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Google Pixel Watch rumors, release date, price and everything else we know

Google Pixel Watch rumors, release date, price
(Image credit: James Tsai)

The long-rumored Google Pixel Watch could be on the way. Since Google has thrown its efforts behind a new version of Wear OS with features from Tizen and Fitbit, it could make hardware to match.

If Google does have a Pixel Watch planned, it could take on the Apple Watch 7, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and all the other best smartwatches on the market this year.

Although Google has shot down speculation about in-house smartwatch, a number of patents and acquisitions in the wearable space (ahem, Fitbit) point to the Pixel Watch debut being a matter of when, not if.

Google also knows smartwatches and fitness trackers comprise one of the fastest growing consumer tech categories. It would be wise to put out a model of its own out as an accessory for its Pixel smartphones, like the upcoming Google Pixel 6.

So when will the Pixel Watch arrive? And what will it look like? What features will make it stand out? Here are all the rumors we know about the Google Pixel Watch’s release date, price, design and more.

Google Pixel Watch release date

Rumors of the Google Pixel Watch have been circulating for years, but there's not been a great deal of concrete information. It was thought that Google's Pixel 6 launch event, which is upcoming at the time of writing, would see the reveal of a Google smartwatch. But that now looks unlikely. 

The latest Pixel Watch rumor has Google set to launch the wearable early 2022, as least going by regular leaker Jon Prosser. How likely this rumors is isn't clear, but we's suspect that if Google is indeed working on the Pixel Watch, it will arrive in the next six to 12 months rather than a year or two, 

Google Pixel Watch price

How much will the Google Pixel Watch cost? Not as much as an Apple Watch, if we had to guess. There aren’t many Google Pixel Watch cost leaks to reference, but we’d place it in the mid-priced category. The Apple Watch Series 6 and Galaxy Watch 3 both start at $399, so we'd expect Google to try and undercut these two watches slightly. 

It won’t be the cheapest option on store shelves, but it could fall in the $200-$350 price range depending on size and LTE variants. Again, this is just speculation based on what we know about Google’s pricing strategy for the rest of its hardware division.

Google Pixel Watch design

Interestingly, we've heard absolutely nothing about the Pixel Watch's design. Since May when news of the smartwatch broke, we haven't seen any credible design leaks, renders, or even CAD drawings.

We have seen some awesome concept art, though. These images come from designer James Tsai. Inspired by the company's “Made By Google” devices, Tsai delivered a playful set of renders that even have Google-esque names like “milk white”, “sweet papaya” and “boba black.” 

James Tsai's concept design for the much rumored Pixel Watch

(Image credit: James Tsai)

Regular tech leaker Jon Prosser recently tweeted a leaked image of what he claims is the Pixel Watch, showing off a rounded design with what appears to be a physical crown. 

This tracks with the above rumors, so we'd be reasonably certain that if the Pixel Watch is real it'll have a round face. 

Google Pixel Watch leak

(Image credit: @jon_prosser x @rendersbyian)

Google Pixel Watch specs

German publication WinFuture reported that Google is working on three Pixel Watch models, code-named Ling, Triton and Sardine. 

Exactly what these Pixel Watch code names mean, however, is unknown. It seems plausible, given the names, that the devices will come in different sizes, and possibly different specs. 

One could be lifestyle focused, making use of the $40 million of Fossil's smartwatch technology it acquired last year. Another could become one of the best fitness trackers, benefiting from Google’s ownership of Fitbit

On that note, it’s worth casting a glance at this report from ET News which states Google has placed a large order for body movement tracking sensors from Samsung. Those, in hand with Qualcomm’s latest smartwatch chip and rumors of on-board storage and LTE connectivity, could make for a well-specced Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch Wear OS

This one is no surprise, but Google will bundle its own Wear OS platform in the Pixel Watch. But what could make the software different or, should we say, better? 

Popular Wear OS features on third-party smartwatches include continuous heart-rate monitoring via Google Fit, contactless payments with Google Pay and hands-free Google Assistant access.

On Google’s own smartwatch, we’d expect to see better integration with Google’s ecosystem of hardware. 

Whenever the Pixel Watch comes, it’ll have to compete with some of the most advanced devices around. Keep it locked to Tom’s Guide for the latest updates on how the Pixel Watch is stacking up.

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