What mattresses do hotels use? The Ritz, Hilton, Premier Inn and more

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As a mattress tester, I've slept on the best mattresses on the market. My favorite mattresses are reminiscent of the beds I've slept on at some of world's finest hotels. (And seeing as I've been mostly confined to my home the last two years, I'll take any sort of holiday-type experience I can get.)

If you're itching to take a vacation but can't any time soon, here's some good news: it's possible to replicate the feel of your favorite hotel in your very own bedroom. If it's a specific hotel experience you want to recreate – say, the luxurious Ritz-Carlton? – you won't have to do any guesswork. 

We've asked several of the most popular chains to share the details on the types of hybrid, innerspring and memory foam mattresses and bedding their hotels use, and how you can buy them to replicate a hotel experience at home.

Unsurprisingly, hotels tend to use high-quality materials for their mattresses, pillows and linens to create a pleasurable experience for their guests – which translates to higher direct-to-consumer prices. However, we also have some intel to share on the ways you can save money on the best hotel pillows and mattresses.

What guests sleep on at the world's top hotels

What mattresses does the Marriott hotel use?

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Marriott's exclusive bedding is designed to help weary travelers sleep soundly. The plush Marriott Pillow is a guest favorite that features breathable Lyocell fibers intertwined with down for a cool, restful night's sleep. 

The Marriott Bed is made from a soy-based foam designed to immediately cradle your body as soon as you lay on it – but without that sinking feeling. There's also an innerspring model that one satisfied Marriott guest describes as "firm with a layer of cloudlike softness."

Shop Marriott (opens in new tab) has pillows, mattresses and other bedding available to purchase, so you can recreate the comfort of a Marriott guest room in your own bedroom. 

What mattresses does The Westin Hotel use?

Westin Hotel's Heavenly bed

(Image credit: Westin Hotel)

The Heavenly Bed , made for The Westin by Simmons, has been a staple for the hotel chain since 1999. Its plush, pillow-top construction provides ample support so guests wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Often found atop the popular Heavenly Bed are a selection of pillows exclusive to The Westin. Among them are the classic Feather & Down Pillow suited for all types of sleepers, and the hypoallergenic Down Alternative Pillow that's just as cushy.

If you're keen to bring The Westin Heavenly Bed to your bedroom, you can find it at the Westin Store (opens in new tab)  along with pillows, linens and other accoutrements to enhance your at-home sleep experience.

What mattresses does The Ritz-Carlton use?

Ritz Carlton bedding

(Image credit: Ritz Carlton)

The Ritz-Carlton's signature bedding balances luxury with support. Its renowned Ritz-Carlton Pillow contains a blend of down, duck feathers and Lyocell fibers, plus a triple-chamber cotton cover to keep it fluffy and full. There's also a Down Alternative version that has an eco-friendly fill crafted from recycled bottles – but it's still quite luxurious.

Custom-made for the hotel chain, the hybrid Ritz-Carlton Bed boasts a plush-top construction, reinforced foam-cased edges and gel-infused memory foam layers so hot sleepers won't have to fuss with the thermostat at night. To add style to substance, the trim of the mattress is adorned with elegant fleur-de-lis.

Transform your bedroom into a 5-star hotel by visiting the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Shop (opens in new tab), where you can purchase its famous pillows, beds, linens and more.

What mattresses does the Sofitel use?

Sofitel mattress

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French hotel chain Sofitel believes the bedroom should be 'a private haven to indulge, unwind, read and refresh.' That's reflected in the design of its Sofitel Bed, a medium-firm mattress with a soft top layer plus an ergonomic design for optimal pressure relief. It also promises superb motion isolation – great news for couples.

Guests of the Sofitel rest their heads on the plush Sofitel Feather & Down Pillow, which is finished with a cotton cover that's double-stitched so it remains full and plush. A Down Alternative version substitutes feathers for microfibers.

All of Sofitel's mattresses and pillows are unique to the hotel chain. Those who want to experience a bonne nuit every night can shop the Sofitel Boutique (opens in new tab).

What mattresses does the Premier Inn use?

what mattresses and pillows do hotels use? premier inn pillows stacked on a mattress

(Image credit: Premier Inn)

The UK's largest hotel chain has teamed up with Hypnos to create the Premier Inn Hypnos Bed, found in all of its guest rooms. This medium-firm mattress has 1,000 individually-wrapped pocket springs and has a wool-filled topper that contours to the curves of your body, making it a particularly good mattress for side sleepers.

