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The best firm mattresses remain a popular choice among back pain sufferers, thanks to their unparalleled lumbar support. Some of our official best mattress entries offer customizable mattress firmness levels, so it’s never been easier to find the support that you’re seeking. 

Back pain sufferers will know only too well how important correct spinal alignment is to overall back health, and how a decent firm mattress can offer the right amount of comfort and support. The best firm mattresses will help cradle your spine in the correct position, while an even distribution of weight will provide blissful pressure relief from your lumbar. However, it isn’t just those with back pain that may be on a quest for a bed with a firmer-feel, those who are overweight, predominantly sleep on their stomachs or back, may also find that a firm mattress is best suited to them. 

In addition to our rigorous in-house mattress testing, research and reviews, a chiropractor has also shared their expertise with us regarding what to consider when buying a firm mattress. On the rare occasion that we haven’t been able to personally test a mattress, we have carefully analyzed hundreds of verified consumer reviews, resulting in a roundup of the very best firm mattresses on the market this year. The options in this best firm mattress guide span a variety of budgets, and timing your purchase to coincide with the upcoming Presidents' Day mattress sales should mean getting the bed of your dreams at a price you like. 

Let's take a look at the best firm mattresses as chosen by our panel of expert mattress testers. 

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Looking for an overview of our top-rated firm mattresses? Then here's an at-a-glance guide to our top recommendations, based on in-house test data and extensive consumer research.

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Best firm mattress overall for 2024

Best firm mattress: The Winkbed Mattress shown on a navy fabric bed frame placed on a white rug and sat next to a green indoor house plant

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If you want a very firm mattress, this is the best choice bar none


Type: Hybrid
Firmness (1-10): 4.5, 6.5, 7.5, or 8
Height: 13.5"
Trial length: 120 nights
Shipping: Free shipping and returns ($49 exchange fee)
Warranty: Lifetime
Price bracket: Upper-mid / premium (for the Plus)

Reasons to buy

Comes in 4 firmness levels
Excellent edge support
Minimal motion transfer

Reasons to avoid

Not cool enough for hot sleepers
$49 exchange fee (but free returns)

If you want a luxurious feeling firm mattress but the Saatva Classic (#2) is out of your price range, the WinkBed is an excellent alternative. It comes in four degrees of firmness, but if you've landed on this guide you'll be most interested in the Firmer (rated 7.5 out of 10) and Plus (rated 8, and suitable for plus-sized sleepers) versions.

All WinkBeds feature a breathable Tencel cover, but beyond that, the construction varies. The WinkBed Plus model consists of high-density anti-sag foam, 2.5 inches of latex foam, and support coils specifically engineered to withstand heavier weights. The other firmness versions have a dual-layer Euro pillow top with gel-infused foam, a layer of pocket springs with targeted back support, and reinforced edges. 

We tested a Luxury Firm WinkBed mattress and were impressed with its excellent edge support system and minimal motion transfer, so we certainly recommend it for couples. Temperature regulation is the one area where the WinkBed fell short for us – although it's by no means bad, chronically hot sleepers may not find it cooling enough for their needs. However, if you struggle with back or shoulder pain, plenty of sleepers sing the WinkBed's praises for alleviating their aches.

At MSRP, the WinkBed sits in the premium bracket, but an evergreen discount of $300 knocks it into the upper mid-range territory, just below Saatva's standard sale prices. (Note that the WinkBed Plus costs $200 more than the rest of the lot due to its different design and materials.) Regardless of the model you choose, you'll have 120 nights to test it out at home – and while returns are free, exchanges incur a $49 fee. If you decide to keep your WinkBed, you'll be covered by a lifetime warranty.

The WinkBed mattress:$1,149 $849 at WinkBed

The WinkBed mattress: from $1,149 $849 at WinkBed
The current $300 off all mattresses is a sale we're used to seeing from WinkBed — but it's still superb value. There are two versions of The WinkBed that will suit people looking for the best firm mattress for back pain or to support heavier bodies, and both are on sale this month. A queen size is reduced to $1,499  from $1,799 for the firm version and $1,699 from $1,999 for the Plus. The perks are pretty decent, too - free shipping and returns, 120-night trial and a full replacement lifetime warranty.