Smartphones with the Longest Battery Life

There's long-lasting phones, and then there's the ZenFone 3 Zoom. The Asus phone may boast dual rear cameras with an optical zoom, but its true standout feature is its long-lasting battery life. Put simply, the ZenFone 3 Zoom is the longest-lasting smartphone we've ever tested.

ZenFone 3 Zoom (Credit: Tom's Guide)ZenFone 3 Zoom (Credit: Tom's Guide)

Smartphones With the Longest Battery Life (Hours:Minutes)

  1. ZenFone 3 Zoom: 16:46
  2. Cat S41: 15:19
  3. Moto E4 Plus: 14:48
  4. Huawei Mate 10 Pro: 14:39
  5. LG X Power: 12:58
  6. BlackBerry KeyOne: 12:47
  7. Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra: 12:46
  8. Cat S60: 12:42
  9. Google Pixel 2 XL: 12:09
  10. ZTE Blade V8 Pro: 12:08
  11. Sony Xperia X Performance: 12:01
  12. ZTE Max XL: 11:53
  13. Moto G5S Plus: 11:50
  14. Sony Xperia XZ2: 11:47
  15. BlackBerry Motion 11:44
  16. Moto G5 Plus: 11:43
  17. Moto X4 Android One: 11:41
  18. Asus ZenFone Max Plus: 11:25
  19. ZTE Blade Z Max: 11:23
  20. iPhone 8 Plus: 11:16
  21. LG X Venture (tie): 11:12
  22. Honor View 10 (tie): 11:12
  23. Galaxy Note 8 (tie): 11:11
  24. Google Pixel XL (tie): 11:11
  25. Google Pixel 2: 11:07

The runner-up, the durable Cat S41, was almost 90 minutes behind the ZenFone 3 Zoom in our testing, but it's still the only other phone we've tested recently to last longer than 15 hours on a charge. (Another phone, the ZenFone 4 Max, matched the Cat S41's time of 15:19, but this phone with a 5,000 mAh battery no longer seems to be available as Asus paves the way for its ZenFone 5 releases this year.)

Motorola makes a very strong showing on this list, too. The affordable Moto E4 Plus lasted 14 hours, 48 minutes on our battery test. While that's nearly two hours short of the ZenFone 3 Zoom's result, it's still impressive for a phone you can buy for less than $200.

Our list of the top 25 longest-lasting phones include devices that held out 11 hours or more when we test their battery by having them surf continuously over LTE until they run out of juice. You'll find everything from budget phones like the Moto G5 Plus to flagship devices from Apple (the iPhone 8 Plus), Samsung (Galaxy Note 8), Google (both Pixel phones), and the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

Missing from that list is are Samsung's new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, but only just barely. The bigger of Samsung's two new phones lasted 10:59 on our battery test — a minute shy of the 11-hour mark, but well ahead of the 9:50 average for smartphones. Curiously, last year's Galaxy S8+ outlasted its predecessor by 5 minutes, even though both phones have a 3,500 mAh battery. The S9 performed similarly, lasting 10:52; that's more than 20 minutes longer than the S8.

When testing phones, we set each phone's display to 150 nits to normalize for brightness and make sure each handset is receiving at least three bars of service.

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These days, battery life is more important than ever, thanks to the big screens, superfast processors and demanding apps we find on the latest phones. After all, what good is that advanced camera or high-resolution display if your handset is dead before the sun goes down? Here's a closer look at the phones that make the grade when it comes to all-day battery life.

You'll never have to sweat making it from sunrise to sundown with the latest ZenFone from Asus. The ZenFone 3 Zoom features a massive 5,000 mAh battery, and while its Snapdragon 625 processor isn't the fastest CPU available, it does a pretty good job managing power consumption. That means you're unlikely to run out of juice capturing photos with the ZenFone's dual rear cameras or its 13-MP selfie cam. You can also use your ZenFone 3 Zoom as a portable power pack, charging other devices via a reverse charging feature.

Battery life is the standout feature on this ZenFone, where the gigantic 5,000 mAh power pack inside the ZenFone 4 Max helped that device last more than 15 hours on our battery test. While impressive, the battery life is about all this phone has going for it, other than a sub-$200 price tag. The software is clunky, the display doesn't impress and the phone's overall design feels pretty bland. Still, if you want all-day battery life in a low-cost phone and don't mind those compromises, the ZenFone 4 Max is worth a look.

