Google Pixel Watch is finally getting the upgrade I've been waiting for

Google Pixel Watch
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One of the biggest assets of the Google Pixel Watch is Fitbit fitness tracking. Still, compared to Fitbit-brand smartwatches and activity trackers, the Pixel Watch misses out on a few features. But the list of those features just got a bit shorter.

The Google Pixel Watch now supports Sleep Profiles, a personalized analysis that joined Fitbit Premium’s sleep tracking features earlier this year. Sleep Profiles are meant to help users understand their sleep metrics month-to-month through animals that represent their sleep habits.

I most recently tested Sleep Profiles on the Fitbit Sense 2 which, like the Pixel Watch, is one the best smartwatches of the year. Breaking down the differences between Google Pixel Watch vs. Fitbit Sense 2, I found the Pixel Watch’s overall health tracking paled a bit compared to the tools available on Fitbit’s premium smartwatch.

The Pixel Watch’s lack of sleep profiles contributed to that takeaway, but now it looks like Google’s first smartwatch could be better positioned as one of the best fitness trackers for sleep tracking. Sleep tracking data can be difficult to understand or take action on — I think Sleep Profiles makes it a little bit easier to truly benefit from sleep tracking.

As I mentioned, Sleep Profiles use animals to illustrate common sleep behaviors. For example, the animal corresponding to my sleep profile is a bear, which means I have a consistent schedule with long and restful sleep. Sounds like bear-like behavior, right? Other animals include a giraffe, parrot, dolphin, hedgehog and tortoise.

These assignments are based on 10 different aspects of your sleep data, such as total sleep duration and  bedtime consistency. They’re generated after a month of wearing a smartwatch tied to a Fitbit Premium to sleep. 

Pixel Watch users get 6 months free of Fitbit Premium. (After that, it costs $9.99/month or $80/year). So if you’ve activated the trial and slept with your Pixel Watch for at least 14 nights in October, you will get your first Sleep Profile and animal in Fitbit Premium on November 22. Otherwise, if you start wearing the Pixel Watch to bed tonight, you’ll get your first Sleep Profile report on December 1. 

If you've been waiting for more reasons to buy the Google Pixel Watch, the addition of Sleep Profiles looks like a step in the right direction. Pair a new feature with a possible discount coming soon with Black Friday deals, and it seems to me the Pixel Watch is officially a more compelling purchase.

Kate Kozuch

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