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Best VPN deals in July 2022

VPN deals
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If you're looking for the best VPN on a budget, you've got plenty of options. In fact, right now we're seeing huge savings on some excellent VPN deals from tons of providers.

Right now, if you sign up to Surfshark's already incredibly cheap 2-year plan (opens in new tab), and you'll get an extra 2 months free, plus free Surfshark One Antivirus. You'll only find that deal through the links on this page, and at $2.30 a month, it's a steal.

NordVPN has recently launched an excellent VPN deal as well, knocking 60% off its 2-year plan, bringing the price down to just $3.29 a month (opens in new tab)

Atlas VPN has also cropped up with a tasty deal, throwing in 2 months free on its 2-year plan – that works out at just $2.05 a month (opens in new tab), which is great value.

The freshest VPN deal that's on offer, though, comes from, and it's perfect for those looking for flexibility. If you sign up for the 30-day plan, you'll get an extra month thrown in – resulting in an excellent monthly VPN price of just $9.95 for 2 months (opens in new tab)

Finally, our favorite service ExpressVPN – well-known for never running any kind of VPN deals at all – has partnered with leading cloud backup provider Backblaze (opens in new tab) to offer a year free to new subscribers. This deal is exclusive to Tom's Guide (opens in new tab), and can also be redeemed alongside the regular three months free deal usually offered.

So, whether you're using a VPN to maintain your online privacy, as an added means of security for work, or simply unblocking US Netflix when you're abroad, here we'll round up the very best VPN deals you can get right now to help you make the most of your money.

Top VPN deals at a glance

Top VPN deals today

Surfshark | 2 years + 2 months extra + FREE antivirus | $2.30/mo | 82% off (opens in new tab)
Surfshark is always great value, but this exclusive deal for Tom's Guide readers is unbeatable. right now you can claim an extra 2 months FREE, as well as Surfshark One Antivirus thrown in for good measure, making this bargain VPN, well, even more of a bargain. This is a limited-time offer, and definitely worth picking up.

NordVPN | 2 years | $3.29/month | Save 60% (opens in new tab)
(opens in new tab)
NordVPN is a properly premium product, but right now it's remarkably affordable. At just $3.29 a month, it's a great value for the package you're getting – but be aware that after the 10-hour timer runs down on the site, you'll end up paying more. | 1 month + 1 month FREE | $9.95 (opens in new tab)
(opens in new tab) is a slightly lesser-known provider compared to the big dogs above, but it's a powerful service that scored an impressive 4/5 in our testing. Great for those who like to stay flexible, this current deal offers 2 months for the price of one – just $9.95 all-in.

Atlas VPN | 2 years + 2 months FREE | $2.05/mo (opens in new tab)
(opens in new tab)
Well-known as a free provider, the NordVPN-owned Atlas VPN is a real up-and-comer. With great streaming performance and top privacy credentials, it's a fine choice if you're after a cheap provider that can deliver the goods – all for just $2.05 a month.

Private Internet Access | 2 years + 2 months FREE | $2.13/mo | 82% off (opens in new tab)
Private Internet Access is a well-respected VPN with some nifty features like a kill switch, split tunneling, and even port forwarding. However, the price is the biggest draw right now, and at just $2.13 a month, it's an absolute steal.

Featured deal

PureVPN | 2 years | $1.69/mo with code TECH15 | 85% off (opens in new tab)
If you're after VPN cover for as little as possible, this unbelievable VPN deal from PureVPN (opens in new tab) is perfect. It's verified zero-logging, useful for accessing US Netflix, and has apps for tons of devices. We don't rate it quite as highly as many of the other services on this page, but at just $1.69 a month, you can't go wrong.

CyberGhost | 3 years + 3 months FREE | $2.29/mo | 82% off (opens in new tab)
If you don't mind signing up for three years at a time, this CyberGhost (opens in new tab) deal is offering incredible savings on a great streaming-focused VPN. What's more, this appears to be a semi-permanent pricing change, so this $2.29/mo price could be around for the long run.

