be the perfect mattress topper for their needs and said it was quite comfortable. Other customers said they liked it so much, they planned to purchase an additional topper for another bedroom. 

A few reviewers said they were grateful that there was no off-gassing, although some people said there was a distinct smell. Consumers also agreed with us that putting the cover on the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper was an adventure.  

We'll be updating this space as more user reviews trickle in at Casper and Amazon.

Should you buy the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper?

Person with their hand on the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper

(Image credit: Casper)

We consider the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper to be one of the best memory foam mattress toppers for hot sleepers who like the hug of a memory foam bed. The AirScape perforated foam allows air to circulate so you can avoid getting hot and sweaty, regardless of the type of bedding you use.

Its 3-inch profile combines a bottom layer of support with a top layer that’s plush and cushiony. While this mattress topper is ideal for most side sleepers, we understand that some back and stomach sleepers, depending on their preferences, may prefer a firmer feel. 

It took a while for us to get the knit cover on, but we believe that it helps to make the mattress topper even more comfortable – especially for people who aren't keen on having just a sheet between them and the memory foam. Keep in mind that a 3-inch profile may adjust the fit of your sheets, and they may not tuck all of the way underneath depending on the size of your mattress. You'll also want to learn how to clean a mattress topper, as the cover here isn't machine-washable.

In terms of cost, it’s not a cheap mattress topper, but it’s not the most expensive option, either. It's on par with the Molecule CopperWELL Mattress Topper, which offers a 30-night trial and 5-year warranty just like Casper does. However, Casper offers a cover with its topper and Molecule does not. There's also Molecule's 7-zone ergonomic design, which may not suit everyone.

Overall, we think the Casper Comfy Mattress Topper lives up to its name, and it's a great option if you need to make your current bed softer and cooler.

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