GhostBed mattress sales and deals for May: grab a luxury mattress for up to half price

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If you're looking for information on the latest GhostBed mattress sales, then you've come to the right place. We monitor prices closely all year round; below you'll find information on where to go for the lowest prices, as well as what constitutes a good deal. 

Right now there's up to 50% off the full range, with two free pillows included, whichever mattress you go for. The maximum 50% discount applies only to the GhostBed Luxe, which we rank among the best mattresses for side sleepers. You can get the full low-down in our GhostBed Luxe mattress review, but the medium-plush firmness offers plenty of pressure relief around the shoulders and hips in this position.

GhostBed is one of those brands that runs pretty much the same deal all year round. We're not expecting anything to change for the upcoming Labor Day mattress sales, for instance. But we still think this is good value for what you're getting, and at least this way you don't need to be strategic about when you buy. 

Like all the best mattress brands, GhostBed offers a risk-free trial period that you can use to make sure you've chosen the right model for you. Here, you have 101 nights – if you change your mind during that time, the company will process a return and refund your money. You'll also avail of a 20 to 25-year warranty with every mattress purchase. Scroll down for all the best GhostBed mattress sales happening right now...

GhostBed sales and deals to shop now

GhostBed Luxe mattress sale: $2,495$1,428 + 2 free pillows at GhostBed

GhostBed Luxe mattress sale: was $2,495 now from $1,428 + 2 free pillows at GhostBed
The GhostBed Luxe is a 13" tall luxury foam mattress that's packed with cooling tech, including gel foam, a cool-touch cover and thermo-sensitive foam. In our GhostBed Luxe review, we found this mattress delivered superb cooling and excellent motion isolation. The medium-plush sleep surface means it's a great choice for side sleepers seeking cushioning around their hips and shoulders. The current deal is the same one we see all the time: 50% off and two free pillows. That takes the price of a queen size down to $1,598. 

GhostBed Classic mattress sale: $995 $647 + 2 free pillows at GhostBed

GhostBed Classic mattress sale: was $995 now from $647 + 2 free pillows at GhostBed
The GhostBed Classic is an 11" tall mattress that includes layers of gel memory foam and aerated latex. It's the firmest of this brand's range, rated at 7.5 (out of 10), which means it might be a better choice for back or stomach sleepers, plus anyone who prefers a more supportive sleep feel. It's the cheapest of the brand's mattress lineup, and the current 35% off deal means a queen size is now $842. You'll get two free pillows, worth $190, with your order. 

GhostBed Flex mattress:$1,995 $1,297 + 2 free pillows at GhostBed

GhostBed Flex mattress: was $1,995 now from $1,297 + 2 free pillows at GhostBed
The GhostBed Flex is the cheaper of this brand's two hybrid models, and combines memory foam, latex and individually wrapped coils. It's rated 6.5 on the firmness scale, and GhostBed says it's a good choice for anyone making the switch from a traditional innerspring bed, who wants a little 'sink-in' and body hug feel, but not too much. The evergreen deal knocks 35% off, taking the price of a queen size down to $1,687, plus two cooling pillows.

GhostBed 3D Matrix Hybrid mattress: $3,395 $2,207 + 2 free pillows at GhostBed

GhostBed 3D Matrix Hybrid mattress: was $3,395 now from $2,207 + 2 free pillows at GhostBed
If you want the best GhostBed mattress tech money can buy, go for the 3D Matrix Hybrid. It's the most expensive model in the brand's lineup, with an advanced design that includes latex, coils, foams, and a whole load of cooling features. There's the same cool-touch 'Ghost Ice' cover that you'll find on the Luxe, as well as a gel polymer layer to absorb and dissipate excess body heat. Rated a 4.5 on the firmness scale, this is the ideal choice for side sleepers who love a softer mattress offering deep contouring comfort for the entire body. GhostBed recommends this model to side sleepers who want a soft, bouncy bed. With 35% off, a queen size is $2,597, with two free pillows (note, there's no twin size of this model).

Depending on the GhostBed mattress you pick, your purchase will be covered by a 20-25 year warranty, which is above average, even among the best mattress in a box brands.

Which GhostBed mattress should you buy?

GhostBed offers a number of mattresses, all of which share the same advanced cooling tech, plus features like gel memory foam and 'GhostBounce' layers. They come with a 101-night trial and 20-year warranty too.

If you want a slightly firmer mattress, or just want to save some cash, we'd heartily recommend The GhostBed Classic (from $697 in the sale – no discount code needed). The original of the brand's lineup, it's what cemented it as a quality mattress company, and it's also one of its most versatile mattresses. 

The GhostBed Flex Hybrid (now starting from the discounted price of $1,362) is comparably versatile, and while it's a little more expensive, it's the perfect choice if you much prefer the experience of a sprung bed. It retains all the luxuriance of a memory foam bed, but also provides a bit more spring and bounce.