If you're impressed by the durability and longevity of the Cat S60 but put off by its $600-plus price tag, consider the Cat S41. The more affordable phone can also stand up to the punishment of job sites and the great outdoors, but it's the 5,000 mAh battery that really impresses. Not only does the Cat S41 match the ZenFone 4 Max with the second-best result on ou battery test, but you can also turn the S41 into an external power pack that boosts the battery of other devices. We wish the camera on the S41 performed better, but if you need a phone that doesn't require a charge to get you through the day, Cat's latest smartphone is tough to beat.

What a difference a 5,000 mAh can make. Moto's E4 fell short as a good budget option, due to disappointing battery life. For the E4 Plus, Motorola went with a larger battery and reaped serious rewards on our battery test, lasting nearly 15 hours. For a phone that will cost you less than $200, that's an impressive result, especially since the display and rear camera on the E4 Plus are pretty solid, too.

Among high-end flagship phones, it's hard to top Huawei's Mate 10 Pro and its 4,000 mAh battery. The 6-inch phone lasted more than 14-and-a-half-hours on our battery test, besting the similarly-sized Pixel 2 XL by more than 2 hours. It lasted nearly four hours longer than Apple's iPhone X. You'll also appreciate the reverse-charging mode on the Mate 10 Pro, which lets you power up other devices from your smartphone. Another Huawei phone we tested, the P20 Pro, lasts nearly as long at 14:13, but since that phone isn't available in the U.S., we're not including it in our Top 25.

During standby, the LG X Power barely touches any battery life, ensuring you'll always have juice when you need it. In regular use, this phone has enough life that many people won't even have to charge it everyday. While its display, design and especially cameras are pretty lackluster, with a price that can get as low as $100 after deals and rebates, the X power is a steal for people looking for strong battery life. Note that LG just previewed a follow-up version, the LG X power 2, which boasts a 4500 mAh battery to the 4100 mAh power pack in this phone. The new version should arrive later this year.   

The keyboard on this TCL-built BlackBerry phone may be its centerpiece feature, but don't sleep on the phone's battery life. We managed to squeeze out a little less than 13 hours from this phone, thanks to its 3505 mAh battery — the largest to ever go inside a BlackBerry device. And when you do run out of juice, the KeyOne supports Quick Charge 3.0, which gets you a 50 percent charge after half-an-hour. A Boost mode even maximizes charging efficiency.  

The battery life on this blocky 6-inch phone is one of the most noteworthy things about Sony's otherwise bland midrange offering. The Xperia XA2 Ultra lasted nearly 13 hours on our battery test, thanks to a 3,580 mAh battery. We just wish the phone could charge faster. After draining the battery and plugging in the Xperia XA2 Ultra, we only recorded a 19 percent charge after 15 minutes; after an hour of charging, the battery was only up to 56 percent.

Talk about a phone that can take a licking and keep on ticking. Cat has built an extremely durable phone with the S60, which survived multiple 6-foot drops and a 30-minute swim in 6 feet of water. And while it took all that punishment, the S60’s battery never flagged, lasting 12 hours, 42 minutes in our battery test. You may not need the phone’s built-in thermal imaging feature, in which case the longer-lasting S41 may better serve your needs.

Looking for a long-lasting flagship phone? Forget about the latest from Apple and Samsung, and try Google's new 6-inch phone instead. The Pixel 2 XL lasted more than 12 hours on our battery test. And when you run out of juice, fast charging should give you 7 hours of battery life just 15 minutes after plugging in. We only wish the Pixel 2 XL supported wireless charging like the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung's latest phones do.

ZTE didn't cut back on features with its $229 Blade V8 Pro, and that includes the unlocked phone's battery life. Lasting more than 12 hours on our tests, the Blade V8 Pro will remain charged throughout a full day of use. And you're getting more than just a long-lasting phone with this device. ZTE also added other premium features like a fingerprint sensor and dual rear-cameras, making this an attractive budget option for people who still want their phones to pack in a lot of capabilities.

