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If you must have… a BlackBerry – AT&T

UPDATED: 23 Tips For Choosing A Carrier

All four carriers have the BlackBerry but there are three exclusives out there. Well, two, with another on the way.

AT&T has the Torch 9800, the most recent from RIM, a slider phone with a large touch screen. Its price has been cut to just $99.99 and occasionally $49.99 in an effort to goose sales.

Verizon has had the BlackBerry Storm 2, RIM's rather limp attempt to respond to the iPhone. The phone was a flop but the successor, Storm 3, is coming later this year and could make up for the previous versions.

T-Mobile has an exclusive on the forthcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900, which was announced in May at BlackBerry World. This will be one of the few phones to run BlackBerry OS 7 and will be much faster than prior generations of phones. No word on who will get the 9930, the other new Bold.

It's more like a four-way tie for last. AT&T has the nicest BlackBerry currently on the market, but Verizon and T-Mobile will gain that advantage later this year.

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