The Premier Inn Luxury Pillow contains a microfiber fill that allows it to contour your head as soon as you rest on it. It's ensconced in a quilted cotton-polyester protector. Guests can choose either a soft or firm feel, whichever is best suited to their sleep style.  

Premier Inn bedding (opens in new tab)can be purchased directly from the chain. Their pillows have become TikTok famous (opens in new tab) not only for their comfort but also their affordability – a pair of Premier Inn Luxury Pillows costs only £30.

What mattresses does the Four Seasons use?

Four Seasons mattress in a hotel room

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The prestigious Four Seasons revolutionized the hospitality industry in 2014 by allowing guests to choose the level of mattress firmness they want in their rooms. Its Signature Mattress is available in firm, plush, or a mix of both. (For a similar model, read our Saatva Classic mattress review).

Layers of temperature-regulating memory foam plus pocketed coil springs will ensure you're adequately supported without overheating, making it a good cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

Adding to that comfort is the Four Seasons Down & Feather Pillow. It consists of  white down and feather blend on the inside plus a 240-thread-count cotton case on the outside. 

Shoppers can browse the Four Seasons at Home (opens in new tab) storefront for its exclusive Signature Home Collection, which also includes linens and duvets.

What mattresses do Hilton Hotels use?

The Hilton Bed

(Image credit: Hilton)

Stay at any Hilton Hotel and you'll find its custom-designed Hilton Bed. Made in partnership with Serta, the brand behind some of the world's most-loved traditional and modern mattresses in a box, the Hilton Bed mattress is designed to last for years thanks to extra coil support plus an internal design that prevents sagging. The plush top is meant to improve circulation so you sleep soundly and comfortably throughout the night.

For that keen balance of support and fluff there's the Hilton Feather & Down Pillow, which has an Inner chamber of feathers with an outer chamber of down. If you prefer a denser feel, there's the Hilton Down Alternative Pillow, while the Hilton Down Pillow is the plushest of the bunch.

You can feel like you're sleeping at a Hilton Hotel every night if you shop Hilton to Home (opens in new tab) for your new mattress, pillows or bed linens.

What mattresses does the Hampton Inn use?

Hampton Bed mattress in a hotel room

(Image credit: Hampton)

Spend a night at this budget-to-midscale hotel chain and you'll be sleeping on the Hampton Bed, a custom-made innerspring mattress produced by Serta (yes, they are back again). The plush top and reinforced edge support will ensure you a restful, uninterrupted slumber.

The Feather & Down Hampton Pillow is available in either firm or soft, while the Down Alternative Hampton Pillow is exclusively plush. No matter which you choose, it'll be encased in a breathable cotton cover.

ShopHampton (opens in new tab) is where you can find Hampton Inn-exclusive bedding as well as bath accessories. 

Why are hotel beds so comfortable?

Hotels understand that weary guests are going to want to stay somewhere they can fully rest and recharge after a long day of traveling or exploring. Thus, all hotels – from budget chains to 5-star properties – invest plenty of research and money in creating the best sleep experience for their customers. That includes using premium materials that'll last for hundreds (if not thousands) of stays.  

Some of that comfort may also be psychological. Think about it – you enter your hotel room where the sheets are fresh, the lights are dimmed and the room temperature has a very slight chill. Combine that with overwhelming sense of exhaustion and you'll drift to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Still, if you can't get that lush feeling of a certain hotel's bed out of your mind you can replicate as much of that experience as possible in your own home by purchasing pillows and mattresses exclusive to your favorite property. However, if that's cost-prohibitive, start small and pick up one of the best mattress toppers for a cost-effective way to immediately upgrade your sleep.

Can I find deals on hotel mattresses and pillows?

Most hotels use luxury mattresses and pillows in their rooms and suites. Thus, they won't be among the cheapest you'll find. Fortunately, you can manage to save some cash on hotel-exclusive bedding if you're patient enough to wait for sales.

For example, Shop Marriott is currently taking 25% off bedding and mattresses (opens in new tab). Meanwhile, the Sofitel Boutique is offering tiered discounts that can save you up to $1,000 on a purchase of $3,500 or more (opens in new tab).

If you're in the UK, you can take advantage of Premier Inn's stellar deal for a pair of its luxury pillows for just £30 at Premier Inn (opens in new tab).

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