Are hybrid mattresses better than other types of bed? I'm a mattress tester — here's my take

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Hybrid mattresses are hugely popular, thanks to their unique blend of comfort and support. But are hybrid mattresses better than other types of bed? With many different mattress types available, it can be difficult to know where to begin in your quest for a new bed — but, as a sleep writer and mattress tester, I’m here to help. 

Many of the beds that feature in our best mattress guide are hybrids, which are beds crafted from a combination of coils and foams. This means that the mattress’s support core is made from springs, while the upper comfort layer is made of foam, such as memory, gel-infused or latex. This construction results in a cooler, bouncier and more responsive sleep surface than other types of mattresses. 

As a wider team of experienced mattress testers, we know that the right mattress for you will be one that suits your specific sleep and health needs. If you’re toying with buying a hybrid mattress but unsure if it’s best for you, I’ll guide you through the benefits and drawbacks of a hybrid mattress, as well as how they compare to other bed types. Let’s get started. 

What is a hybrid mattress?

An exploded chart showing the internal layers of the DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress, including gel memory foam and coils

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The best hybrid mattresses are constructed from a combination of coils and foam, such as polyfoam, memory foam, gel-infused foam or latex. A breathable innerspring support core combined with a comfort layer (or more) of foam produces a blend of contouring support unique to hybrid mattresses. They’re bouncier, cooler and more responsive than other mattress types. 

A hybrid mattress is an excellent option for those who want the benefits of a memory foam mattress in addition to the outstanding support of an innerspring. Hybrid mattresses remain a popular bed choice for stomach and back sleepers who require a firmer sleep surface, back pain sufferers who require enhanced lumbar support, and heavier people who require increased support.  

While you’ll find a decent hybrid mattress to suit almost any budget and sleep need, hybrid mattresses tend to command a higher price tag than all-foam beds. 

What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses vary in materials and build quality, so will differ in performance from bed to bed. However, these are the main benefits of a hybrid mattress:  

Enhanced lumbar support

Some hybrid mattresses include zoned coils for enhanced lumbar support, which is a feature found in many of the best mattresses for back pain. This targeted positioning of additional coils helps keep the spine in correct alignment with the rest of the body while you sleep.  

Sturdy edge support

Positioning additional wrapped coils or springs around the perimeter of the mattress helps bolster the bed’s overall edge support. This means that, in theory, you can sit or sleep right up to the bed’s edge without it dipping or collapsing beneath you. 

Contouring support

Every hybrid mattress includes a comfort layer (or more), which is the layer that you sleep directly on. These layers are usually crafted from memory foam, latex or gel-infused foam for enhanced cooling.  

Better temperature regulation

The inclusion of wrapped coils or springs encourages airflow throughout the bed, which aids the bed’s overall temperature regulation. Air warmed by body heat while you sleep doesn’t become trapped, meaning that you’re less likely to overheat. 

More responsive sleep surface

Again, an innerspring support core makes a hybrid mattress more responsive than most other bed types. This makes it a great option for combination sleepers who like to shift positions throughout the night without feeling trapped by their bed. 

What are the drawbacks of a hybrid mattress?

All hybrid mattresses are constructed slightly differently and from different materials, which means that each hybrid bed’s performance will differ. However, the following common drawbacks of some hybrid mattresses:   

More expensive

While you’ll find a decent hybrid mattress to suit almost any budget, hybrid mattresses tend to command a higher price tag than all-foam beds, due to the increase in materials required. Mattress sales are a great time to buy a hybrid, with brands like DreamCloud, Saatva and Helix offering big discounts on their best-selling hybrids. 

Firmer than other bed types

A firmer sleep surface will suit some sleep styles (like back and stomach sleepers), while others (like lighter builds or side sleepers) will prefer a softer sleep surface that they can sink into. However, how soft or firm your hybrid mattress is will depend on the material of your comfort layer(s). Our best mattress for side sleepers (the Helix Midnight Luxe) is a hybrid mattress. 


While a responsive sleep surface is an important feature for combination sleepers who need to shift positions during the night, that responsiveness can occasionally lead to greater motion transfer. That means that if you share a bed, you’re more likely to feel every toss and turn from your bed fellow. However, top performing hybrids with thick comfort layers will do an excellent job of dampening movement, so this won’t be true for all hybrids. 

Springs can become squeaky

Hybrid mattresses are incredibly durable. However, over time, their coils will slowly begin to degrade, which can lead to squeaky springs. That said, a decent well-cared for hybrid mattress should last between seven to ten years before that happens, while a latex hybrid can last up to twenty years.

Are hybrid mattresses better than other bed types?

The right mattress for you will be one that best suits your sleep needs. To help you decide if a hybrid mattress is the best choice for you, we’ve compared them to other bed types. 

