Best Fitness Trackers 2018

Product Use case Rating
Fitbit Charge 2 Best Fitness Tracker Overall 8
Fitbit Flex 2 Best Cheap Fitness Tracker 8
Nokia Steel Best Fitness Tracker Watch 9
Fitbit Blaze Amazon Best Seller 7
TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music Best Fitness Tracker for Running 8
Garmin Forerunner 25 Best Budget Fitness Tracker for Running 7

Every year, a new crop of more stylish, more powerful and more feature-packed fitness trackers debuts with the promise of helping you live a more active, healthier lifestyle. But are they worth your hard-earned cash? We put every single one to the test, spending hours on the treadmill, running, biking, swimming — even sleeping — and found that the Fitbit Charge 2 ($147) is the best overall choice for the money.

The Charge 2 is comfortable enough to wear all day, has a large screen and an interchangeable strap, continuously tracks your heart rate and automatically monitors your sleep without you having to lift a finger. Note that Fitbit released a firmware update that it says will improve the Charge 2's step-counting accuracy, so make sure yours is running with the latest version.

Those on a budget should consider trackers like the Fitbit Flex 2 ($60), which tracks your steps, sleep, and calories, and can even automatically recognize some types of exercises. We chose this device after evaluating a dozen cheap fitness trackers. The Fitbit Flex 2 lacks a heart rate monitor and a display, but its sleek, versatile design and powerful smartphone app make it perfect for fitness-tracking newbies.

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For not much more money, you can get a tracker that gives you smartphone notifications that appear as text on your device. And if you're willing to spend $200 or more, other fitness trackers have special features such as GPS (great for runners who want to know their pace and distance). We've also evaluated the latest running watches.

To help you select the right fitness trackers for your needs, we’ve evaluated all of the latest models based on design, performance and ease of use. Here are our top picks—both high-end and budget—for each category.

Latest News and Updates (January 2018)

  • Garmin showed off its new fitness-tracking smartwatch, the $450 Forerunner 645 Music, at this year's CES in Las Vegas. The watch is Garmin's first device to include on-board music storage, which makes it easier to leave your phone at home on long runs. The newest Forerunner also has Garmin Pay, Garmin's mobile payment system, so you can buy things directly from your wrist. Garmin is also planning to release a version of the 645 without music for $50 less. Stay tuned for our full review when the Forerunner 645 Music goes on sale later this year.

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How We Test Fitness Trackers

For each new fitness tracker, we evaluate its hardware design and comfort. You need to be able to wear the device all day. We also evaluate the features, including movement detection (such as step counting and sleep monitoring), distance calculations and when applicable, GPS and heart rate accuracy. We test how well a device pairs with its companion app, and evaluate the experience of using the two together.

We also look to see what features the device's app supports, such as coaching and diet tracking, and if it can sync data with third-party apps, such as MyFitnessPal. Lastly, we wear the device for at least a week to test the manufacturer's battery life claims.

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  • yinyang1950
    I was given an UP 2 years ago as a Christmas gift. Started out really liking it until I discovered that it registered movement when I drove my car or rode my motorcycle making it difficult to accurately track my steps. So, stopped using it. I do not see this problem addressed in the reviews. How do these devices handle movement that is not step related?
  • walkabouts3
    Love my Misfit Shine: Waterproof, options for wearing location (I hate things on my wrist), attractive, subtle, syncs well with iPhone. No need to charge (watch battery good for 6 months). Sleep tracker. I've been using one continuously for 2 years.
  • hunyogo
    been using one continuously for 2 years.
  • walkabouts3
    I have been using a Misfit Shine for 2 years and it's fantastic! The magnetic attachment for clothing and optional wrist (or necklace) offer flexibility for wearing. It is waterproof, so I can use it for my daily pool exercise and don't have to worry about being caught in the rain. It is lightweight, attractive, and does not need charging. The app works well. Can't recommend it highly enough. (None of the trackers you mentioned have the combination of attributes that Misfit offers!)
  • Laura_38
    Just FYI, the Moov fitness tracker that you reviewed is not the newest version. I dont believe they even offer that any more. The newest edition is call Moov Now and has many more capabilities than the original Moov
  • code guy
    Anonymous said:
    Fitness tracker bands come in many varieties, but the ‘best’ band is the one that suits your lifestyle. Here are our top picks by category.

    Best Fitness Trackers: Read more

    I watched a special that said the iPhone "health" app, is the most accurate tracker....a little hard to work out with your iPhone while your running.
  • ubercake
    I have a MS Band 2. It's one of few out there that has GPS built into it. You don't need to bring your phone on a run or bike ride. It tracks heart rate. It seems to be very accurate with regard to calorie burn. The MS Health dashboard (browser app) has everything you need with summaries and details of all of your activities. Being able to see all of the stats laid out in front of you and your numbers over time can be very motivating. I'm always trying to beat my fastest time or greatest distance.

    The only things I'd like to see if they ever came out with a Band 3 is the ability to store music on it and Bluetooth to some fitness headphones. Further, I'd like it to be fully water-resistant and incorporate swimming workouts/activities. Also, I've found through almost five months of wearing it, the band holds up well, but the contacts you connect the charger to are prone to corrosion from your sweat. Even if you wipe the thing down or clean it really well where the charging contacts are, it still develops corrosion under the seal by the contacts. This results in the contacts not always matching up with the charger. This became a problem resulting in my returning it. I should have the replacement shortly. But you'd expect something called a 'fitness' band which touts water resistance to be able to deal with sweat five days a week. That issue needs to be corrected for sure. If they make the next device water-proof rather than water-resistant, this will probably be a non-issue.

    I think it's pretty cool device, but they should add the improvements and corrections I've suggested to the next iteration.
  • TesseractOrion
    I agree Ubercake about the MS Band. Another rumour has said they're phasing it out (no Band 3) which I think would be a shame. I like my version 1 a lot, despite the lumpy aesthetics and terrible charging system... but then I'm in a minority with a Windows 10 phone too..
  • Techelle
    I have a FitBit Charge 2 and I love it but the battery life isn't as great as I was hoping it would be.
  • FitnessJunkie
    I have a Fitbit Charge 2 (and used to have a Flex and then a Charge HR) and I love it. It does everything I need very easily: track my steps, my heart rate, and my sleep, and notifies me when I get a call or a text and the battery lasts MUCH longer than my Apple Watch. I also found this company called that makes beautiful accessories - check it out - they have stacking rings and a new frame to make it look more stylish.
  • Cyphus
    I agree Ubercake about the MS Band.