About Us

Our Mission

Tom's Guide upgrades your life by helping you decide what tech to buy, showing you how to get the most out of it and solving problems as they arise. Tom's Guide is here to help you...

Accomplish your goals

Our primary ambition is to help you leverage technology to achieve your ultimate goal, whether it’s getting in shape, protecting your kids, being more productive or just having fun.

Find great products without the hassle

We spend more than 4,000 hours a year researching, testing and reviewing new products to provide recommendations we’re willing to stake our reputation on.

Make purchases with confidence

We’ll keep you informed by telling you what owners are saying, helping you get the best deal and warning you if a better product is on the horizon.

Discover things others don’t want you to know

From testing tech support undercover to understanding how buying your own cable modem can free you from recurring fees, our reporting uncovers truths that make life easier.

Save time when problems arise

When our personal tech confuses or annoys us, we solve problems with helpful tutorials and a community of experts in our forums willing to offer their knowledge.

How We Test and Rate Products

At Tom's Guide and sister site Laptop Mag, our mission is to help you decide which technology products serve you best and to help you make the most of them so you can accomplish your goals.

To help make complex tech-buying decisions easier for our readers, we test and review hundreds of different gadgets, software and services each year, ranging from smartphoneslaptops and wearables to TVsaudio and antivirus suites. Here's how we rate products.

How We Test

Our editorial team rates products with two questions in mind: Is this a good choice for readers, and if so, who should buy it? We'll tell you whether an alternative is better or worse, and in what ways. We also find out what owners of these products are saying, such as by analyzing user reviews, to further inform your next purchase.

Our reviewers spend quality time using each product to determine how well it works for its target market. We'll go jogging with a fitness tracker, play the latest titles on a gaming keyboard or browse the web with several tabs open on a Chromebook.

We also run a bevy of benchmarks and real-world tests, many of which we've developed in-house. For instance, our smartphonetablet and laptop battery test surfs the web over 4G or Wi-Fi, just as you would if you were using these devices at home.

What Our Ratings Mean

On Tom's Guide, all products are rated on a scale of 1 to 10, where higher is better. Products may also receive an Editors’ Choice award, which marks them as best-in-class. The ratings are as follows; anything rated 4 or below is not recommended:

10 = Practically perfect
9 =  Superior
8 = Totally worth it
7 = Very good
6 = Worth considering
5 = Meh
4 = Not worth the money
3 = Buy for an enemy
2 = Fails horribly
1 = Laughably bad

Laptop Mag uses the same rating system, but on a scale of 1 to 5 with half points possible. A product rating of 3.5 stars on Laptop would be equivalent to a 7 on Tom's Guide.

Best Picks and Use-Case Recommendations

Our Best Picks lists don't just name our top overall picks, but also make specific, tailored recommendations for different scenarios. For example, we pick TVs in different sizes and price ranges, and look at drones both for beginners and fliers who want high-quality aerial photography. Ultimately, we judge products based on what they're trying to accomplish as well as how well they reach their target audience, thus giving shoppers a complete picture of not only whether a product is good or great but whether it's good or great for them.

Independent Editorial

No outside party determines what products we review or the content of our reviews. Tom's Guide and Laptop accept advertising and enable visitors to purchase the items we evaluate through the use of buy buttons. However, these revenue relationships are handled by the Purch ad-sales and e-commerce teams, and neither they nor advertisers are permitted to influence our coverage.

We accept several forms of advertising, including occasional sponsored content (aka "native advertising"). Paid placements are clearly identified so that our readers can easily tell the difference between a paid promotion and our objective advice.

Who We Are

We’re a team of writers, editors and technology experts that pride ourselves on making your life easier. We love tech, and we’ll recommend the best products for your lifestyle and budget, and cover the most important issues and events that impact you.

Mark Spoonauer, Editor-in-Chief @mspoonauer

Having been obsessed with tech since the original PalmPilot, Mark Spoonauer is responsible for the editorial direction of Tom's Guide and has covered technology for more than 15 years. Mark became editor-in-chief in 2013 and, since then, has expanded the site's consumer electronics and software reviews and analysis. He speaks at key tech industry events and makes regular media appearances on CNBC, Fox and CNN. Previously, Mark was reviews editor at Mobile Computing, and his work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science and Inc.

Contact Mark: Email - Twitter - Facebook

Avram Piltch, Online Editorial Director @geekinchief

Arguably the geekiest member of the staff, Avram guides editorial and production. When he's not working, you'll find him writing code or building robots for fun. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of our real-world benchmarks, including the Laptop Mag Battery Test and Spreadsheet Productivity Test. He holds a master's degree in English from New York University.

Contact Avram: Email - Twitter - Facebook

Mike Prospero, Senior Reviews Editor @mikeprospero

Mike Prospero oversees wearablesfitness gadgetscamerassmart home devicesdrones and TVs for Tom's Guide. An avid runner, skier and foodie, he's always looking for the latest gadget that intersects with his hobbies. After receiving his Master of Science in journalism from Columbia University in 2003, Mike worked at Fast Company. Prior to that, he worked at The Times of Trenton and George magazine.