Hybrid mattress vs all-foam bed 

In addition to a comfort layer consisting of foam, hybrid mattresses rely on a support core of coils. This network of springs allows for a more supportive sleep surface that you sleep on top of rather than sink deeply into, like some all-foam mattresses. As a result, hybrids tend to be firmer than their all-foam counterparts, more supportive and cooler. This is due to the added airflow that the wrapped spring layer provides. 

A hybrid mattress will usually last longer than an all-foam bed, which can begin to prematurely sag in the middle without the support layer of springs. On the flip side, all-foam beds, including the best memory foam mattresses, are generally better at isolating any motion within the bed due to their dense foam construction, while the responsiveness of a hybrid can mean poorer motion isolation.  

Hybrid mattress vs innerspring bed  

The Lucid Bamboo Charcoal Hybrid Mattress with a corner open to reveal the layers, against a white background

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Hybrid mattresses are more adaptive than a traditional innerspring bed, which have been in wide circulation since the 19th Century. Innerspring mattresses, occasionally called spring mattresses, are constructed from a steel coil support system with a padded outer layer for comfort. Innersprings tend to be even more breathable than hybrids, due to this open layer of springs.

However, a lack of a specialist comfort layer can mean that there’s less pressure relief and body contouring in an innerspring mattress. While that might suit back and stomach sleepers, lighter weight people and those who sleep on their sides will likely prefer the slight sink-in support of a hybrid. As well as overall comfort, the foams included in a hybrid can also dampen movement more efficiently than an innerspring can. 

For closer analysis on the two bed types, check out our guide on how hybrid mattresses compare to innerspring beds.  

Hybrid mattress vs latex bed 

Several of the beds in our best organic mattress guide are latex mattresses, which are defined by their upper comfort layer. Natural latex mattresses are incredibly durable (they can last up to 20 years), naturally cooling and hypoallergenic, which means that they’re an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. Latex beds also tend to be more responsive than a memory foam mattress. 

Some latex mattresses consist entirely of latex, while others — like the Avocado Green Mattress — rely on a tier of coils for additional support. These hybrid latex mattresses combine the best worlds of both mattress types; the supportiveness of a coil system and the naturally cooling, durable and hypoallergenic benefits of natural latex.  

Are hybrid mattresses better than other types of bed? The verdict

Hybrid mattresses are a relative newcomer to the mattress industry, having exploded onto the market in 2008. Since then, they have only risen in popularity. Crafted from a combination of a core coil support system and specialist foams, hybrid mattresses draw upon the support and responsiveness of an innerspring mattress, as well as the contouring support of an all-foam or latex bed.

They tend to sleep firmer than all-foam beds, but the emergence of features like plush pillow tops mattresses mean it’s never been easier to find a hybrid mattress that provides ample pressure relief for lightweight bodies and side sleepers, as well as back and stomach sleepers who require a firmer sleep surface.  

As a mattress tester, hybrid mattresses remain my top bed choice for those who require additional support - whether that's because you're heavier than average, would benefit from enhanced lumbar support, or require a bolstered bed edge. They're durable, pressure relieving and suitable for almost any type of sleeper. 

Top 3 hybrid mattresses to shop today

1. Helix Midnight Luxe: Was from $1,373.75

1. Helix Midnight Luxe: Was from $1,373.75 now $961.63 at Helix Sleep  
Independence Day may be a distant memory, but Helix's 4th of July mattress sale is still going strong. Right now, you can save an impressive 30% off the Helix Midnight Luxe, which is our top-rated mattress for side sleepers. In our Helix Midnight Luxe mattress review, our lead tester was impressed with the deep pressure relief offered by the built-in pillow top and felt it was supportive enough for back sleepers, too. This epic deal and brings the price of a queen down to $1,661.66  (was $2,373.80). Plus, you'll get two free pillows. Act fast - this deal is due to end any day now.  

2. Avocado Green mattresswas from $1,399

2. Avocado Green mattress: was from $1,399 now $1,189 at Avocado
Combining the outstanding support of a zoned core coil layer with the naturally cooling and hypoallergenic comfort of a natural Dunlop latex layer, the Avocado Green mattress is our top organic bed choice. It's 100% certified organic and solidly made, making it an ideal for those looking for a true medium firm mattress. Avocado’s current 15% discount is particularly generous for the brand and takes a queen down to $1,699 from $1,999. 

DreamCloud Hybrid mattress: was from $839

DreamCloud Hybrid mattress: was from $839 now $449 at DreamCloud
Hybrid mattresses tend to cost more than other bed types, but the DreamCloud hybrid remains incredible value for money - especially considering its current 50% off sale price. The DreamCloud offers superb pressure relief, outstanding comfort and a slightly firmer than advertised sleep feel, which means it’s particularly suited to back and stomach sleepers. The DreamCloud sale takes the price of a queen down to $665 from a MSRP of $1,332. Plus, you'll get a lifetime warranty and a generous 365 night sleep trial. 

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