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10 Real 3D Printing Projects


It always stinks when you find a piece of clothing you like and yet it just doesn’t fit you quite right. The waist is saggy or the shoulders too tight. Continuum Fashion has created the N12, a printed, ready-to-wear bikini. The “N” stands for the type of nylon used. With it, Continuum creates a structure of fabric consisting of thousands of tiny circular plates connected by thin strings. The circle size depends on the specific curvature of the person buying the garment and thus customizes the fit.

While the material certainly makes its own statement (like, “Let’s wear Altoids while swimming!”), the longer term implications here are clear: With your measurements in hand (no lying!) you could print off clothing that fits exactly the way you want it to. No more annoying and inconsistent sizes from brand to brand. You just hand the sales associate a file with your sizes and they print off the bikini or dress you want.

If (and when) 3D printers migrate to personal use, you could go shopping from the confines of your living room.