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IBM Expanding Operations In India

Bangalore (India) - Bangalore contains a growing research facility that’s part of IBM’s India Software Lab. Called the Semiconductor Research & Development Centre, this lab started out as a very small team. Today, they’ve filed over 100 patents and are working on everything from discrete component integration to bulk CMOS design. It’s being reported that IBM intends to continue increasing its presence at that facility in the coming years.

New CMOS research
According to Director Pamela Kumar, "[Our lab, and India’s research for IBM in general,] are contributing to all aspects of the semiconductor research. The number of patents filed by [this] centre is on the rise. We indeed expect this number to go up further next year. We began as a very small team. However, now we are carrying out high end research work.

There is a lot of focus on this centre, which has been growing". Pamela’s team recently added a research effort in CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). They also continue active development into several areas of SOI (Silicon On Insulator), bulk silicon and SiGe (Silicon Germanium) research, as well as high-speed serial communications via IBM’s High-Speed-Serial Group.

India as a hub for IBM development
Kumar said, "We are committed to bringing IBM’s semiconductor and design leadership to India and leveraging the country as hub for global innovation". IBM views India as "a domestic market for engineering services, focusing on aerospace, automotive, communications and consumer electronics".

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