50 Best Amazon Alexa Skills

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Monica Chin & Mike Prospero

Monica Chin is a staff writer for Tom's Guide, covering artificial intelligence and the internet of things. You can usually find her at poetry slams, attempting to exercise, or yelling at people on Twitter. Contact her at mchin@tomsguide.com.

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  • mprospero
  • greg.hattori
    Here is what I'd like to see:
    1) Alexa integrated into telematics of automobiles. Not only controlling car functions (temperature, GPS, emergency, audio/music system, e-mail and text reading, engine warmup/AC cool down, etc.) by voice but accessing home for things like sprinklers, alarm systems, thermostats, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, washing/drying machines.
    2) Direct support for it being a hub like Samsung SmartThings supporting standards like Z-wave and ZigBee. No need for an independent hub device.
    3) Consolidated daily updates on important items drawn from different sources (calendar appointments and important dates, energy usage of home, water usage of home, gas usage of home, gas (or other power source) usage of cars in garage, weather, traffic, customized news (shaved down from flash briefing), etc.
  • claiborneconsultllc
    what smart hub do you recommend for GE appliances ? smart things favors samsung naturally, i couldn't add any other "smart thing" it only connected from all smart tings directly to the schlage smart z wave, alarm deadbolt lock ; and it only keeps its data for 7 days. Any way around that to get longer data ? ( and yes I did buy the Rboy year membership monitor app for smartthings -not much help for finding data)
  • mattcero
    I have Alexa on Ham Radio. I have her listening to the speaker. When someone on the frequency asks "Alexa, what time is it?" or another decent question, she answers and that answer gets sent over her stereo mini cable, through a mixer then out to the voice activate (VOX) transmitter out to whoever is listening on the repeater. I also had her making phone calls via ham radio phone patch this weekend. It's pretty cool and I'm the first to do it. This does not violate FCC violations as it is not "automatic" because a human has to instigate this and control it. View my videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ3jYa7LSQQ&t=5s
    Thanks for reading. Matt / KF4ULD
  • rissa1031
    I love my Alexa!! One of my fav skills is Wine Finder. It gives you wine pairings for basically any food!
  • jstrep
    I am disappointed in the apps music skills -if I enter even a few words in a song google will find it. Alexa can't find the song with the complete title and I hate when I ask to play a title more than once with Amazon music subscription I get a long identifier of song remastered date etc. thought it would be an encyclopedia of information on all subjects definitely not if I hear I don't know that I think she will be sailing toward her last hurrah!