Sony isn’t kidding about the “Performance” in this aging phone’s name. Even though faster phones have come along since the Xperia X Performance debuted, its quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor still impresses. That standout performance doesn’t come at the cost of battery life, as this variant of the Xperia X lasted a little more than 12 hours on our battery test, with the help of built-in smart-battery technology. Note that more recent Sony phones are also on the list, and that the already-announced Xperia XZ2 Premium will offer a 3,540 mAh battery when it ships this summer.

Battery life is one area where this budget phone from ZTE doesn't compromise. Thanks to its 3,990 mAh battery, the ZTE Max XL held out for nearly 12 hours on our battery test. You'll also get a big, bright 6-inch screen on the ZTE Max XL with full HD resolution. You can only get the phone through Sprint or one of its prepaid subsidiaries, but if you go that latter route, the ZTE Max XL is available for $99.

The Moto G5S Plus has a few differences from the Moto G5 Plus, notably a bigger screen and dual rear cameras. Battery life isn't one of those differences, though. The G5S Plus has the same 3,000 mAh battery as its sibling, and their results on our battery test are practically the same, with the G5S Plus managing to squeeze out an extra 7 minutes. An included TurboCharger lets you quickly power up the G5S Plus just like you can with the less-expensive G5 Plus.

Sony's phones have a habit of landing on our longest-lasting list, and its new flagship — the Xperia XZ2 — is no exception. Lasting nearly 12 hours on our battery test, it beat flagships from Samsung and Apple; only the Mate 10 Pro and Pixel 2 XL fare better among high-end phones. Two additional features on the XZ2 — Qnovo Adaptive Charging and Battery Care — figure to keep the Xperia's battery in top shape as the phone ages. Qnovo modulates charging based on the battery's health, while Battery Care learns your charging habits to reduce stress on the battery.

If you like the security and productivity-focused nature of BlackBerry's devices but don't necessarily need the KeyOne's physical keyboard, the Motion is a fine alternative. It's also a historic device for BlackBerry: The Motion is the company's first water-resistant smartphone, rated at the IP67 level, and claims the largest battery BlackBerry has ever crammed into one of its devices, at 4,000 mAh. The latter helped the phone along to an impressive 11 hours and 44 minutes in our battery test using T-Mobile's network.

Speaking of the Moto G5 Plus, it remains a shining example of how battery life shouldn't be something you have to compromise on if you want to save money on a smartphone. The G5 Plus ($229 for the 32GB model, $299 if you double the storage to 64GB) lasts more than 11 hours on a single charge even with its low price tag. Thanks to TurboCharge, you can add up to 6 hours of battery life after just 15 minutes of charging. The Moto G5 Plus also boasts a bright, colorful screen, a solid camera and the latest version of Android Nougat.

If you're looking for a reason to jump on Google's Project Fi wireless service, maybe the long battery life of the Moto X4 Android One will convince you. This is a special variation of the midrange Moto X4 for Google's wireless service, and it lasted for 11:41 of continuous web surfing on the Project Fi network (which cobbles together T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular). The X4 Android One is the least expensive phone to work on Project Fi, giving you another reason to consider this phone.

On its own, an 11:25 result on our battery test would be a pretty impressive result. But the ZenFone Max Plus is made by Asus, which also produces other longer-lasting devices that have other things going for them, like the dual rear cameras on the ZenFone 3 Zoom. In the case of the Max Plus, battery life is pretty much all this phone has going for it. You do get a reverse-charging mode to share some battery with other devices, and the phone's  Double Battery Lifespan aims to keep battery life from degrading rapidly over time.

Add another phone to the ranks of devices that can give you all-day battery life without costing you an arm and a leg. ZTE's Blade Z Max is a MetroPCS-exclusive that will only set you back less than $100 if you pick up the phone directly from MetroPCS. But you'll get more than 11 hours of battery life from this phone, which outlasted flagship devices from both Google and Samsung in our testing. The budget-minded Blade Z Max offers other premium features like dual rear cameras as well.  

Apple's new phone replaces the iPhone 7 Plus and improves on its battery test performance by 45 minutes — impressive since little has changed about the battery with the iPhone 8 Plus. Credit the new phone's A11 Bionic processor, which not only boosts the iPhone 8 Plus's performance but also seems to manage power more efficiently. That's not the only interesting thing about the iPhone 8 Plus's battery: the new phone also supports wireless charging, using the Qi standard.

