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Memorial Day mattress sales 2022 — best deals now

Memorial Day mattress sales
(Image credit: Nectar)

Memorial Day mattress sales are now live. As one of the biggest mattress sales of the year, Memorial Day mattress sales offer an excellent opportunity to upgrade to the best mattress you can afford. 

Retailers from Casper to Purple are now offering their official Memorial Day mattress sales which take from $200 to $1,000 off mattresses. So we're highlighting today's best deals some along with some mattress hunting tips so that you can get the most from your dollar. 

It's worth noting that this year's Memorial Day sales will be slightly different. Households across the country are adjusting their budgets as inflation and shortages are causing the price of nearly everything to skyrocket. So we're being extra judicious about the Memorial Day mattress sales we choose to cover. 

All deals will be carefully price checked, analyzed against that item's previous price history, and highlighted only if it's a true price low. We're also going to actively look for sales on value picks, Editor's Choice mattresses, and bedding we own or highly recommend. 

As a reminder, Memorial Day is on Monday, May 30, but you can shop early sales now. Here's what's available today. 

Early Memorial Day mattress sales 2022

Best Memorial Day mattress sales 2022

Best Value

Nectar: was $798 now $399 + $399 in free gifts @ Nectar
Save $399: Our favorite value mattress is now on sale. Nectar is taking up to $399 off all mattresses. Plus, you'll get a free bedding set worth $399 with every mattress purchase. The Editor's Choice mattress offers tremendous value for the money. In our review we found that it's very comfortable (thanks to its five layers of memory foam) and it offers excellent pressure relief around your shoulders, hips, and back. Bonus points for offering an impressive 365-night trial and a forever guarantee. As part of its current sale — you can get the twin mattress for $399 (was $798) or the queen for $799 (was $1,298).

Cocoon Chill mattress: was $769 now $499 @ Cocoon by Sealy
Free pillows & sheets:
Hot, humid weather will be here before you know it and if you're the type that sweats overnight, this is the mattress for you. While many mattresses can wick away heat, in our Cocoon Chill Mattress review we found that the Cocoon Chill does the best job of actually keeping you cool overnight. We also love the mattress' ability to reduce motion transfer, so you won't notice when your partner gets up in the middle of the night. As part of its mattress sales — the twin size is down to just $499 (was $769), whereas the queen is on sale for $799 (was $1,239). Plus, you get free pillows and a sheet set with your mattress purchase. 

Tuft & Needle Original Mattress: was $745 now $645 @ T&N
The Tuft & Needle Original Mattress is a great mattress for anyone on a tight budget. It has a soft, plushy feel, but it's also designed to provide good pressure relief, whether you're a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or sleep on your back. In our Tuft and Needle Original mattress review, we called it one of the best budget beds you can buy. After discount, you can get the T&N Original Mattress twin for $645 (was $745), whereas the queen size is $845 (was $995). 

Brooklyn Bedding Chill Mattress: was $449 now $336 @ Brooklyn Bedding
While the Chill Mattress is available in five different heights, we'd recommend looking at the 10-inch model or taller for better sleep comfort and support. After discount, the 10-inch twin costs $336 (was $449), whereas the 10-inch queen costs $524 (was $699). 

Editors Choice

Saatva Classic Mattress: was $1,148 now $798 @ Saatva
The Saatva Classic is the best luxury hybrid mattress you can buy. This high-end innerspring mattress combines eco-friendly foams and a cushioning Euro pillow top with a super-durable dual steel coil support system. In our Saatva Classic mattress review, we found it's fantastic to sleep on. The Saatva Classic comes in three different comfort levels (soft, medium firm, or firm) and two heights (11.5 or 14.5 inches). Plus, it includes free white glove delivery as standard. After discount, the twin XL costs $798 (was $1,148), whereas the queen costs $1,345 (was $1,695). 