Contact Mike: Email - Twitter

Paul Wagenseil, Senior Editor @snd_wagenseil

Paul Wagenseil heads securitynetworking and gaming coverage for Tom's Guide. He's been immersed in the tech world since Nintendo 64 was released, and has worked at FoxNews.com and other sites. Paul has also been a marketing production assistant, a warehouse manager, a broadcast monitor, a car deliveryman, a bartender, a fry cook and a dishwasher.

Contact Paul: Email - Twitter

Philip Michaels, Senior Editor @PhilipMichaels

Based a stone’s throw from Silicon Valley, Philip Michaels manages smartphonewireless carrier and mobile coverage for Tom’s Guide, which he joined in 2015. Prior to that, Philip spent 14 years covering Apple’s every move for Macworld. He has also worked at Investor’s Business Daily and several local newspapers during a journalism career that’s now into its third decade.

Contact Philip:Email - Twitter

Mike Andronico, Senior Editor @MikeAndronico

Mike Andronico is a senior editor at Tom's Guide, where he leads the morning news cycle and heads gaming hardware coverage, including desktop computersperipherals and monitors. When he's not buried in rigs and headsets, he’s usually playing Street Fighter, devouring Twitch streams and trying to convince people that Hawkeye is the best Avenger.

Contact Mike: Email - Twitter

Sherri L. Smith, Editor @misssmith11

Sherri L. Smith is just a real-life girl living in a virtual world. As an editor at Tom's Guide, you’ll find her exploring augmented reality, playing the hottest games or testing the newest headphones. When Sherri’s not busy reviewing gadgets, she's espousing the joys of tech on CNN, Fox News and Cheddar, or moderating a panel. In her downtime, you can find her at home, cooking with the latest kitchen tech, or out on the town, looking for a few good scotches.

Contact Sherri: Email - Twitter - Instagram - PSN - Xbox

Matthew Murray Managing Editor, Purch Labs

Matthew Murray has been building and working with computers for more than 30 years, and still takes great pride in having written his seventh-grade book report entirely in Integer BASIC. Currently heading up testing for Purch from its Ogden, Utah, office, Matthew has been in tech journalism since 2006, and has written for publications including PCMag.com, ExtremeTech.com, and Computer Shopper. In addition, he has edited multiple magazines and books, and from 2001 to 2017 was the chief New York theater critic for TalkinBroadway.com.

Marshall Honorof, Editor @marshallhonorof

Marshall Honorof is an editor for Tom's Guide, covering all sorts of gaming hardware, including gaming mice, keyboardsheadsets and more. He also focuses on security and streaming video. After earning a B.A. in Writing Seminars from Johns Hopkins University, Marshall started his journalism career at The Escapist. In his off time, you can find Marshall practicing taekwondo or doing deep dives on classic sci-fi.

Contact Marshall: Email - Twitter

Andrew E. Freedman, Senior Writer @FreedmanAE

Andrew E. Freedman is a senior writer at Tom’s Guide, where he has been reviewing laptops and gaming desktops and keeping up with the latest news in tech and gaming since 2015. He holds a Master of Science in journalism (digital media) from Columbia University. His work has been published in Kotaku, PCMag and Complex, among others. When he’s not writing about tech, you can find him playing video games, checking social media and waiting for the next Marvel movie.

Contact Andrew: Email - Twitter

Caitlin McGarry, Senior Writer @Caitlin_McGarry

Caitlin McGarry is a senior writer at Tom’s Guide, where she covers smartphones, the smart home, and health and fitness technology. Prior to joining Tom’s Guide, she wrote about everything Apple for Macworld and covered small businesses and casinos for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Business Press. You can usually find her running around the sidewalks and parks of Brooklyn, sometimes testing the latest fitness wearable, sometimes just for fun.

Henry T. Casey, Staff Writer @henrytcasey

Henry T. Casey is a staff writer at Tom’s Guide, where he covers Applesecurity, social media and music. He joined Tom's Guide after having written for The Content Strategist, TechRadar and Patek Philippe International Magazine. He divides his free time among podcasting, going to concerts and enjoying the art of the squared circle. Content rules everything around him.

Contact Henry: Email - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - PSN - Snapchat

Jorge Jimenez, Lab Tester/Staff Writer @jorgex

Jorge Jimenez runs the Tom’s Guide Testing Lab in NYC where he puts all the smartphones and laptops we review through their paces. When he’s not trying to break review products, you can find Jorge streaming games he’s bad at or binge-watching an irresponsible amount of Law & Order: SVU.

Adam Ismail, Staff Writer @AdamIsmail

Adam Ismail is a staff writer at Tom’s Guide, where he covers smartphones and wireless carriers. His love for all things mobile began with the original Motorola Droid; since then he’s owned a variety of Android and iOS-powered handsets, refusing to stay loyal to one platform. Before joining Tom’s Guide, he wrote for Digital Trends and designed and edited sports pages for The Star-Ledger. When he’s not fiddling with the latest devices, he’s at a Yankees game, driving too fast, or playing Sega Dreamcast.