Google’s latest Pixel feature drop rolling out now — here's are all the upgrades

The Google Pixel 6 Pro (in black) and Google Pixel 6 (in coral) laid next to each other on wooden decking
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Google’s always pushing out new updates and features to Pixel phones, and the latest Pixel Feature Drop is rolling out now. So you don’t necessarily have to buy the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro to get something new and exciting.

So which features are coming, and which Pixel phones are going to get them?

Faster Night Sight

As you may have suspected a big part of this update involves Pixel 7 features and advances making their way elsewhere — starting with the lineup's faster Night Sight. Powered by the Tensor chip, faster Night Sight is exactly what it sounds like and is coming to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

google pixel 6 faster night sight

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Night Sight is one of the Pixel series’ major features, ensuring your phone’s camera can take higher quality photos in low-light conditions. I’ve found it can be rather slow on my Pixel 6 Pro at times, and any movement can lead to some blurring shots. So I’m quite looking forward to seeing what the new Tensor-powered algorithms can do to speed things up.

Magic Eraser

How to use Magic Eraser in Google Photos on the iPhone

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Google is also using this feature drop to reiterate that Magic Eraser is now available on all Pixel phones as part of the Google Photos app. This was originally announced back in February, and is also available to Google One subscribers on other devices — including iPhones.

So this is your friendly reminder that you can remove people and objects from your photos if you’d really rather they not be there.

Direct My Call

google pixel feature drop

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Google’s Direct My Call is coming to Pixel 4a and newer phones, to save you the hassle of sitting through long menu options on a call. Now the “most popular toll-free numbers” in the U.S. will let you see those menu options ahead of time — getting you to the right place even faster.

Google Health Connect

google pixel feature drop

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Pixel devices will also get Google’s Health Connect, a settings-based dashboard to keep tabs on all your health-related information. From there you'll be able to see which apps are able to track your health and fitness, which ones have done it recently, alongside the controls to revoke those permissions quickly and easily.

At a Glance widget for timers

google pixel feature drop

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The feature drop also gives your Pixel’s “At a Glance” widget access to all the timers in progress across all Pixel and Nest devices. So if you set one up on your watch, Nest Hub, or some other Google-made product, you’ll be able to see or disable timers from your phone screen.

Pixel Watch gets Drop Detection

google pixel watch fall detection

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The Pixel Watch is not being left out, and will be getting fall detection to get in contact with emergency services should you take a hard fall — with an automated message that will request help if you’re otherwise incapacitated. Google will also be making it easier for Wear OS 3 (and above) devices to customize their sound and display setting — alongside previously announced accessibility features for the display and sound.

Digital Car Key

Finally Google’s ultra-wideband digital car key will be able to work from your pocket, letting you unlock and start your car without removing your phone. This feature will apparently be available in the coming weeks.

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