The latest addition to LG's X lineup of phones puts the emphasis on durability, with shock- and water-resistance as well as an easy-to-grip silicone backing. But LG didn't forget about battery life, as the X Venture lasted more than 11 hours on our test. That's not quite the 12:58 that the X Venture's power-preserving sibling, the LG X Power, can endure, but it's still among the longer-lasting smartphones we've tested recently. 

It's not a surprise that the Honor View 10 lands on our list of long-lasting smartphones. The latest device from Huawei's Honor brand does pack a 3,750-mAh battery after all. More impressive than its 11:12 result on our test, though, is how quickly the View 10 fuels up again. Using the included charger, we powered a completely drained View 10 back to 26 percent in 15 minutes; after half-an-hour of charging, the phone had 53 percent of its power back.

After battery problems forced a recall of the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, Samsung shrunk down the battery on this year's Galaxy Note 8. But the 3,300 mAh battery inside the latest Note still gives you plenty of battery life on a single charge, outlasting even the Galaxy S8+ and its larger battery by 7 minutes. You'll also find the Note 8's fast wireless charging feature to come in handy when it's time to recharge your phone.

The Pixel XL may be a year old, but it doesn't disappoint anyone who's come to expect long-lasting battery life from Google's phones. The price on the XL has fallen now that Google is selling more up-to-date versions of its phones. While the Pixel 2 XL lasts longer, you can still be assured of more than 11 hours of battery life if you go for the less expensive XL. Just be aware that Google recently stopped selling its phones from 2016, so Verizon is one of the last places you can pick up this model.

The latest 5-inch Pixel nearly matches the battery life of last year's Pixel XL, falling just 7 minutes short on our test. More impressively, the Pixel 2 outperformed both the Galaxy S8 (10:39) and iPhone 8 (9:54) on our battery test, while also supporting the same fast-charging found in the larger Pixel 2 XL.

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  • Mitch_16
    No mention of any Xiaomi phones, many of which have longer battery life than the ones on this list. Yes, I know they aren't available for LTE in the US but they work well on LTE in other countries, including Canada. Too bad about so many overly US-centric blog posts.
  • maxtram
    How did the Droid Turbo 2 stack up with the battery life test?
  • MingLee617
    Check out Lenovo P2, I used it for a month already, one charge worth 3 days of using
  • jugrajpatrick13
    Can you please test the battery lengths of the Oukitel 10,000 Pro and the Turing Cadenza?
  • MingLee617
    Anonymous said:
    Can you please test the battery lengths of the Oukitel 10,000 Pro and the Turing Cadenza?

    Sorry , I don't have these 2 models available in HK:no:
  • dwissmar
    If you are in Iraq, you make a decision about weight batteries vs ammunition, I have an old Garmin and Canon, they both have to AA's in a zip-lock. I also put a little square of paper in the battery holder so the batteries last longer.
  • wpymes
    I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Global Version with 4G LTE Bands 4 and 20 that packs a SD625 and a 4100 mAh battery. Id say it lasts more than 13 hours of screen on time, and with 4Gb RAM and 64 Gb storage capacity costs around $200. Worth considering!
    Ca S41 Non-removable Li-Ion 5000 mAh battery..isn't that good enough to be included in the list?
  • krishnajeyakumar
    Lenovo p2 will beat all the phone listed above in terms of battery
  • 90skid4lif3
    galaxy note 8 is getting 15+ hours on the Oreo update
  • guitarcook37
    My Samsung galaxy s7 edge battery life was fine for 3 months only while my friend oppo R11 was still running fine after 1 year. It's not accurate to test on brand new battery. Should test them after 6 months or more.
  • screwballlmike
    Something worth noting: I bought the ZTE Blade V8 Pro, and none of the US carriers will activate it. I thought the first was a fluke when all the companies said the IMEI came back as "device not found" (as if it doesn't exist), so I returned the first one. When the second arrived earlier today I contacted the major companies again and they ALL said the IMEI comes back as "device not found" once again... Therefore this phone is not compatible with US arms of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, nor T-Mobile, aka none of the US cell companies (nor 3rd party companies since they use the major companies towers). Why is this one even being sold in the US if it is not compatible with any company?
    I checked the rest of the list and of course, except for 2 of the $600+ models, none of them are Verizon compatible. Just sad.