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How to get free Amazon Music on your Echo

How to get free Amazon Music on your Echo

Amazon has launched a free version of its music-streaming service Amazon Music. But there's a catch -- you can only use it through Alexa

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Billboard reported last week that the company was planning to launch the new tier to compete with Spotify, offering to pay some record labels on a per-stream basis.

It's not likely you'll want to use Amazon Music's free tier over Spotify as your default service, given that it offers a very limited supply of music (roughly 2 million songs versus Spotify's estimated 35 million). But if you're interested in trying out Amazon Music to decide if you want to subscribe, here's how to do that. 

1. Open the Alexa app. Select Play.

2. Scroll down to "More Music Streaming Services." Tap "Explore."

3. Go to "Music Settings."

4. Set Default Music Library and Default Station to Amazon Music. Now, whenever you ask for music, you'll get a station or playlist from Amazon.