The best mattresses for heavy people all have these 3 features in common

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If you have a bigger build, you probably know the experience of sleeping on a bed that doesn't support you. A sinking feeling and a build-up of pressure can lead to aches, pains, and disrupted sleep. Plus size bodies require mattresses that can support their weight comfortably, but what should you be looking for in a mattress for heavy people?

While many of the beds in our best mattress guide can offer supportive sleep for a range of body types, they aren't always suitable for bigger builds. In this guide, we've identified three key features you can find in the top-rated mattresses for heavy people. Plus, we've also outlined why these features are so important for your sleep. 

To help in your quest for a supportive night's sleep, we've rounded up three of our favorite mattresses for heavy people on sale today. Mattresses for bigger bodies are specialist beds which means they tend to be premium buys, but regular mattress sales can help keep costs down. Let's get started. 

What is a mattress for a heavy person?

All mattresses have a weight limit, with mainstream mattresses typically capable of holding around 250lbs per person. Exceeding that weight limit can make the mattress uncomfortable and potentially even painful to sleep on, as your body won't be properly supported. It can also lead to a feeling of 'bottoming out'; when it feels like you might sink straight through the supportive layers to the frame below.

Beyond comfort, regularly exceeding the weight limit can shorten the lifespan of the mattress by causing the interior to collapse. But a mattress for heavy people will be capable of supporting two bigger bodies comfortably for many years, without the sag or sinking sensation of a mainstream mattress. 

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The best mattresses for heavy people share these 3 features

These are the three features we expect to see in every top-rated mattress for heavy people and they're essential to consider when shopping for a new mattress. However, don't forget to factor in your sleep style and budget as well.

1. Higher weight capacity

The weight capacity refers to how much weight a mattress can comfortably support. On a standard mattress, the weight capacity is often up to 250lbs per person. A mattress for heavy people will have an increased weight capacity, typically up to 500lbs per person but potentially even higher.

This higher weight capacity ensures the sleeper won't sink too far into the bed or damage the mattress. Traditional mattresses can often feel too soft for sleepers with bigger builds, creating an uncomfortable 'quicksand' sensation. With an increased weight capacity, the cushioning should contour gently to your body to provide pressure relief without sagging or collapsing.

2. Sturdy edge support

Sit on the side of a mattress lacking edge support and it can feel like you're going to roll right off the bed. Strong edge support provides the perimeter of the mattress with an extra sturdy boost, so the sides don't collapse when you press against them.

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This is particularly useful if you suffer from poor mobility and need a strong base to push against when getting out of the bed in the morning. However, it's also convenient if you like to sit on the bed when getting ready or tying your shoelaces. Robust edges also allow you to use the entire surface of the mattress for sleeping – so you and your partner aren't confined to the center of your best queen mattress.

3. Coils for additional support

Our top-rated mattresses for heavy people are all hybrid builds, combining pressure relieving foams with a sturdy coil layer. Pairing these two materials is important to the overall comfort of the bed. Cushioning comfort foams help reduce pressure build-up where your body presses against the mattress, as well as ensuring even weight distribution. But foam alone is unlikely to provide the dense support that a bigger body needs.

Strong springs offer head-to-toe support, preventing the body from sinking painfully at the hips and lower back. These coils also help keep the lumbar region aligned, for reduced backache in the morning.  

Coils can also be used to increase edge support – the best hybrid mattresses typically have better edge support than the best memory foam mattresses. Strong coils around the edge, combined with foam barriers, can create the supportive sides a good mattress needs. It's an effect that's hard to construct with just foam.

3 top rated mattresses for heavy people

1. The WinkBed Plus mattress: was from $1,349now $1,049 at WinkBed

1. The WinkBed Plus mattress: was from $1,349 now $1,049 at WinkBed
The WinkBed is our favorite mattress for bigger bodies as it provides ample support with a luxurious feel, for all-round comfort. And in the evergreen $300 off sale, the price isn't too bad either. While $1,699 for a queen (was $1,999) is still a premium mattress, it's a competitive cost for a mattress of this quality.

2. Titan Plus mattress: was from $699 now $489.30 at Titan Mattress

2. Titan Plus mattress: was from $699 now $489.30 at Titan Mattress
Heavier sleepers on a budget should consider the Titan Plus, an affordable mattress with a total weight capacity of up to 1000lbs. There's currently 30% off the Titan Plus, reducing a queen to $874.30 (was $1,249). This is a step up from the usual 25% off discount, so shop now for a bigger saving. If you're a hot sleeper, consider upgrading with the GlacioTex cooling cover – a queen with this specialist cover is $979.30.

3. Big Fig mattress:was from $1,499now $999 at Big Fig

3. Big Fig mattress: was from $1,499 now $999 at Big Fig
With a total weight capacity of up to 1,100lbs, the Big Fig mattress offers one of the highest support levels for sleepers with bigger builds. We typically see $300 off the Big Fig mattress, but in this extended 4th of July sale you can save $500 on this American-made mattress. That's a hefty saving, reducing a queen from $1,899 to $1,399, plus you'll get a 20-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial.

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