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The best Avocado mattress sales and deals for July 2021

Avocado mattress sales discounts promo codes
(Image credit: Avocado Mattress)

Avocado mattress sales are still seeing some of last month's Memorial Day offers on the shelves, such as this excellent $100 discount on the Avocado Green mattress. Not only that, but you can also save $100 on the Avocado Vegan Hybrid mattress. That drops the starting prices for each down to $899 (was $999). You just need to add Avocado promo code: SLEEPFREE at checkout for the savings to be applied. These mattresses aren't as regularly discounted as the others in the Avocado range, so if you're looking to buy one this deal is worth having.

There's also a $100 discount on the organic mattress maker's sustainable memory foam mattresses, which drops the starting price of Avocado's new Latex mattress , for example, to $1,399 with promo code SLEEPFREE. That isn't the cheapest we've seen this mattress though: it was on sale for $999 earlier in the year. However, if you work in education, the military, law enforcement, in the fire service, EMT, as a doctor or nurse, you can save an extra $50. 

Avocado is one of the best mattress brands in the US - in fact, we think the best if you're looking for an eco-friendly mattress. Its collection is entirely made from non-toxic, natural, and organic materials, which means they're not the cheapest, but a good mattress deal can lower the price. And the company's Memorial Day mattress sale is definitely a good time

Don't forget, Avocado offers a huge one-year trial period, so you can decide whether your mattress is right for you from the safety of your own home. Read on for all the best Avocado mattress prices available right now... 

Avocado Green mattress: from $899 ($999) with code SLEEPFREE at Avocado
Save $100 - Use promo code SLEEPFREE at checkout the take advantage of Avocado's current $100 discount on the Avocado Green mattress. That's an excellent offer that drops the starting price down to $899 and brings the queen size down to $1,399 (was $1,499).
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Avocado Hybrid Organic Vegan mattress: from $899 ($999) with code SLEEPFREE at Avocado
Save $100 -
You can also save $100 on the Hybrid Organic Vegan mattress, made with GOLS organic certified latex and cotton as well as up to 1,414 support coils arranged in five comfort zones. That means you're not sacrificing comfort or support by opting for a far more sustainable and environmentally friendly mattress.
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Avocado Latex mattress: from $1,399 ($1,499) with code SLEEPFREE at Avocado
Save $100 -
The Avocado Latex mattress manages to maintain a fully organic set of materials while still offering durable latex foam support. Not only that, but using promo code SLEEPFREE you can currently save $100 across the range, bringing that starting price all the way down to $1,399.
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Which Avocado mattress should you buy?

For most people, the best-selling Avocado Green Mattress will be your best bet. Crafted from organic cotton, wool and latex, it's the cheapest in the range - starting at $899 - and delivers an all-natural blend of comfort and support. 

If you’re looking to avoid animal-derived materials altogether, you can opt for the Avocado Vegan Mattress – it’s the same product at the same price (starting from $899), but without any wool. Or there's the new, all-foam Avocado Latex mattress, which Avocado says is its most sustainable mattress yet. It's also the firmest, and the most expensive in the range, starting at $1,199

For little ones, you can choose between the Avocado Green Crib Mattress ($279), or the Avocado Luxury Organic Crib Mattress ($1,249), both of which boast the same GOTS-certified organic status as Avocado’s full-size offerings. The main difference is that the Luxe is sprung, while the Crib has a simple latex and coconut husk construction.

Avocado’s mattresses are great for both side and front sleepers, and can be specified with or without a pillow top. If you prefer yours to be softer or firmer, you can also pick up a plush or firm Avocado mattress topper to tailor it.

More of the best Avocado mattress deals

Avocado mattress sale, promo codes and deals

(Image credit: Avocado)

1. Avocado Green Mattress deals

The most popular Avocado mattress

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 11 or 13 inches | Turn: No | Filling : Latex foam and pocket spring | Firmness: 7/10 (standard); 6/10 (pillow top) | Trial: 365 days | Guarantee: 25 years | RRP: $899 - $1,799

Made with all-natural materials
Lengthy one-year trial period
Doesn't get too hot
Greenguard Gold Certified

Avocado’s flagship Green Mattress is a great choice for anyone after a new mattress, but it’ll be especially appealing to eco-conscious individuals looking to reduce the impact they have on the Earth. Made from organic cotton, wool and latex, you won’t have to worry about where Avocado’s materials have come from. You won’t be sacrificing comfort either, and the Green has up to 1414 coils in five ergonomic zones for extra support – plus you can spec your bed with a two-inch pillow top if you want some extra luxury.

