Amazon Prime Day 2024 — what you need to know

Amazon Prime Day
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Prime Day is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in July. While Amazon hasn't announced a Prime Day date — the e-comm giant has confirmed that Prime Day 2024 will be held in July. Based on previous years, it'll likely fall on the week of July 8th or July 15th. 

Amazon Prime Day is one of the biggest retail holidays of the year. The 48-hour event is known for offering a wide range of Prime Day deals on everything from 4K TVs to robot vacuums. I've been covering Prime Day since its first year and for me Prime Day deals offer the best discounts on Amazon's own hardware. From Fire TVs to Echo Dots, these will be the devices that'll see the biggest price drops on Prime Day. 

We're still weeks away from Prime Day 2024, but make sure to keep this page bookmarked for everything Prime Day-related. Alternatively, for more ways to save, make sure to check out our list of the best Amazon promo codes and Amazon deals coverage. 

Top deals ahead of Prime Day 2024


Adidas sale: deals from $5 @ AmazonPrice check: deals from $6 @ Adidas

Adidas sale: deals from $5 @ Amazon
From hoodies to sneakers, Amazon is offering a wide variety of Adidas deals on men's, women's and children's apparel. After discount, deals start as low as $5. Note that the Adidas Store is also offering a 50% off sale with similar prices on different styles.
Price check: deals from $6 @ Adidas

Crocs sale: deals from $16 @ Amazon

Crocs sale: deals from $16 @ Amazon
Amazon is having a massive Crocs sale right now. As part of this savings event, you can save up to 50% off select men's, women's, and children's Crocs and accessories. After discount, deal prices start from $16 for Crocs or $8 for accessories. The sale includes slip-resistant clogs, boots, sandals, loafers and more.

Skechers Go Walk High Waisted Bike Short: was $39 now $27 @ Amazon

Skechers Go Walk High Waisted Bike Short: was $39 now $27 @ Amazon
Ideal for biking, walking, or working out, these Go Walk High Waisted 10-inch shorts feature a soft, cotton-like feel with a high-waisted waistband. It has exterior side pockets and its spandex blend fabric features 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and UPF 40+ properties.

Smart home

Amazon Smart Plug: was $25 now $19 @ Amazon

Amazon Smart Plug: was $25 now $19 @ Amazon
Amazon's own smart plug is the simplest to use provided that you have an Alexa smart home setup. There's no need to use a separate hub or app and this plug instantly pairs with your Alexa account for seamless integration into routines, easy touch controls, and voice commands.

Echo Dot with Clock: was $59 now $44 @ AmazonPrice check: $44 @ Best Buy

Echo Dot with Clock: was $59 now $44 @ Amazon
The Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen) packs Alexa functionality and a great speaker into a compact shell. The addition of the LED clock display makes it our favorite Alexa speaker. We also love the built-in Eero WiFi extender and the room temperature sensor. If you're an Alexa newbie or want to update an older Echo, this Echo Dot with Clock is the best smart speaker and best smart home device you could buy. 
Price check: $44 @ Best Buy

Blink Mini 2: was $39 now $29 @ Amazon
The Blink Mini 2 is Blink's new indoor and outdoor security camera. It's weatherproof and comes with several useful features like color night vision, person detection and an easy-to-use companion app. We noted in our Blink Mini 2 review that it didn't have the best sound quality, but if you want a cheap security camera with Alexa integration you can't go wrong here.
Price check: $29 @ Best Buy

Blink Mini 2: was $39 now $29 @ Amazon
The Blink Mini 2 is Blink's new indoor and outdoor security camera. It's weatherproof and comes with several useful features like color night vision, person detection and an easy-to-use companion app. We noted in our Blink Mini 2 review that it didn't have the best sound quality, but if you want a cheap security camera with Alexa integration you can't go wrong here.
Price check: $29 @ Best Buy

Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2023): was $59 now $39 @ AmazonPrice check: $39 @ Best Buy | $39 @ Target

Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2023): was $59 now $39 @ Amazon
The new Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2023) sports an upgraded 2GHz processor and faster Wi-Fi 6E tri-band support. You also get Dolby Vision/HDR10/HDR10+/HLG support on the video front and Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Atmos support on the audio side. In our Fire TV Stick 4K Max review, we said it's a good streaming stick at a decent price if you use Alexa a lot, but it becomes a better bargain when it's on sale. 
Price check: $39 @ Best Buy | $39 @ Target

Blink Mini Camera (3-Pack): was $79 now $69 @ Amazon

Blink Mini Camera (3-Pack): was $79 now $69 @ Amazon
If you need to cover multiple rooms on a budget you can grab three Blink Minis for just $69 (just a single Blink Mini costs $29). These affordable cameras still pack a crisp 1080p resolution which makes out people and objects in motion. Notifications hit your devices within seconds and the cameras' infrared night vision mode makes it easy to see what's happening even in pitch-black rooms like a basement. Keep in mind that if you're away often and want to save recordings, you'll need to pay a subscription fee. However, they make great monitors for motion notifications and dropping into live feeds to check up on kids, pets and even doorway activity.

