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Razer's Mamba HyperFlux Wireless Mouse Needs No Battery

LAS VEGAS — The Razer Mamba HyperFlux is a wireless mouse, but it doesn’t need a battery.

Instead, the gaming mouse comes with a charging mat, the Firefly Hyperflux. The combination will be released in the first quarter of 2018 for $249.99.

How it works

Razer’s HyperFlux technology uses the mouse pad to create a magnetic field that constantly powers the mouse. Unlike competitors, which use their powered mats to charge a mouse battery, Razer has forgone a battery altogether, resulting in an extremely lightweight mouse. It's just 0.2 pounds.

Credit: Andrew E. Freedman/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Andrew E. Freedman/Tom's Guide)

The Firefly Hyperflux is a two-sided charging mouse pad, with both hard and cloth sides for different comfort options. The hard side may be more conducive to fast movements in MOBA-style games such as DOTA 2, while the cloth side can help with aiming in first-person shooters like Overwatch.

If you don’t want to use the Firefly charging pad, or are traveling without it, there’s a 6.9-foot cable in the box so that you can play with the Mamba in wired mode.


I was legitimately surprised by how light the Mamba mouse felt in my hand. On first impressions, it felt even lighter than some wired mice I’ve used in my time. While Razer wasn’t demonstrating it with any games, I got to try both sides of the Firefly mat and found it very easy to change out. My personal preference is the cloth side, but I appreciate having options.

I also appreciated that the mouse holds the tiniest bit of charge before powering off, so if you pick up and move the Mamba on the Firefly, you won’t disconnect in the middle of a tense game.

My only real gripe was that the USB cable that connects the mouse or mouse pad to the computer was tight, making switching to wired mode more difficult than it needed to be.

Tech specs

The Mamba Hyperflux has a 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor. Razer touts its Adaptive Frequency Technology,, which continuously scans the 2.5GHz frequency band to find the most powerful signal so your connection never drops in the middle of your Destiny 2 raid.

The mouse uses Razer’s mechanical switches and has nine programmable buttons. Razer fans won’t be surprised that both the Mamba and the Firefly support Chroma lighting options with 16.8 million colors.

Photos: Andrew E. Freedman/Tom's Guide