The best pillow-top mattresses 2024: Hotel quality beds tested by experts

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The best pillow-top mattresses recreate luxury hotel sleep at home, providing an instant hit of softness as soon as you lie down. Pillow-top beds are increasingly popular, and many of 2024’s best mattresses for all sleepers are designed with a pillow-top. They range in price too, from several hundred dollars to a few thousand for a queen size. 

Our expert testers regularly review pillow-top mattresses and have narrowed down the very best choices in this guide. We've tested each featured pillow-top mattress in all key areas including comfort, support and temperature regulation, and have ranked them below for different sleepers and sleep issues.

The handcrafted innerspring Saatva Classic is the best pillow-top mattress overall, achieving near-perfect scores in our year-long review. At $1,795 for a queen and with a lifetime warranty and year's trial, we feel the Saatva Classic is good value for a luxury pillow-top mattress – we're hoping the price will drop in time for the forthcoming Memorial Day mattress sales. Let’s now take a look at this year's best pillow-top mattresses, as rated by our expert testers…  

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In a rush and want to see our recommendations for this year's best pillow-top mattresses? Here's an overview of our top picks for hotel comfort at home...

The best pillow-top mattresses 2024 – tested by experts

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Best pillow-top mattress overall

Saatva Classic Mattress, the best pillow-top mattress for all sleepers, shown on a wooden bedframe next to a lush green wall plant

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The best pillow-top mattress overall – handcrafted for luxury sleep


Firmness (1-10): 3, 5-7 or 8
Height: 11.5” or 14.5”
Trial: 365 nights
Warranty: Lifetime
Price bracket: Premium
Materials: Pillow-top, memory foam, coils

Reasons to buy

Handcrafted in the USA
Custom firmness and height
Specialized lumbar support
Lifetime warranty

Reasons to avoid

$99 returns fee
Minor motion transfer
Buy it if

You suffer from back pain: The Saatva Classic does an excellent job of keeping the spine perfectly aligned thanks a chiropractor-approved design that features extra support in the lumbar region.

You want to customize your mattress: With three different firmness ratings and two heights, the Saatva Classic allows sleepers to choose the mattress that’s right for their specific sleeping style.

You prefer a traditional bed feel: The Saatva Classic is a 'hybrid innerspring' that feels like a traditional mattress yet looks as luxurious as a 5-star hotel bed.

Don't buy it if

❌ You want a memory foam ‘hug’: Even the Plush Soft version of the Saatva Classic keeps you sleeping on top of the mattress rather than sinking into it. If you want more of that hugging feeling, we’d recommend checking out the best memory foam mattresses.

You share your bed with a restless sleeper: The Saatva Classic is a highly responsive mattress, due to its double layer of coils and minimal foam. Great for changing position and keeping you cool, but less great for isolating motion.

You’re non-committal: Although you get a whole year to trial the mattress, you’ll have to pay $99 to return it if you don’t like how it sleeps.

The bottom line

🔎 The Saatva Classic is an exceptional pillow-top mattress and a great all-rounder. Thanks to its customizable options it can be adjusted to suit the vast majority of sleepers, and its luxury feel is hard to beat. With fantastic extras as well, this mattress is extremely good value for money.

The best pillow-top mattress we've tested is the Saatva Classic, a bed that's no stranger to accolades. (It even tops our general best mattress guide and our best hybrid mattress roundup.) It arrives flat and is handcrafted at one of 14 factories across the United States. In our year-long review, we were thoroughly impressed by this mattress, noting that it’s still in pristine condition without any signs of sagging or dips.

This is mainly due to the premium materials Saatva uses, which include CertiPUR-US foams and recycled steel coils. You’ll also find a contouring three-inch Euro pillow top for that plush, supportive feeling. This pillow-top has extra lumbar support added to the center third, making this one of the best mattresses for back pain sufferers. It doesn’t contain much foam overall outside of the lumbar crown and high-density foam rails to aid in edge support. This bodes well for temperature regulation but as we'll explain later, it lacks that sink-in softness that some sleepers might prefer.  