Nolah Evolution 15: was $1,599 now $949 @ Nolah
Nolah's Memorial Day mattress sales are now live. Our pick of the bunch is the Nolah Evolution 15, which is a hybrid memory foam bed that suits anyone seeking high levels of pressure relief and cooling. Graphite-infused AirFoamIce and a cool-touch cover handle the cooling, while pressure relief comes courtesy of foam and an 8-inch coil system. Use coupon "TGNOLAH" to take an extra $50 off mattress and weighted blanket sale prices. After discount, the twin costs $949 (was $1,599), whereas the queen costs $1,549 (was $2,299). During checkout, you'll need to remove the discount that's automatically added (by clicking the "x" next to the coupon code) and then add "TGNOLAH" as your discount. You'll then get up to $700 off plus an extra $50 off. 

Leesa Legend Mattress: was $1,899 now $1,399 @ Leesa
Save up to $700:
This mattress deal is perfect for side sleepers thanks to targeted hip and shoulder support. It's also great for sleepers dealing with night sweats and hot flashes because it has a sweat-wicking and breathable organic cotton cover, so you'll stay dry and cool all night. There are also springs and memory foam at work to reduce any pressure points when you lie down, and to isolate motion from your partner. After discount, the twin XL costs $1,399 (was $1,899), whereas the queen costs $1,899 (was $2,399). Plus, you'll get 2 free pillows with any mattress purchase. 

Helix Midnight Mattress: was $799 now $699 @ Helix
Save up to $350 + free pillows: As part of its early Memorial Day mattress sale — Helix is taking up to $350 off mattresses via the following codes: "MDSALE100" ($100 off $600); "MDSALE150" ($150 off $1,250); "MDSALE200" ($200 off $1,700); "MDSALE250" ($250 off $2,550); "MDSALE300" ($300 off $2,700); or "MDSALE350" ($350 off $2,950). Even better, all deals come with two free pillows. After discount, you can get the Midnight (twin) for $699 or the queen for $1,099 via the above codes. The hybrid mattress is made of memory foam that relieves pressure by cradling pressure points along your body. Meanwhile, the mattress' coils offer a little bounce, limit motion transfer, and boost airflow to keep you cool as you sleep. 

GhostBed Luxe: was $1,895 now $1,327 @ GhostBed
30% off + 2 free pillows: Ghostbed calls the Luxe the "coolest bed in the world" and this 13-inch tall luxury foam mattress is packed with cooling tech, including a cool-to-the-touch quilted cover, gel memory foam, and a layer of thermo-sensitive foam. Additional support layers also adapt to your body to relieve pressure and boost comfort. It's a great option for anyone who overheats at night. After discount, the twin costs $1,327 (was $1,895), whereas the queen costs $1,677 (was $2,395). Plus, you'll get two free pillows with any mattress sale purchase and a free weighted blanket ($289 value) on purchases over $1,500.

Memory Foam

Tempur-Cloud Mattress: was $1,899 now $1,329 @ Tempur-Pedic
The Tempur-Cloud Mattress is Tempur-Pedic's budget friendly mattress. It adapts to your weight, shape, and temperature for personalized comfort and support. Rarely on sale, all mattress sizes are now 30% off. After discount, the twin is $1,329 (was $1,899), whereas the queen is $1,539 (was $2,199). 

Amerisleep AS2 Foam mattress: was $1,049 now $599 @ Amerisleep
Amerisleep is taking up to $450 off any mattress purchase via coupon code "AS450". After coupon, you can get the AS2 Foam Mattress (twin) for $599 (was $1,049) or the AS2 Foam Mattress (queen) for $849 (was $1,299). Plus, get free cooling cover with select mattress purchases. That's one of the best Memorial Day mattress deals we've seen from Amerisleep, which traditionally offers $300 off discounts. 

Saatva Loom & Leaf: was $1,049 now $849 @ Saatva
The Loom & Leaf is a great ultra-premium memory foam mattress with exceptional contouring support. It has a quilted organic cotton covering, then a layer of cooling gel, followed by premium memory foam, and then multiple layers of foam for support and luxury comfort. As part of its Memorial Day mattress sale — the twin is priced at $849 (was $1,049), whereas the queen is on sale for $1,899 (was $2,099). 

