The $99 Ouya Console Gets iFixit's Teardown Treatment

This past summer, the gaming world was buzzing with talk of Ouya, the $99 gaming console that runs on Google's Android operating system. What started off as a Kickstarter appeal blossomed into a movement, with over $8.5 million in donations from gamers around the world. Set to go on sale for $99 in June, the console is powered by Nvidia's Tegra 3 processor clocked to 1GHz, and packs 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal flash storage (expandable via USB), MicroUSB x 1, USB 2.0 x 1, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and HDMI out. 


The iFixit team is taking a closer look under the hood, though and has performed one of its famed teardowns with some interesting findings. For one, the console is intentionally weights, something you don't usually see with small, compact devices.

"It's rare that we see a design that intentionally adds weight. Unlike cell phones or tablets, which need to be light and mobile, the Ouya needs bulk to stand up to the cables on the back, and is fitted with five metal weights that add nearly two ounces of bottom-heavy staying power to the diminutive console," iFixit's Miroslav Djuric said in an email.

Other interesting tid-bits include a removable fan, a heatsink soldered straight onto the board and a lone IC, a Broadcom BCM20730 Bluetooth 3.0 transceiver is charged with running the entire controller.

Head on over to iFixit for full details of the teardown and the full gallery of gory images.

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  • Prophes0r
    "For one, the console is intentionally weights, something you don't usually see with small, compact devices."
    Come again? Is your Editor on vacation?
  • Other Comments
  • nevilence
    This mini console looks promising, I cant wait to take a look when it comes out.
  • internetlad
    having to add metal weights to a device to increase the weight seems shifty to me. The majority of times I've seen it done it's on cutrate Chinese knockoffs.
  • edgewood112358
    I thought they had the processor in that thing clocked at something like 1.7GHz, not 1GHz... typo?