The Saatva Classic is available in three firmness options – Plush Soft (rated 3/10), Luxury Firm (rated 5-7/10) and Firm (8/10). There are also two different height options (11.5” and 14.5”), although the only difference here is the height of the springs. We tested the Luxury Firm and found it a fantastic all-rounder that suited a vast array of sleepers. It’s particularly suited for back sleepers – side sleepers should look at the Plush Soft, while stomach sleepers will appreciate the great support of the Firm option. 

Due to the lack of memory foam, this isn’t a mattress you’ll sink into so if you’re looking for that ‘hug’ the Saatva Classic isn’t the right choice for you. Even the softest version of this mattress will keep you lying on top of it. Of course, this is what helps the Saatva Classic provide superior lumbar support and pressure relief. There is some motion transfer on the Saatva, so if you share your bed with a restless sleeper this again might not be the best choice. (The comparable WinkBed further down the list performs better in this regard.) But these are the only small blemishes in an otherwise perfect mattress.

Considering how luxurious it is, the Saatva Classic is incredibly well-priced – thanks to an almost permanent Saatva mattress sale, you can usually pick up a queen for under $1,700. We’d still recommend buying around major holidays, as this is when Saatva is most likely to bring out its very best offers. 

Extras with the Saatva Classic are also extremely generous. You’ll get a 365-night trial along with a lifetime warranty, giving you plenty of time to decide whether the mattress is right for you. There’s free White Glove delivery as well, with the mattress delivered flat to a room of your choosing and your old mattress and foundation taken away if necessary. It is worth noting, however, that Saatva charges $99 for returns.

Saatva Classic: $1,395 $1,195 at Saatva

Saatva Classic: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">from $1,395 $1,195 at Saatva
The new Saatva mattress sale saves you up to $400 on this top-rated Euro pillow-top innerspring hybrid. That reduces the cost of a queen size to $1,795, which is the price we see most months outside of any major mattress sales. You'll get free mattress installation with old bed removal too, plus a year's sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. That's excellent value for a handcrafted mattress.

Best value pillow-top mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress with Tom's Guide Sleep Editor lying on it is the best budget pillow-top mattress

(Image credit: 3Z Brands for Tom's Guide)
The best pillow-top mattress for smaller budgets


Firmness (1-10): 3, 5 or 7
Height: 11.5”
Trial: 120 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price bracket: Upper-mid
Materials: Optional pillow top, foam, coils

Reasons to buy

Three firmness levels
Available in non-traditional sizes
Supportive, bouncy feel
Very good motion isolation

Reasons to avoid

Costs $99 to return it
Despite cooling tech, it runs hot
Inconsistent edge support
Buy it if

You want to customize your mattress (for less): With three different firmness ratings, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid is another mattress that allows sleepers to customize it for the perfect fit – but for less than Saatva, WinkBeds and Stearns & Foster.

You share your bed with a restless partner: Despite the responsiveness of the foam and springs, this mattress has good motion isolation. The plushness of the pillow-top absorbs movement and will prevent you from being disturbed by your partner at night.

You need an unusual size: There are loads of size options for the Signature Hybrid, including RVs beds and less common dimensions like short queen and split California king.

Don't buy it if

You’re a hot sleeper: Despite a GlacioTex cover, this mattress does not stay cool and could disturb your sleep if you run hot at night The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe (#5) will be a better choice if you regularly overheat.

You want strong edges all over: The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid has great edge support on its sides, but it’s very weak at the corners and ends.

You'd rather not pay for returns: You get 120 nights to trial it at home but beware of the $99 fee if you decide to send it back.

The bottom line

🔎 The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid offers customizable firmness plus a broad range of sizes at a lower cost than the other beds on this list. The pillow-top adds plush comfort to even the firmest option, and there’s plenty of bounce so it's easy to change positions at night.

