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Startup Company Can "Print" Animated Graphics

A startup company in Hasselt, Belgium is claiming to have developed a technology to print electronic displays on various surfaces including cardboard, paper, foil, and even plastic. According to EETimes, the technology makes use of an electroluminescent ink that can be processed like everyday paint material. The printed displays are actually animated, controlled by a driver chip that handles the timing and sequence of the animation.

Naturally, the company--Lumoza--wouldn't reveal the exact properties of the ink, only suggesting that it's a combination of phosphor-based inorganic material and organic material. Wouter Moons, the CEO of Lumoza, said the ink isn't anything related to OLED. The website provides photos of a few applications, one sporting a large banner and an animated DVD case for I Am Legend.

But the applications won't stop there. The technology could be used on ceilings, furniture, magazines, shirts, and even on a box of cereal. "In this first phase, we address the advertising and packaging industry," Moons told AZoNano. "Both are continuously looking for innovative products. The dvd-packaging industry has already shown interest, as they are looking for new appealing packaging alternatives. On the longer term, more sustained applications are envisioned, for example in the construction industry."

For now, the technology only achieves pixels at a size of 200 micron--meaning the image contains a resolution of 127 pixels per inch. The driver chip, which uses a microbattery, holds the animation content, although Moons indicates this may change in the future.

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