How to return a mattress bought in this year’s Black Friday sales

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Knowing how to return a mattress bought online (and in store) means you're covered should you change your mind further down the line. After all, you may think you've found your dream bed, but what if it turns out to be more of a nightmare after a few weeks of sleeping on it? Returning a mattress is easy if you do your homework beforehand – and that's where this guide comes in. 

We're fast approaching Black Friday too, the biggest mattress shopping event of the year, which means you'll soon be inundated with dozens of the biggest Black Friday mattress deals and sales all vying for your attention. It's a great time to buy one of this year's very best mattresses at a cheaper price, but knowing how and when you can return them will give you extra peace of mind.

Here we've scoured the returns policies of every major mattress retailer and brand, from Mattress Firm and Walmart to Purple, Saatva, Casper, Nectar Sleep and more. Whatever your reasons for wanting to return your mattress, our comprehensive how-to guide has the information you need.

Not only do we have the lowdown on how to return your mattress to the biggest bed retailers and mattress brands in the US and UK, we have guidance on how to return a vacuum-packed mattress too. Let's get started... 

How to return a mattress in a box

Most of this year's best mattresses in a box are made by major mattress brands such as Casper and Helix and Purple, are delivered to you in a box or bag. These well-known brands and retailers tend to have good return policies and warranties, but make sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions before purchasing as each company has its own individual returns policy.

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However, most mattress returns policies are the same: you must return the mattress in a clean condition within the trial period. Mattress trials (or sleep trials) enable customers to try out their new mattress at home for an allotted time – it could be one month, could be a whole year. The average mattress trial is 100 nights, but brands like Saatva, DreamCloud and Nectar Sleep offer 365-night trials.

Trial periods are important as they enable you to literally sleep on your decision. It’s also important to invest in one of the best mattress protectors you can to keep the bed clean just in case you do need to return it; remember, if the mattress is stained or damaged, you won't be eligible for a return or exchange. 

How to return a vacuum packed mattress

Major mattress brands such as Purple ship their mattresses vacuum-sealed. Unfortunately, once opened and unrolled, vacuum packed mattresses can’t be rolled to their delivery size again. 

However, companies recognise it simply isn’t possible to re-vacuum pack a mattress without special equipment. While they don’t expect their customers to re-vacuum pack their bed, there will be specific conditions that need to be met in order to have a successful return or exchange (which we will outline in this article). 

For example, most vacuum packed mattresses must be clean, undamaged and have the mattress law tag still attached to be returned successfully. 

How to return a mattress to Amazon

Generally, Amazon has a 30-100 day return policy for mattresses, but it depends on different factors. If the mattress is unopened, you can return it within 100 days of purchase. You can arrange a return via the Returns Center (select the 'Heavy-Bulk' option).

If you’ve unboxed it, Amazon allows a refund request up to 30 days from purchase, and you can only return full-size or smaller mattresses to be resold. Larger mattresses can be donated (if undamaged) or disposed of by Amazon. If the mattress is from a third-party seller, there may be a different policies, so check the Warranty and Support section of the mattress listing. 

However, you can’t return the mattress outside the return period or if you damaged it after its arrival. For more information, visit our guide on how to return a mattress to Amazon

How to return a mattress to Mattress Firm

You'll find many of the best hybrid mattresses for all budgets at Mattress Firm, so it pays to know how to return a mattress there. As one of the biggest mattress retailers in the US, Mattress Firm offers their customers a 120-night trial period, which begins on the date of delivery. 

This trial is valid for one exchange and one return per purchase. Returns are not free, with the return delivery fee costing $99.99. If you wish to exchange your mattress there’s also a restocking fee of $99.99 (the price of the original mattress will go towards the new one). 

You can not return or exchange your mattress once the trial period is over, and the retailer is unable to exchange or refund mattresses that are stained, unsanitary, or damaged. Also, do not remove the original law tag from the mattress if you want to return successfully. 

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How to return a mattress to Costco

In the UK, Costco does not provide a trial period, and if you want to return a large item such as a mattress, you need to contact our Member Care team via the chat function on our website or call 0800 0324 324. You can also read Costco’s UK return policy for more details.

In the US, Costco does not provide a trial period and we advise you to read their US return policy. products can be returned to any of our more than 800 Costco warehouses worldwide, but used mattresses that are contaminated are not eligible for haulaway. 