If you can't quite splurge on a premium pillow-top mattress, the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid may be more your speed. It's often on sale for at least 25% off the MSRP. The pillow-top isn't included – it's an add-on worth up to $400. Even then, a queen Brooklyn Signature Hybrid with pillow-top will fetch less than $1,300 after discount, which is comfortably within the upper-mid range bracket. Among the broader market, it's one of the cheapest pillow-top mattresses around.

Like the Saatva Classic above, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid comes in three firmness options, allowing customers to tailor the mattress to their particular sleeping style. Our tester slept on the Firm version with the optional extra Cloud Pillow Top, and our Sleep Editor tried out the Medium option on a visit to the 3Z Brands showroom. 

The mattress is made with individually wrapped coils alongside layers of CertiPUR-US-certified foams. There’s no memory foam in this mattress and you shouldn’t expect to sink into it at all. Rather, it uses more responsive foam that makes it easy to move about. With a bouncy, springy feel, this is a mattress that you lie ‘on’ rather than sink into, although the pillow-top does give it some plushness.

The pillow top softens up the mattress overall. We thought that it made the Firm version, which is rated at 7/10, feel more like a 6.5/10. With the pillow-top, the firm version is best suited to back sleepers and some lighter-weight stomach sleepers. The medium firmness should also be fine for back sleepers, whereas side sleepers should seek the soft version. This bouncier feel can take time to get used to and, although the spine is kept aligned in all sleeping positions, some sleepers may find that there’s not enough ‘give’ in the mattress for adequate cushioning at their pressure points. But combination sleepers in particular should enjoy this mattress, as it's very easy to change position throughout the night.

For our weeks-long test, we added the pillow-top for more cushioning and plushness – and it includes a cover made from GlacioTex fibers to help keep sleepers cool. Whilst the pillow top has a cooling cover, temperature regulation on the Brooklyn Bedding mattress was otherwise disappointing, and our tester frequently woke up at night feeling too hot. Meanwhile, edge support is good along the sides, but poor at the corners and ends. On the other hand, motion isolation is excellent, with the pillow top doing a fantastic job of absorbing any movement. If you share your bed with a restless partner, this mattress is one to consider. 

Another big plus point of the mattress is the sheer choice of sizes it comes in. There are lots of niche options, including a good range of sizes for RVs, and we rate the mattress as one of the best queen size mattresses on the market. The mattress trial and warranty are fairly standard at 120 nights and 10 years, and you do need to be aware that there’s a return fee of $99. Overall, this is a deservedly popular mattress with customers, providing a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep at a reasonable price. 

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid: $865 $648.80 at Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">from $865 $648.80 at Brooklyn Bedding
Every size of the 12.25" Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid is on sale this month, with a queen pillow-top version reduced to $1,299 (was $1,732) when you used the code SPRING25 at checkout. It's over $600 cheaper than the Saatva above, and comes in a far greater range of sizes and your choice of three firmness levels. However the trial and warranty are shorter at 120 nights and 10-years (warranty).

Best luxury pillow-top mattress

Stearns & Foster Estate Mattress

(Image credit: Stearns & Foster)
If money's no object, go for this luxe pillow-top mattress


Firmness (1-10): 1-2 or 7-8
Height: 15”
Trial: 90 nights
Warranty: 10 years
Price bracket: Premium
Materials: Optional pillow top, memory foam, coils

Reasons to buy

Superb temperature regulation
Outstanding edge support
Comes in 2 firmness levels
Side handles for easy maneuvering

Reasons to avoid

Paltry extras for the high cost
No medium-firm option
Pillow-top prone to indentation
Buy it if

You sleep warm: It might not be a specialist cooling mattress, but the Estate does a really good job of keeping sleepers cool at night with its clever ventilated coil system.

You like to use the entire surface of your bed: Whether you like to sleep starfish-style or you sit on the edges to help get yourself out of bed, the Estate will provide you with plenty of support.

You'd like a mattress that's easy to move: The Estate has eight side handles for easy maneuvering when you're rotating your mattress or moving house.

