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Sprint Entices T-Mobile Users with $200 Trade-in Offer

There’s no love lost between Sprint and T-Mobile as they battle it out to be the nation’s third largest phone carrier, and Sprint is once again trying to steal customers from the Un-Carrier with a minimum $200 trade-in offer for those who switch.

Bringing your wireless number and smartphone over to Sprint will get you at least a $200 instant trade-in, which can be combined with its contract buyout deal for a total credit of up to $350. That’s enough to essentially get a new iPhone 6 and five months of service for free, using Sprint's $50/month unlimited data plan for iPhones.

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The announcement comes a day after T-Mobile revealed its Smartphone Equality plan, which lets people who pay their bills on time get the same deals on its phones and tablets, even if they have bad or zero credit.

In the fight to erode the loyalty of customers on competing networks while offering more to existing ones, the prices on phones and plans continues to fall. Sprint’s standard single line unlimited plan costs just $60 per month, compared to $80 monthly on T-Mobile.

Unfortunately, Sprint’s spotty coverage and inconsistent data speeds often leaves its customers stranded. In our most recent 4G testing, Sprint has the second best data speeds in Chicago to Verizon, but in our New York and San Francisco showdowns, Sprint finished dead last.

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