Nectar Premier Copper Mattress: was $1,722 now $1,148 @ Nectar
The Nectar Premier Copper Mattress is perfect for hot sleepers. In our Nectar Premier Copper review, we explain how this model uses heat-conductive copper fibers to offer the highest level of cooling from any Nectar mattress. After discount, the twin costs $1,148 (was $1,722), whereas a queen costs $1,548 (was $2,247). Plus, you'll get a free cooling pillow, sheet set, and mattress protector with your mattress purchase. 

Tempur-Pedic Breeze: was $3,899 now $3,599 @ Tempur-Pedic
Save $300:
The Breeze is the the best Tempur-Pedic mattress for hot sleepers as it guarantees to feel at least 3 degrees cooler during the night compared to other Tempur mattresses outside of the Breeze range. It also has a removable cover for machine washing. As part of its current mattress deals — Tempur-Pedic is taking $300 off this mattress. After discount, the twin is $3,599 (was $3,899) and the queen is $4,099 (was $4,399). 

Purple Plus Mattress: was $1,199 now $999 @ Purple
The Purple Plus Mattress is Purple's newest mattress. It offers two extra inches of premium foam (versus its predecessor) for better cushioning, responsiveness, and breathability. In our Purple Plus mattress review, we found it was a more luxurious version of the original mattress with better lumbar support. After discount, the twin costs $999 (was $1,199), whereas the queen costs $1,699 (was $1,899). 


Avocado Eco Organic Mattress: was $699 now $629 @ Avocado
The Eco Organic is Avocado's newest and least-expensive organic mattress. The hybrid mattress is made of over 900 pocketed coils and organic latex to deliver a contouring, gentle-firm feel. Use coupon "SAVE10" to take 10% off all sizes. After discount, the twin costs $629 (was $699), whereas the queen costs $899 (was $999). 

Nolah Natural 11: was $1,499 now $949 @ Nolah
The Nolah Natural is an environmentally-friendly and hypoallergenic latex hybrid mattress designed for back pain relief. The mattress holds a spot in our best organic mattress guide. Handcrafted in the USA, it packs in layers of GOTS certified organic wool that's naturally breathable and temperature-regulating. That helps the Nolah feel warm/cozy in cold weather, yet cool to the touch when the temperatures rise. Use coupon "TGNOLAH" to take an extra $50 off mattress and weighted blanket sale prices. After discount, the twin costs $949 (was $1,499), whereas the queen costs $1,149 (was $1,799). During checkout, you'll need to remove the discount that's automatically added and instead add "TGNOLAH" as your discount. You'll then get up to $700 off plus an extra $50 off. 

Birch Natural Mattress: was $1,349 now $999 @ Birch
The Birch Natural Mattress is the least-expensive mattress that Birch offers. It has an organic cotton cover and it's made from naturally breathable wool and Talalay latex. This mattress is built to support you in every sleeping position (back, stomach, side), plus the Talalay latex means it will feel cooler during sleep than mattresses made using synthetic materials. The Birch Natural Latex offers a medium-firm feel which should be just right for most sleepers, though if you share a bed with a restless sleeper you'd be better off with the Luxe version because it offers better motion isolation.

Avocado Green Mattress: was $1,199 now $1,079 @ Avocado
Avocado is slashing up to 10% off select organic mattresses. If you're looking for an organic mattress — the Avocado Green Mattress is the best you can buy: it's 100% organic certified, non-toxic, and it's biodegradable. It's also the firmest of Avocado's organic mattresses with a 7.5 out of 10 rating on Avocado's firmness scale. Use coupon code "SAVE10" to take 10% off the company's Green Mattress. After discount, the twin is $1,079 (was $1,199), whereas the queen is $1,529 (was $1,699).


Allswell Mattress: was $339 now $271 @ Allswell
Best budget hybrid: The Allswell Mattress is a hybrid mattress, which means it's made from both memory foam and individually wrapped coils. Backed by Walmart, it delivers comfort at an affordable price. Use coupon "MEMDAY20" to take 20% off all mattresses. After discount, you can get the Allswell Mattress (twin) for $271 (was $339), whereas the queen costs $359 (was $449). 

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress: was $899 now $699 @ DreamCloud
Free $399 sheet set! DreamCloud Memorial Day mattress deals are out in full swing. The manufacturer is taking $200 off all mattresses. Plus, get a free $399 bundle with the purchase of any mattress. The bundle includes free pillows, mattress protector, and a luxury sheet set. After discount, DreamCloud mattresses start at just $699 for the twin (was $1,198) or $999 for the queen (was $1,598).

