Save $500 on Serta's top cooling mattress with this Labor Day mattress deal

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It's Labor Day and there are plenty of sales on mattresses. One of our top picks comes from Serta where there's up to  $500 off the Arctic mattress with Arctic Foam pillows thrown in for free (in fact, you could save up to $1400 when you purchase a Serta Arctic mattress with certain adjustable bases, with those free pillows). 

Overheating at night is an issue for a lot of people, especially during the warm summer months. Getting a good quality sleep is tricky if you're feeling hot and sweaty. Most of today's best mattresses will have temperature regulation factored into their designs, but there are also options specifically built to keep you cool at night, and the Arctic is an excellent example. 

The Serta Arctic uses something called the 'Reactex System' to deliver a refreshing night's sleep via three layers of specially-engineered heat-absorbing material. It's apparently 15 times cooler than the other mattresses in the brand's range. (This Serta offer is just one of a number of excellent Labor Day sales to shop today – you'll find a section dedicated to cooling options in our general Labor Day mattress sales roundup, if this one doesn't suit.)

That tech doesn't come especially cheap, but with this offer, you can save a significant chunk on the MSRP. As well as those excellent price drops and freebies at Serta, and there are also major discounts on the Macy's Serta selection (in some cases cheaper than Serta direct, although be aware there are different delivery and returns agreements, and that you're not getting those free pillows either). 

The Arctic is the priciest and most specialised option in this brand's range – more basic models start from $404, and some of those have  also had a price drop.

Serta Arctic Mattress: $2999 $2499 at Serta + free  pillows
Specialist cooling mattress

Serta Arctic Mattress: from $2999 $2499 at Serta + free  pillows
Specialist cooling mattress
– The Serta Arctic mattress is designed specifically to keep hot sleepers cool at night. It's available in four variants, including foam-only and hybrid models, and plush or firm options, to suit your specific preferences, but all have a heat-absorbing layer to stop you from heating up and ruining your rest. This luxurious mattress comes with a 120-night home trial, and a 10-year limited warranty.

The Serta Arctic is available in a few different models: the Arctic or the Arctic Premier, both of which are available in foam or hybrid variants. You'll also get cooling foam pillows thrown in for free (usually $299.98 for two). If that's still too pricey, you'll find some alternatives at a range of price points in our best cooling mattress guide.

How does it all work? All models feature a so-called Reactex System, which is made up of three separate layers of cooling tech. Each one works to pull heat from your body and cool you down, even on the hottest nights. The other layers in each model have been designed to sleep cool too, but exactly which materials are included depends on which version you go for.

It's an investment, but if you are constantly battling with feeling too hot to sleep, this could be the solution you've been waiting for, and you have 120 nights to try it out and make sure it works for you. You can upgrade to White Glove Delivery for an extra $150 if you want your new mattress set up for you, with packaging and your old mattress removed at the same time. 

If the Serta Arctic Mattress prices are outside your budget, check out the Cocoon by Sealy Chill mattress. This is a well-rated cooling memory foam mattress that also uses phase change material. It's technologically advanced than the Serta, but you're still getting decent cooling powers, and at a much lower price point – right now it’s on sale with 35% off all sizes, which means prices start at $499 at Cocoon by Sealy.

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