Don't buy it if

You want better perks: A 90-night trial and a 10-year warranty pale in comparison to what our #1 pick, the Saatva Classic, offers at a much lower cost.

You want something in-between soft and hard: Whilst you can customize the feel of the Estate, you can only choose between extremes. The Helix Dusk Luxe (#7), or instance, has a medium-firm feel.

❌ You need something that can endure regular use: Be careful, as the Estate's pillow-top is prone to indentations. Something like the WinkBed (#4) may be a better option if you're a heavier build or just want something sturdy.

The bottom line

🔎 The Stearns & Foster Estate is a truly luxurious mattress that will add a touch of 5-star luxury to any bedroom. It’s extremely supportive and comfortable, and it does an excellent job of preventing sleepers from waking up hot and bothered. Whether you want something exquisitely plush or decidedly firm, you'll find what you're looking for here.

If you wonder about the mattresses hotels use, Stearns & Foster is the company behind the famous Ritz-Carlton Bed. Among direct-to-consumer models, the Stearns & Foster Estate is the brand's best-selling hybrid and one of its cheapest options. Cheap is relative here – these are all premium mattresses, and adding the optional pillow top raises the price even further. But if you’re open to splashing cash for a truly luxurious pillow-top mattress, the Stearns & Foster Estate is our pick.

Handcrafted in the US, the Estate starts with a quilted Tencel cover followed by a layer of Tempur-Indulge memory foam for deep pressure relief. Under this is a layer of coils with a high-density border, finished by a system of ventilated coils and air vents to prevent the mattress from overheating. We also like that there are eight side handles on the mattress, making it easy to move or rotate.

As-is, the Estate comes in either soft (3/10) or firm (9/10). Adding the optional pillow-top brings the firmness level down to 1-2 or 7-8, respectively. Our testers slept on a firm Estate mattress with a pillow top and found it comfortable from the start, keeping the spine well-aligned and supported. Despite the plush top, this isn’t a mattress you sink into but rather lie on top of – but Stearns & Foster customers rave about how supportive the mattress is, with many claiming to have found relief from arthritis and back pain. 

Provided you're not a light sleeper, you'll find the Stearns & Foster Estate's level of motion isolation acceptable. Edge support is very good, so sleepers can spread out across the whole width of the bed, as well as sit comfortably on the edge when getting in or out of bed. We were impressed with the Estate's temperature regulation; it always felt cool or neutral to the touch. The mattress has several features designed to keep sleepers cool – a ventilated coil system where the coils are surrounded by fabric full of holes alongside external silver air vents to prevent trapped air. A breathable Tencel cover wicks away moisture.

Unfortunately, we found that the pillow-top formed slight dips where our testers slept after only four weeks, which shouldn’t happen with such a premium mattress. We’d also like to see a medium firmness option introduced to cover more sleeping preferences. However, we still find it an extremely supportive and comfortable bed.

You’ll get free White Glove delivery with the Estate, with the mattress being delivered to a room of your choosing and your old mattress taken away at the same time. Look out for offers of a free bedding bundle as well when you’re ordering. However, the trial period is distinctly underwhelming at only 90 nights which, when you compare it to Saatva’s year-long trial, seems decidedly stingy. The warranty lasts for 10 years, which is rather paltry for the cost, as well. 

Stearns &amp; Foster Estate: $2,499 + free $300 VISA gift card at Stearns &amp; Foster

Stearns & Foster Estate: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">from $2,499 + free $300 VISA gift card at Stearns & Foster
This isn't the best sale we've seen recently from Stearns & Foster – that came last month with up to $400 off and a free $300 VISA card. We don't expect to see an offer like that again until closer to Memorial Day, so for now you'll get a free $300 VISA gift card when you buy the Estate pillow-top mattress. A queen Estate with pillow-top is currently priced $2,599, with free mattress installation, old bed removal and a 10-year warranty – Saatva offers a lifetime warranty in comparison.