The GhostBed Luxe (in the sale and priced from $1,198) is where those after a softer mattress should look, though. It's all foam but boasts seven individual layers to keep you cool, support your back, and keep motion transfer to a minimum so you can avoid waking your partner up at night. At 50% off, it's by far the best discount we've ever seen for this popular bed. 

Meanwhile, the flagship GhostBed 3D Matrix (on sale from $2,240) is a little more specialized, combining support and ultimate softness. It's perfect for people dealing with arthritis or any other form of joint pain. Plus, it's designed to keep hot sleepers cool at night.

The best GhostBed mattress prices and discounts

GhostBed discount codes, sales and deals: Image shows the GhostBed Classic mattress on a black bed base

(Image credit: GhostBed)

1. GhostBed Classic mattress deals

The best GhostBed mattress for most sleepers and budgets

Sizes: Twin to Split King | Depth: 11 inches | Turn: No | Filling : Gel memory foam and latex | Firmness: 7.5/10 (medium firm) | Trial: 101 nights | Guarantee: 20 years | RRP: $995 - $2,280

Good cooling performance
Supports all sleep positions
Great value for money
Could be too firm for lighter bodies

If you tend to overheat at night, picking up the GhostBed Classic could be a game changer. With the design focused mostly around comfort and cooling, you can be sure that you won't wake up a sweaty mess before work every morning.

Although it's GhostBed's budget option, the original doesn't make you sacrifice much at all. At 11 inches deep it's pretty sizeable – some competitors' entry-level options are much thinner – and with four layers of advanced foam you're getting a lot for your money.

GhostBed claims that the Classic is perfect for those who need spinal alignment and extra support (read into the brand's genesis for more reasons why this might be the case), so if you suffer from aches and pains, it's one to consider. Plus, with a 30% discount, two free luxury pillows and 10 years of protection from accidental damage, this deal makes the GhostBed Classic mattress a better value than ever.

GhostBed discount codes, sales and deals: Image shows the GhostBed Luxe mattress with a white quilted top and grey base, placed on a light grey fabric bed

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2. GhostBed Luxe mattress deals

A softer mattress designed to keep you cool all night

Sizes: Twin to Split King | Depth: 13 inches | Turn: No | Filling : Gel memory foam and 'Ghost Ice' | Firmness: 4-7/10 (soft-medium firm) | Trial: 101 nights | Guarantee: Lifetime | RRP: $2,395 – $5,190

Cooling tech
Comfy, body-hugging foam
Ideal for soft mattress fans
Heavier bodies may need a firmer bed

If you want the maximum cooling performance GhostBed can provide alongside a softer sleep, then the GhostBed Luxe is for you. This 13-inch deep luxury foam mattress comes packed with next-gen cooling tech and sits near the top of our best cooling mattress guide. On top, a cool-to-touch quilted cover - made from fibre that boosts airflow, and soothing memory foam gel - neutralizes your body heat. 

Under this, a patent-pending layer of thermosensitive, phase-change material absorbs and dissipates heat throughout the night, preventing it from building up inside your mattress so you stay sweat-free. 

There are seven layers in total, including memory foam and a highly responsive foam that acts similarly to latex, contouring to your body to provide tailored support and pressure-relief, while pushing you back up to the surface of the mattress as though you’re floating. Overall, if you want an all-foam mattress that errs on the side of softness, the Luxe is a sound choice – especially at an incredible 50% off discount, which is the largest we've ever seen for it.

GhostBed mattress bundle discounts

GhostBed discount codes, sales and deals: A man and a woman relax on the GhostBed Classic together

(Image credit: GhostBed)

Many people want the full package when they buy a fresh mattress, and GhostBed provides a couple of excellent bundles to help your money go further. The first is the Adjustable Base Bundle which, unsurprisingly, bundles a mattress and  GhostBed's own adjustable base together. You can choose any mattress (prices will go up as you upgrade the mattress, of course), and you'll also get two free pillows. 

The Head to Toe Bundle is much the same as the previous option, but it also includes a set of sheets and two extra pillows, meaning you'll have four including the free ones. If you want a totally fresh setup, this is a good choice.

Finally, the Comfort Bundle is the same as the Head to Toe, except you'll get a standard foundation instead of the adjustable base. Realistically, this will be the most popular, as few people truly have a need for an adjustable bed frame. For a good alternative, with both foam and hybrid options, see our round-up of the best Leesa mattress sales and promo codes.

Do you need a GhostBed Mattress discount code?

The short answer is no, you don't need a GhostBed discount code as all of the available savings are shown on each mattress and applied automatically. That means you can easily shop the GhostBed mattress sale without having to worry about typing in or copying and pasting in a specific promo code. 

GhostBed Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals: what you need to know

Traditionally, the Black Friday mattress deals deliver the lowest prices of the year, with the offers usually rolling to the Cyber Monday mattress deals. In 2022, GhostBed ran its usual evergreen offer, which, generous though it is, is a little disappointing. There was up to 50% off mattresses, and two free pillows.

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