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The iCon an 'iPad-compatible' Bed; Costs $20,000

We know a lot of people think Apple gadgets are overpriced and that this does nothing but attract elitist snobs who have no problem paying exorbitant prices for something they could get elsewhere for a lot less. The same goes for those official Apple accessories. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a no-name iPod case from your local electronics dealer than pay $30 for a pack of 'iPod socks'?

Still, one could argue that $30 for six iPod sleeves is good value. After all, you do get six, right? However, we imagine there's not one person who could justify spending $20,000 on the first first iPad-compatible bed. Aptly named the iCon, Gizmodo reports that this Hollandia bed features an adjustable mattress along with a custom headboard that packs two iPad docks, and a sound system including four speakers and a 250-watt amplifier. It's also available in more than 200 different colours and fabrics so you can match your bed with your décor.

The price for this high-tech bed is steep. Though it's not immediately clear from the Hollandia's website how much they're charging people for the iCon, Giz reports that the bed will set you back a cool $20,000. Hollandia also boasts beds that come with built-in Sony BRAVIA tellies, and even a 'SAFE-T' bed that has a safe built into the bed under the owner's pillow. The SAFE-T bed also costs a pretty penny, ringing in at just over $20,000.

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Source: Gizmodo