How to return a mattress to Walmart

You'll find plenty of good affordable mattresses for sale at Walmart, and while the retailer offers a 10-year warranty on some of its mattresses, beds sold by third-party marketplace sellers may differ. Walmart recommends using the Marketplace seller page to find out their warranty and mattress return policy. 

Walmart does not provide a sleep trial period, and they advise you to contact their team if you want to return oversized items such as mattresses. They do, however, offer free extended returns over the holidays.  

Mattresses that are unopened may be eligible to return to a store or by mailback. For mattresses that are unboxed, expanded or out of the original packaging, Walmart advises you to contact their customer support team.

How to return a Saatva mattress

If you've found a great Saatva mattress sale and want to know what the returns policy is on these luxury mattresses before you buy, here's the lowdown...

You can return your Saatva mattress within the generous 365-night trial, and Saatva will arrange a pick up and issue a refund for the purchase price to your original payment method. Returns aren’t free; there’s a $99 processing fee. Their Crib Mattress is an exception, though, with a 45-day free return. 

Saatva doesn't resell returned mattresses. Instead, they donate them to veterans' shelters or offer them to employees and associates across their network of more than 150 delivery centres. 

If you want to exchange your Saatva mattress, a $99 processing fee is required for your replacement delivery and mattress pickup. Once your old mattress has been picked up and the new mattress is delivered, the new 365-night trial begins. Even though its unfortunate that Saatva charges a fee, we still feel these mattresses are priced very competitively considering they are handcrafted. For our take on the best Saatva mattress money can buy, read our official Saatva Classic mattress review.

How to return a Nectar mattress

Nectar mattress returns are free, but you must have had your mattress for at least 30 days (this is the minimum recommended time to fully adjust to a new bed) and for no longer than 365 days. We look at this in detail in our Nectar mattress review.

The mattress also must have its fire safety tag intact, be unstained, and show no signs of wear and tear. All of that means the mattress can be donated. In the UK mainland, you must email a clear photograph of the mattress before the 365-night trial ends. The mattress is then picked up by Nectar’s collection partners, who can refuse pickup if they feel the condition of the mattress is unacceptable. 

The exchange policy differs depending on whether you live in the US or UK. The US offers one exchange per purchase, while the UK does not offer exchanges unless the Nectar mattress arrived damaged or defective and needs to be replaced. For the latest Nectar offers, see our round-up of this month's best Nectar mattress deals.

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The DreamCloud mattress returns policy covers you for up to a year (Image credit: Future)

How to return a DreamCloud mattress

Like Nectar’s return policy, Dreamcloud mattress must only be returned at least 30 days after delivery – and no later than 365 nights – but unopened mattresses can be returned earlier (though please keep in mind that mattresses that have been unopened within 90 days of delivery are considered misuse of the product and are ineligible for warranty claims and returns.)

There’s no fee but to be eligible for a return, your mattress must be clean and undamaged and in a condition where it is suitable for donation. Take a look at our guide to this month's best DreamCloud mattress sales and deals for the latest savings, and if you're unsure which DreamCloud to go for, our DreamCloud Mattress review will walk you through our top pick.

How to return a Purple mattress

There are regular Purple mattress sales shaving hundreds off these top-rated memory foam mattresses, so knowing how to return a Purple mattress is a must before you buy You have 100 nights, beginning on your delivery date, to return your Purple mattress. However, you also should have had the mattress for exactly three weeks before you can return it. 

You will need to send a photograph of the mattress to prove that it is in clean, undamaged condition. You are also required to prove that the mattress still has its law tag attached. Once you’ve provided proof, Purple (or its collection partners) will arrange a pick up date to collect the unwanted mattress. 

Only one exchange is permitted per purchase, and the 100-night trial from the delivery date of the original mattress will continue. However, if the time remaining from the original trial is less than 30 days, Purple will allow you to have a new 30-night trial instead. 

How to return a Casper mattress

You can return or exchange your Casper mattress as long as you're not trying to return it before the 30-day adjustment period has ended or after the 100-night trial has ended. Both periods begin the day of delivery, and these terms apply whether you buy in the Casper mattress sale or from another retailer. 

Returns are free and you’ll receive a full refund. Casper will arrange a pickup date to remove your mattress from your home. As the mattresses come in a box, the brand does not require you to fit it back into the original packaging. The company’s team also aims to donate the mattress or recycle it. 

If you're looking for one of the best cooling mattresses from Casper, then check out our Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress review and why we rate it so highly for hot sleepers. 

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