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Alexa can change the subject when your family fights over Trump this holiday

President Trump
(Image credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Alexa has a number of festive holiday skills, but none as utterly clever (or timely) as a new one designed to eschew impending arguments.

Families in particular are prone to fight during the holidays. Spats about past grievances and lifestyle choices could spark without warning, potentially spoiling a jolly gathering. And if politics happen to come up, well, you'll definitely want an Alexa-enabled smart speaker handy to change the topic from Trump's impeachment. 

All you need to say is, "Alexa, change the subject," and the voice assistant will provide a reprieve from whatever disagreement is dampening spirits. When I tried the skill out in the Tom's Guide office, Alexa suggested my colleagues and I discuss the latest book we've read, tell our favorite dad jokes and, aptly, talk about our favorite tech gadgets.

This might be one of the best Alexa skills ever conceived. While I've found more... resourceful ways to melt familial tensions, I certainly plan to use this skill when my uncle is on his fifth subsequent story about "the good ole days."