However, what we really like about the Green Mattress is that you don’t actually have to pay a huge premium for buying sustainably. The Green Mattress costs much the same as its rivals, but has the eco-cred to appeal to a whole new audience. So, if you can buy sustainably and not pay through the nose, why not?

Avocado mattress sales discounts promo codes

(Image credit: Avocado Mattress)

2. Avocado Vegan Mattress deals

The same Avocado Green mattress, but without the wool

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 11" or 13" | Turn: No | Filling : Latex foam and pocket spring | Firmness: 7/10 (standard); 6/10 (pillow top) | Trial: 365 days | Guarantee: 25 years | RRP: $899 – $1,799

Certified vegan & PETA-approved
Up to 1,414 pocketed support coils
No more expensive than the Green
Made in the USA

The Avocado Vegan Mattress caters to anyone going 100% plants by omitting the organic wool found in the Green. In the Vegan it’s replaced by organic cotton batting, while the wool’s fire retardant properties are replaced by a layer of natural hydrated silica.

Again, we love how Avocado charges the same price for both the Green and the Vegan, meaning you don’t have to pay a premium for following your lifestyle – and seeing as both offerings are exactly the same minus the wool, that’s only fair.

Avocado mattress sale, deals, promo codes

(Image credit: Avocado)

3. Avocado Latex Mattress deals

Avocado's most sustainable mattress has $200 off now

Sizes: Twin to Cal King | Depth: 9" | Turn: No | Filling : Organic latex | Firmness: 7.5/10 (medium firm) | Trial: 365 days | Guarantee: 25 years | RRP: $1,199 – $2,399

100% GOTS organic certified
Avocado's firmest mattress
Made in the USA

Avocado's first all-foam latex mattress is made from nine inches of organic latex, plus organic cotton and organic wool. It's the company's most sustainable mattress: the foam comes from Avocado's organic farms, and provides firm, contouring support; while GOTS organic certified wool and cotton sits on the supporting layers. In fact, because its made exclusively with natural, organic, materials, the Avocado Latext mattress is entirely biodegradable.

At 7.5/10 on the firmness scale, it provides provides cool, motion-isolating support - with - says Avocado - "just a touch of gentle give". This mattress is ideal for active couples, back or stomach sleepers, and tall/large combination sleepers. It isn't cheap, but if you're concerned about your footprint, this is the best Avocado mattress to choose.

Avocado mattress sales discounts promo codes

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4. Avocado Crib Mattress deals

Bargain crib mattress doesn’t scrimp on support

Sizes: Crib | Depth: 6" | Turn: Yes | Filling : Latex, coconut husk | Firmness: Firm/medium-firm | Trial: 30 days | Guarantee: 25 years | RRP: $279

Super affordable
Still all organic materials
Innovative coconut-husk construction
No vegan option

If Avocado's Luxe Crib mattress below is a bit pricey – and it’s certainly not cheap – Avocado's basic crib mattress presents a more affordable alternative. Made to the same exacting standards but without the springs, the Avocado Crib is a genuinely affordable way to kit out your baby with a premium mattress without breaking the bank.

Like the Luxe, the Crib features a flippable design which is suited to the changing needs of your baby – a firm side, supported by three inches of coconut fiber-infused latex for infants, and a softer side for toddlers.

For the price, there’s not a lot we can complain about, and while it might still be pricier than your standard crib mattress, Avocado’s Crib maintains the 100% organic natural materials status – not to mention a 25-year guarantee.