Blink Outdoor 4th Gen: was $119 now $59 @ Amazon

Blink Outdoor 4th Gen: was $119 now $59 @ Amazon
The Blink Outdoor is the best outdoor security camera for anyone shopping on a budget. This fully wireless home security camera records video in 1080p, lets you store video locally (or in the cloud) and has long battery life. This camera lacks animal, vehicle and package detection, but otherwise it's a great buy.


TV sale: deals from $79 @ AmazonPrice check: from $79 @ Best Buy | from $74 @ Walmart

TV sale: deals from $79 @ Amazon
Amazon has smart TVs on sale for as low as $79. Keep in mind, the cheap TVs tend to be smaller, 1080p models (which are more suitable for a children's room or guest room). However, the sale also includes larger sets. These are among the cheapest TVs we've seen from Amazon. By comparison, Best Buy is offering a similar sale with prices from $79.
Price check: from $79 @ Best Buy | from $74 @ Walmart

Amazon 4-Series 43" Fire 4K TV: was $369 now $249 @ Amazon

Amazon 4-Series 43" Fire 4K TV: was $369 now $249 @ Amazon
Amazon's 4-Series of Fire TVs are a less expensive option to the Omni Series. However, they still offer features like HDR support (HDR10/HLG) and Alexa integration (via the remote control). Plus, it operates on Amazon's Fire OS, which makes streaming your favorite apps easier than ever. 

Amazon 55" 4K Omni Fire TV: was $549 now $389 @ Amazon

Amazon 55" 4K Omni Fire TV: was $549 now $389 @ Amazon
The 55-inch Omni Fire TV is the latest TV in Amazon's TV lineup. This new smaller size brings HDR 10/HLG support to a smaller 4K screen for those who can't fit a 50-inch or larger TV into their living room. In our Amazon Fire TV Omni review, we said it's solid for gaming thanks to its low lag time, but you should only buy it when it's on sale as there are better/cheaper options for your money. Note: The 43-inch version of this TV sold for $99 last Prime Day as an invite-only deal. 


Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023): was $139 now $94 @ Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023): was $139 now $94 @ Amazon
The current-gen Fire HD 10 Tablet features a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 display, octa-core 2GHz CPU, 3GB of RAM, and comes with 32GB of storage space. You also get 5MP front/rear cameras and USB-C connectivity. It's been as cheap as $79 in the past, but this is still a solid deal.

Kindle Scribe: was $339 now $239 @ Amazon

Kindle Scribe: was $339 now $239 @ Amazon
The Kindle Scribe is the first Amazon e-reader you can write on. It has a 10.2-inch 300 ppi display, an adjustable light, and comes with the Premium Pen included. You can handwrite sticky notes on your Kindle books, edit documents, and create notebooks and journals. In our Kindle Scribe review we said its larger screen size, screen quality, and general design are great for reading, but make it a tough sell at its full price. Now on sale, it's a batter bargain and easier to recommend.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is an annual retail holiday celebrated by Amazon, typically during the month of July. During the 48-hour event — which is for Prime members only — Amazon offers sitewide discounts on everything from 4K TVs to kitchen appliances. However, Amazon hardware tends to receive the biggest discounts. In fact, outside of Black Friday/Cyber Monday — Prime Day is when you'll find the lowest price on Amazon devices like Echo speakers, Fire TVs, and Ring security cameras. It's worth mentioning that last year we saw two major retail events from Amazon. There was Prime Day during the summer and the Prime Early Access sale in October. The latter didn't offer Prime Day deals per se, but was instead a kick-off event to the holiday shopping season. 

Prime Day vs Walmart Plus Week

Walmart Plus Week will make a return later this month. The 7-day event will begin on June 17 and offer exclusive deals for Walmart Plus members. Although the retailer hasn't offered specific deals, we do know there will be double discounts on fuel at Exxon and Mobil stations, free Express Delivery, and three free months of Walmart Plus InHome, which includes delivery drop off on your kitchen counter. It's unlikely Prime Day will take place on June 17, which means the two sales will likely offer different deals. 

What are the origins of Prime Day?

