Get $500 off our #1 rated mattress – the biggest discount we've ever seen

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The Saatva Classic is a luxurious innerspring hybrid that's our top-rated mattress, and right now you can get $500 off – the biggest discount we've ever seen. This offer isn't open to the general public, but you can unlock it using any of the links on this page. The deal ends today, so you're running out of time to claim. 

We track prices all year round, and this is an outstanding offer. Because MSRPs have risen over the past year or so, this isn't quite the lowest price we've ever seen on the Classic. It is, however, the cheapest price we've seen this year, and in the context of the new ticket prices it's absolutely the best bargain you're going to get.

The discount is available on all orders over $1,000, across the full Saatva range. If it's an outstanding all-rounder you're after, the Classic will fit the bill perfectly. There's a reason why it tops our best mattress guide – in our Saatva Classic review we found this delivered outstanding support and comfort in any sleep position, didn't trap body heat or get clammy at night, and the build quality was excellent. You can also customize it to your exact preferences at no extra cost – there are three different firmness ratings and two heights to choose from. 

Saatva Classic mattress: Full was

Saatva Classic mattress: Full was $1,895 now $1,395 at Saatva
Our favorite of Saatva's range is the Classic. This luxurious innerspring hybrid combines a plush pillow top with a double layer of coils, and delivers sturdy lumbar support with a little bounce. Choose between three firmness levels and two heights. Our special link get you a $500 discount on all sizes apart from the twin, which means a queen is now $1,495 – the cheapest price of the year.
Deal ends: 31 March

The Saatva Classic has wide-ranging appeal, but it might not be exactly what you're looking for. This brand makes a wide range of mattresses geared to slightly different needs and preferences, so it's worth checking out the full lineup before hitting the buy button. 

For example, memory foam fans can choose between the Loom & Leaf (details in our Loom & Leaf review) or Saatva premium memory foam hybrid. If you're interested in a natural mattress, there's the Saatva Latex Hybrid (made from natural latex and recycled coils) or for bigger bodies, there's the Saatva HD.

Saatva special discount: get $500 off any mattress

Saatva special discount: get $500 off any mattress (min. spend $1,000)
Our special link is valid across any of Saatva's top quality mattresses, as long as you spend at least $1k. At the cheapest end, it'll make the affordable Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid even more affordable (the queen size is reduced from $1,795 right down to $1,295). 

Whichever mattress you go for, there are some perks to be aware of. Because all of Saatva's beds are delivered flat (rather than vacuum packed and rolled), white glove delivery is included as standard. That means Saatva's delivery team will set up the mattress in your room for you, and take all the packaging away too. You have a lifetime warranty and a full 365 night trial, enabling you to test out your purchase in every season before committing (there is a $99 returns processing fee if the mattress doesn't suit you, though). 

For the vast majority of models, this is the best time to buy. There are a very small number of exceptions: the discount won't kick in on the twin sizes of the two cheapest models, so if that's the model you're after, you should wait for a deal with a lower minimum spend (be aware, Twin sizes aren't included in all Saatva mattress sales, so you might have to wait a bit). 

You will also occasionally be able to pick up a discount of over $500 on the one or two most expensive mattresses at Saatva – think Split Cal King Solaire. This never includes any Classic sizes though.

Cheaper alternative: The DreamCloud

That's a ridiculously good discount on the Saatva, but if it's still out of your budget, a good alternative to consider is the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid. This is another luxe-feeling hybrid mattress, but for a mid-range price. 

Right now, the queen size is $899 and you'll get a massive bedding bundle included for free too. That's the evergreen DreamCloud mattress sale that runs all the time, but it does represent great value for money – and it's around $600 cheaper than the Saatva.

The DreamCloud contains a lot more foam than the Saatva, which means you get more of that memory foam squishiness. You don't have the option to pick your firmness or height preference here, and we think that lightweight sleepers might find it a bit too firm. It's not quite as high-end feeling as the Saatva, but it's a strong alternative. Head to our DreamCloud mattress review to find out more. 

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress in a light bedroom, with colorful bedding

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