Avocado mattress sales discounts promo codes

(Image credit: Avocado Mattress)

5. Avocado Luxe Crib Mattress deals

Start them off right with Avocado’s organic luxury kids’ mattress

Sizes: Crib | Depth: 6" | Turn: Yes | Filling : Latex foam, spring, coconut husk | Firmness: Firm/medium-firm | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 25 years | RRP: $1,299

High-tech, eco-friendly first mattress
Flippable construction
Incredibly well-made
Premium kids' mattress


Avocado’s Luxe Crib Mattress is for those that want to give their kids the very best start to life – with the amount of time our little ones sleep (or not), it’s important to give them the perfect place to do it.

A hybrid construction means your pride and joy will have perfect support as they grow, and Avocado have future-proofed the Luxe Crib by coming up with a flippable design: on one side it’s pretty firm, which is great for infants, and the other is a little softer, perfect for toddlers.

However, all this comes at a cost – the Luxe Crib is almost as expensive as a queen-size Green or Vegan. But, on the other hand, the 25-year guarantee means that you might be able to bring up your whole family on the same mattress, so it’s certainly a worthwhile investment.

Avocado mattress topper deals

Avocado mattress topper deals and sales

(Image credit: Avocado)

If you can't stretch your budget to an Avocado mattress, consider an Avocado mattress topper instead - they're the next best thing. Designed to rest on top of your existing mattress, they contour to your body, adding cushioning and luxury support.

Avocado makes three different mattress toppers, all of which come in six sizes - twin through to Cal king; and with a choice of plush or firm comfort levels. (If your existing mattress is too soft, choose the firm option; if it's too firm, choose the plush option.)

The 2.75-inch Avocado Green Organic mattress topper starts at $349 and is made from GOLS organic certified latex rubber foam, wool and cotton. If you don't want any animal products in your mattress, choose the Avocado Vegan mattress topper - it's exactly the same, but uses cotton instead of wool. 

Alternatively, the new Avocado Alpaca Wool Plush mattress topper (from $449) uses Alpaca fiber, which is softer than silk and rarer than cashmere. It's also one of the most eco-friendly natural fibers on earth, because and alpaca need less food and water than other fiber-producing animals.

Do you need an Avocado Mattress promo code?

Yes - to save money you'll usually need an Avocado mattress promo code. There are often a variety to choose between, and most Avocado mattress promo codes can't be used in combination: it's either one or the other (for example, you might be able to either get money off a mattress, or add two free pillows to your order). 

However, if you're looking to buy a mattress and a bed frame, Avocado will let you use both discount codes. That means that if there's an Avocado mattress sale running, you could save over $400 in total. 

Whatever you want to buy though, you'll always find the best Avocado mattress promo codes here on this page. 

Avocado Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals in 2021: what we expect to see

In the past couple of years we’ve seen some great Avocado Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, with discounts peaking at $200 off any mattress, plus $150 off any bed frame. Last year, the company's best Black Friday mattress deals and Cyber Monday mattress deals once again cut $200 off - however this time the discount applied only to the new all-natural Avocado Latex mattress (Avocado's most sustainable mattress yet).

We predict the best 2021 Avocado Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be similar again, with around $200 cut off the price of one or more of the company's mattresses. Going by previous sales, there will be more than just Avocado Black Friday mattress deals too. The company often runs alternative offers - such as adding two free pillows to your mattress order (worth $238) - for example. We think we'll see something similar again over Black Friday 2021, plus perhaps a 20% discount on just pillows, if that's all you want. 

We also expect to see some juicy Avocado Black Friday mattress topper deals. Avocado makes three eco-friendly options, starting from $349 at full price. Last year all three received a $50 price cut, so we hope to see at least $50 off again in the Avocado Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale in 2021.  

There will likely be big savings on Avocado’s adjustable bed frame too. Last year we saw up to a $250 discount - and if you wanted to buy a mattress as well you could combine the bed frame offer with an Avocado mattress promo code to save over $400 on both items. 

If previous years' trends are anything to go by, we think the 2021 Avocado Black Friday sale will be packed with savings. And you'll find this year's best Avocado Black Friday deals here on this page as soon as they drop - with full details of any Avocado promo codes you need to claim them. So bookmark this page, and keep checking back...

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