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Best Sling TV deals in May 2020

Sling TV deals

Sling TV deals have made it easier than ever to ditch cable TV. And while it's relatively easy to score a free 7-day trial, the company is also known for offering some pretty great Sling TV deals. 

One of the best Sling TV deals you can get right now takes $10 off your first month of Sling TV service. After discount, you'll pay $20 for your first month of Sling Orange or Sling Blue. (Subsequent months are $30/month). If you choose Sling Orange + Blue, you'll pay just $35 for your first month. (Subsequent months are $45/month). 

Sling TV deal: $10 off your first month
For a limited time, Sling TV is taking $10 off your first month of service. (The discount applies to all three of its packages). After discount, you'll pay $20 for your first month of Sling Orange or $20 for your first month of Sling Blue. (Subsequent months are $30/month). Alternatively, you'll pay $35 for your first month of Sling Orange + Blue. (Subsequent months are $45/month). It's one of the best Sling TV deals you'll find. View Deal

Sling TV Premium Pass: free 30-day trial @ Sling TV
New customers who sign up for any Sling TV plan will get a free month of Sling TV Premium Pass. Premium Pass gives you access to Epix, Starz, and Showtime. After 30 days you can keep the channels (for an additional $24/month) or cancel and stick with your regular Sling TV plan. View Deal

Sling TV: Sling Free
Sling Free lets you watch thousands of TV shows and movies for free — truly, completely, absolutely free. You don't even need to enter an email address or credit card information. And you can watch Sling Free as much and often as you want.View Deal

Sling TV is Dish Network's a la carte streaming service. The service lets you choose between two core packages — Sling Orange or Sling Blue — or a combination of both packages.

Sling Orange is a single-stream plan that offers about 30 channels for $30/month. Meanwhile, Sling Blue is a multi-stream service (up to three users can stream simultaneously) that offers about 45 channels for $30/month. Sling Orange + Blue gives you the best of both packages. 

Sling TV also offers add-on packages that range from $5 per month to $15 per month. These add-ons include everything from sports channels to Showtime and Starz.

For an in-depth look at Sling TV, make sure to check out our full Sling TV review.