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DirecTV Now Offering HBO for Free (With a Catch)

Looking for a subscription to HBO before Game of Thrones comes back on the air? AT&T is giving a year of free HBO to new subscribers to its DirecTV Now streaming service. That is, if you get the right plan.

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The promotion, which ends on March 30, applies only to the $60-per-month Go Big package (100 channels) and the $70-per-month Gotta Have It plan (120 channels). New subscribers to either plan can get access to HBO for free for a year.

But the deal is only worth it if you want all of the channels in those two packages (you can compare channels in the packages here). If you don't need all of the channels, the $35, 60-channel "Live a Little" package and the $50 "Just Right" package with 80 channel package can both be upgraded to add HBO for an additional $5 per month, which is cheaper than the bigger packages, especially because the promotion only lasts a year.

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In an additional promotion, AT&T is offering a free Apple TV to those who pre-pay for three months of DirecTV Now. That deal also expires at the end of the month.

In our review, we found DirecTV Now to have a wide variety of channels, but it's a buggy mess that does everything else worse than its competitors.

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