Saatva Latex Hybrid: was $1,199 now $849 @ Saatva
If you're looking for the comfort and durability of a luxury natural latex mattress, but also want the contouring support of coils, the Saatva Latex Hybrid is the way to go. A responsive latex layer provides back support and pressure relief, while individually wrapped coils contour to give your body extra support. The coils also minimalize motion transfer, making the Latex Hybrid a good choice for anyone with a restless partner. After discount, the twin costs $999 (was $1,199), whereas the queen costs $1,599 (was $1,949).

Big Fig Hybrid Mattress: was $1,399 now $999 @ Big Fig
Save $400! The Big Fig mattress is made with four layers of memory foam and 1,600 pocketed spring coils for support. It also features special cooling technology that actively cools your body temperature as you sleep. Use coupon code "MEMDAY" to take $400 off all mattresses. After discount, the twin is $999 (was $1,399), whereas the queen is $1,399 (was $1,799). It's one of the best mattress sales we've seen from Big Fig, which makes mattresses that support larger weight capacities. 

Beautyrest: up to $1,000 off select mattresses @ Beautyrest
Beautyrest is taking up to $1,000 off select mattresses during its current sale. As part of the sale, you can get the Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon from $1,199 ($200 off). These hybrid mattresses feature Beautyrest's innovative coils paired with gel memory foam. After discount, the twin costs $1,199 (was $1,399), whereas the queen costs $1,399 (was $1,599).


Helix Kids Mattress: was $649 now $549 @ Helix
2 free pillows!
The Helix Kids mattress is on sale. Even better, you'll get two free Dream Pillows with your purchase. The Helix Kids is naturally hyopallergenic and made with non-toxic materials. The firm side is suggested for little ones aged three to seven, with the softer side for kids aged eight to 12.

Nolah Nurture 10: was $1,499 now $949 @ Nolah
The Nurture is a 10-inch organic mattress designed for kids. It features natural Talalay latex and comes wrapped in a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover. The mattress can also be flipped to offer a soft or firmer night's sleep. Use coupon "TGNOLAH" to take an extra $50 off mattress and weighted blanket sale prices. After discount, the twin costs $949 (was $1,499), whereas the full costs $1,249 (was $1,799). During checkout, you'll need to remove the discount that's automatically added and instead add "TGNOLAH" as your discount. You'll then get up to $700 off plus an extra $50 off. 

Purple Kids Mattress: was $799 now $649 @ Purple
The Purple Kids Mattress is a twin mattress designed to be softer for children. It also comes with a machine-washable cover. The mattress is now $150 off. 

When is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day will be celebrated on Monday, May 30, 2022. It's a major federal holiday mourning military personnel who've died while serving in the U.S. armed forces. The holiday also marks the unofficial start of the summer. As a result, retailers from Amazon to Walmart offer discounts on everything from 4K TVs to Nespresso machines. Memorial Day is also a huge day for mattress deals. It's one of the best times to buy a new mattress alongside other major retail holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Best Memorial Day mattress sales — what to expect

Purple mattress review

(Image credit: Purple)

Buying a mattress is a major investment, so it pays to do some homework before making a purchase. Because prices are so low, many people wait specifically for Memorial Day mattress sales to buy a new mattress, but that doesn't always guarantee you'll get the best deal or the best bed for your budget. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the Memorial Day mattress sale possible.