The first Prime Day was held in July of 2015 as a way to celebrate Prime members on Amazon's then 20th anniversary. Since then, Amazon has celebrated Prime Day every year, usually during the month of July. The event's overall purpose is to get more consumers to subscribe to Amazon's Prime membership by teasing them with deals. 

Were Prime Day deals any good last year? 

Amazon is known for offering solid deals during major shopping events and this year's Prime Day was no exception. 

In addition to deals on Amazon hardware, the retailer offered deals on major brands like Nespresso, Philips, Samsung, iRobot, LEGO, Melissa & Doug and Hasbro. Amazon claims that Prime Day features their lowest prices of the year, and in some cases, that's certainly true. (Excluding Black Friday deals, which come later in the year with even lower prices). 

Nevertheless, we always recommend consumers proceed with caution as every retailer has its fair share of bogus deals. So we recommend that you always price check deals using a site called CamelCamelCamel. The site lets you track the price history of select items sold out Amazon. You can also read our guide on using CamelCamelCamel to save money on Amazon.

What retailers offer the best Prime Day alternatives?

Prime Day deals are exclusive to Amazon. However, the past few years have seen an uptick in deals from competing retailers. If you're not a Prime member, or simply don't want to partake in Prime Day, your best bet for alternative deals will come from Best Buy and Walmart. Both retailers will closely price match many of Amazon's deals and in some cases, they may offer discounts that Amazon doesn't. 

For example, the Best Buy 4th of July sale had great deals available on OLED TVs. Right now, Best Buy has the LG 48-inch A2 4K OLED TV on sale for $649. That's the least expensive OLED TV we've seen and it's just $30 shy of its Black Friday price low. The 48-inch model is a Best Buy exclusive, which makes them the go-to retailer if you want a good, inexpensive OLED. 

Meanwhile, Walmart, tends to offer better deals on Google smart home devices than Amazon — which normally doesn't offer many Google smart home deals. Bottom line: look to Amazon's biggest rivals for the best alternative Prime Day sales. 

Tips for finding the best Prime Day deals

Prime Big Deal Days

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Price check everything: Our number one rule when shopping on Prime Day is to price check what you're about to buy. Price checking on Prime Day is quite easy. We're big fans of CamelCamelCamel, a website that price checks millions of items sold on Amazon. The website tracks price lows, so if the item you're looking at was cheaper in March, you'll be able to see the price difference. There's even a Chrome extension called Camelizer, which you can install and click on anytime you want to look at the price history of a product. Keep in mind that there might be some items CamelCamelCamel doesn't track.  

Don't limit yourself to Amazon: That leads us to our second point: Prime Day is a faux retail holiday designed to promote Amazon devices and services. However, just like you wouldn't buy your entire wardrobe from one designer, you shouldn't do all of your Prime Day shopping at Amazon. Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are just a handful of competitors offering "Prime Day" sales of their own. 

And based on what we saw from these retailers last year, we expect them to once again offer very competitive sales throughout the duration of Prime Day. Bottom line: Amazon doesn't always offer the best prices. 

Take advantage of free credits: Amazon really wants you to spend money on Prime Day. However, if there aren't any items you want to buy or if you're just really trying to stick to your budget, there are some pretty amazing Prime Day deals you can get right now. We like these deals because after spending $10, you'll get a $10 Amazon credit in exchange. 

Make sure to check out our dedicated Amazon promo codes page.

Watch out for shady reviews: In addition to fake deals, shoppers should always keep an eye out for fake reviews. Although Amazon has removed many bogus reviews from its website, there are so many that it's become near-impossible for Amazon to keep up. That's why we're fans of Fakespot. The site's engine can analyze the quality of reviews on any Amazon page and churn out a letter grade indicating whether the product has mostly fake or real reviews. ReviewMeta is a similar site that looks for suspicious terminology or repeated phrases in reviews before offering a failing or passing grade. 

Don't be afraid of refurbs: Prime Day deals typically don't highlight deals on refurbished items. However, if you're looking to save the most possible a refurbished item may be the best route to go. Amazon tends to offer solid refurbished Apple Watch deals and the retailer also has an Amazon Warehouse website where it lists deals on pre-owned, used, and open-box items. 

What is Prime Big Deal Days?

Prime Big Deal Days is Amazon's massive fall sale. Last year, the event started on Tuesday, October 10 and ran through Wednesday, October 11. Prime Big Deal Days offered discounts on popular brands like Dyson, SharkNinja, Peloton, Jabra, and more. The 48-hour event is very similar to July's Prime Day. Additionally, Prime members will be able to request access to doorbuster deals by signing up for Invite-only deals on select products. 

Can I get a free Amazon Prime membership?

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