Hotspot Shield | 3 years | $2.49/mo | 75% off | EXCLUSIVE (opens in new tab)
Speedy provider Hotspot Shield performed well in our last round of testing, and what's more, the provider's just launched an exclusive deal for Tom's Guide readers. Bag three years of Hotspot Shield for just $2.49/pm, with no renewal hikes plus a 45-day money-back guarantee.

StrongVPN| 1 year | $3.66/mo | FREE cloud storage (opens in new tab)
A contender for 'most improved', StrongVPN is an excellent choice no matter the price – but this deal is great. At just $3.66 a month on a 1-year plan it's not a huge commitment, and you'll also get 250GB of FREE SugarSync cloud storage thrown in.

IPVanish | 1 year | from $3.99/mo
(opens in new tab)
This deal from IPVanish (opens in new tab) isn't worth missing out on. At just $3.99 a month on the 1-year plan it's good value – and in our testing IPVanish was a very fast provider, delivering speeds of up to 800Mbps. At this price, it's well worth checking out.

ExpressVPN | 12 months + 3 FREE | $6.67/mo | 49% off | FREE cloud backup (opens in new tab)
Well, well, well – look at this. Alongside its perennial 12 months + 3 free deal, our top-rated provider ExpressVPN has partnered with leading cloud backup provider Backblaze to deliver a free 1-year plan for those seeking both online privacy and a secure repository for their files.

Best business VPN deals

Perimeter 81 | 12 months | $8/month | 20% off (opens in new tab)
Perimeter 81 (opens in new tab) is the best business VPN (opens in new tab) you can buy. There are three plans to pick from to suit the number of users you have, starting from only $8 per team member per month. And, whatever tier you go for, you can expect great customer support alongside excellent business-focused functionality.

NordLayer | 12 months | $7/month | 22% off (opens in new tab)
Not only a great consumer VPN, Nord also provides NordLayer, its business VPN. The basic plan is great value at just $7/mo per person, although that does go up to $9/mo if you want a dedicated server with a fixed IP (which you probably do). Enterprise customers are served on a quote basis.

The best of the rest

TunnelBear | 3 years | $3.33/mo. | 50% off (opens in new tab)
TunnelBear (opens in new tab) is one of the most user-friendly VPN services, and it's known for its money-saving VPN deals. Currently, if you sign up for a 3-year plan, you'll pay just $3.33 a month, which works out at a cracking 50% off.

Norton Secure VPN | 1 year | $3.33/mo | $50 off (opens in new tab)
Norton's VPN service, provided by its subsidiary SurfEasy, was already one of the best bargains among consumer VPN services. This bargain VPN deal takes $50 off a one-year plan for five devices. 

VPN deals – how to pick the right one

Short for virtual private network, a VPN is an app that masks your location, identity, and IP address while surfing the Internet. Although VPN deals vary wildly, practically every provider offers VPN deals that help lower the price of a VPN subscription. 

There are dozens of VPN deals to pick from on any given day, but if you're unsure which one is right for you, the best thing to do is find out what you want your VPN for. Then, pick the VPN service that best fulfils that need. 

If you want basic protection while online, our list of the best cheap VPN services should help. Likewise, if you want a client to get access to Netflix content from around the world, our guide to the best Netflix VPN should do the trick. 

When shopping for VPN deals, remember that the savings are typically greater when you sign up for a year or more of service. Also, remember to verify how many devices your subscription covers. Some VPN deals will let you protect five or even more devices, so it's worth making sure to choose a provider that delivers the amount you need.

What's the best value VPN deal right now? | 1 month + 1 month FREE | $9.95 (opens in new tab)
(opens in new tab) is a slightly lesser-known provider compared to the big dogs above, but it's a powerful service that scored an impressive 4/5 in our testing. Great for those who like to stay flexible, this current deal offers 2 months for the price of one – just $9.95 all-in.

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    Thanks for the updated deals. You've nearly covered all the big players in the industry but missed out on one of the providers. Ivacy is has this easter deal going where you get to save 75% on a 2-year plan with free 2 TB cloud storage. And you'll be charged $2.45/ month. I think it would be a valuable addition to the list as no other player in the market is offering free cloud storage.