  • Look for dollar-off discounts instead of percentages: Flashy slogans like 50% off are designed to grab your attention. But a percentage off means nothing if you don't know the dollar-off discount. Always look at the original price and the final/discounted price before you make a final buying decision, that way you'll know just how much you really saved.
  • Shop around for mattress coupons: Many mattress manufacturers offer coupons that can save you a few extra dollars or get you a free bedding bundle with your mattress purchase. 
  • Look for freebies with your purchase: Dollar-off discounts are the way to go when it comes to shopping for a new mattress. But we also recommend looking for freebies that can sweeten your purchase even more. Nectar, which makes our favorite mattress of all time, always offers a free $399 bedding bundle with its mattress purchases. The bundle includes a free mattress protector, sheet set, and pillows. 
  • Find the best warranty possible: The downside to online mattress shopping is that you can't try out a mattress before you buy it. Fortunately, most mattress manufacturers offer extended trials accompanied by warranties that last 10 or more years. Nectar, for example, offers a 365-night home trial bundled with a forever warranty. To be fair, not all mattress retailers are as generous, but it's worth knowing the warranty and return policy before buying your new mattress. 
  • Invest as much as you can: A mattresses is something you buy maybe once every 10 years. It's also something you use for hours every day. As a result, you'll want to invest in a good mattress, rather than opting for the cheapest mattress you can find. Not only will your back thank you, but you'll also avoid having to buy a new mattress more frequently. 

When will Memorial Day mattress sales begin?

Most Memorial Day mattress sales are already live. There's a chance we could see a 24-hour flash sale here or there, but for the most part — all major sales are now available to shop. 

Buy a mattress now or wait for Memorial Day?

It goes without saying that you can find mattress sales any day of the week. However, the reason we recommend you wait till Memorial Day deals are live is because year after year, Memorial Day mattress sales trump any sales launched in April or early May. We're not talking a difference of just $50 either. Mattress manufacturers go all out with discounts that can save you from $200 to $1,000 off all types of mattresses. The same can be said for deals on bedding like weighted blankets, pillows, and mattress protectors. 

Do Memorial Day mattress sales include bedding?

Memorial Day mattress sales

(Image credit: Purple)

Not everyone may need a new mattress. Fortunately, bedding sales will also play a huge role in most Memorial Day mattress sales. You can expect to see sitewide discounts on comforters, bed sheets, pillows, and mattress toppers. Even some dog beds may see epic discounts as we approach the holiday. The holiday is not only great for mattress sales, but all things mattress related. 

Is Memorial Day a good time to buy a mattress?

Memorial Day is one of the best times to buy a mattress. Outside of Black Friday, Memorial Day mattress sales offer the best discounts of the year. You'll see a mix of dollar-off discounts as well as free gift sets bundled with your mattress purchase. Some of the best Memorial Day mattress sales offer both. Last year, Nectar offered up to $399 off mattresses and a bedding bundle worth $399 with every purchase. 

What is the best month to buy a mattress on sale?

Traditionally, November is the best month to buy a new mattress. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales offers the best prices of the year hands down. However, not everyone can wait till the end of the year to buy a new mattress. That's where Memorial Day mattress sales come into the picture. Memorial Day is known for offering steep price cuts that you'll likely not see again till November and December. Sure, you'll find mattress deals on the 4th of July and even on Prime Day, but prices on Memorial Day tend to be the best outside of the winter holiday season. 

Prime Day vs. Memorial Day mattress sales

While there's no official date, we know that Prime Day will occur in July. That begs the question — are mattresses cheaper during Prime Day or during Memorial Day. The answer: Memorial Day. Prime Day deals tend to focus on Amazon devices, whether it's Amazon's Alexa-based devices or its line of apparel. Yes, we'll see mattress discounts on Prime Day, but they'll be limited to Amazon price drops only. Meanwhile, Memorial Day mattress sales can be found at any mattress manufacturer or retailer. The price drops are steeper and your options are greater. 

What were last year's best Memorial Day mattress deals?

Multiple mattresses features in our best mattress guide were on sale last Memorial Day. A few noteworthy sales includes up to $225 off the Saatva Classic, which is our favorite affordable luxury mattress. Likewise, the Cocoon by Sealy was on sale from $469. We've rated the mattress as our favorite mattress for hot sleepers. Finally, our favorite overall mattress — the Nectar Memory Foam — was on sale from $499 with $399 in free gifts. 

As deals editor at Tom’s Guide, Louis is constantly looking for ways to avoid paying full price for the latest gadgets. With over 10 years of deals-hunting experience, Louis price checks against multiple retailers and searches high and low for the best deals to bring readers. A born-and-bred New Yorker, Louis is also an avid swimmer and marathoner. His work has appeared on Gizmodo, CNET, and Time Out New York.