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IPCop Linux Firewall

Features - DHCP Server

As mentioned earlier, the DHCP server allows you to assign fixed IP addresses to specific LAN clients. But first check out Figures 23 and 24, which show the left and right sides of its web interface window (we split the screenshot for readability).

Figure 23: DHCP server options (left side)

Figure 24: DHCP server options (right side)

Fixed IPs (also called "reserved") are assigned using the MAC (Media Access Control) address of each client's network adapter. Windows users can just open a command prompt and enter ipconfig /all, or check the Local Area Connection Status window Support tab for the NIC in Win XP.

Once we have the MAC address, we can assign it a permanent IP address in the lower part of the DHCP configuration window. For the sake of simplicity, we'll use (Figure 25).

Figure 25: Assigning a client fixed IP

To help you find the client again later, you can enter additional information describing the client in the field labeled Remark. The fields Next Address, Filename and Root Path are only required for clients that boot from the network. Added clients can be viewed on a list (Figure 26).

Figure 26: Fixed IP lease list