Our #1 memory foam mattress is 33% off for Prime Day, and you don't even need a Prime membership

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It's almost Prime Day and Nectar has launched its own sale, knocking 33% off the full range, including our top-rated memory foam mattress. It's billed as a Prime Time sale, but because you're not buying via Amazon, you don't need a Prime subscription to save. This is better than most Prime Day mattress deals we're expecting to see tomorrow and on Wednesday.  

We're big fans of this brand's mattresses. Our favorite is the original model, which tops our best mattress in a box guide. In our Nectar mattress review, we found this all-foam mattress delivered excellent support and comfort with its medium-firm design. It's outstanding value for money – partly thanks to extras like a full year's sleep trial and forever warranty – and even better value with this Nectar mattress sale

It is possible to buy this mattress on Amazon, but you're better off going direct to the brand if the price is the same (which is the case right now), to make customer service and aftercare more straightforward. In general, we'd only recommend going to Amazon if you're looking for a very cheap mattress for occasional use. Our guide to the best sub-$400 mattresses on Amazon has some models worth considering. 

Here's a closer look at the deal, and who we'd recommend this mattress to:

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress

Price comparison (queen size): Overview:

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress

Price comparison (queen size):
 $699 at Nectar | $699 at Amazon| $899 at Best Buy | $699 at Mattress Firm

Overview: Nectar's original, all-foam mattress is the best memory foam mattress around, by our reckoning. It has a medium-firm feel with a little of that sink-in, body cradling feel, but not so much you'll feel like you're being enveloped. The 12-inch tall, medium-firm design will suit a wide range of sleepers.

Price history: This is a pretty standard deal from Nectar, but it's rare we see it bettered. Using the queen bed size as our reference point – in Nov / Dec last year it was marginally cheaper ($669) and a very brief Daylight Savings deal in March could get you a mattress for $629. Amazon tends to price-match the Nectar website, and we'd recommend buying direct from the brand to make aftercare easier. 

Extras: This mattress comes with a full year's sleep trial, which matches the longest you'll find anywhere. It's also backed by a forever warranty. These extras are available whether you buy direct from Nectar or via Amazon, but there may be extra hoops to jump through if you go the Amazon route, so make sure you read the small print. 

Buy it if...

You sleep on your side: The Nectar has a thick layer of memory foam near the top, which molds gently around your joints and prevents pressure from building up in the shoulders and hips when lying on your side. We rank this amongst the best mattresses for side sleepers.

You want maximum value for money: This mattress offers excellent value for money. The build quality is great, and those extras – a 365-night trial and a lifetime warranty, free shipping and returns – are outstanding for the price. It's a top choice whether you want a convenient temporary bed (we rank it amongst the best mattresses for students) or something for more long-term use.

You want a no-frills all-rounder: The Nectar will suit a wide range of sleepers. The medium-firm sleep feel should suit most body types and sleep styles, while the slight cradling feel provides comfortable cushioning without the kind of quicksand feel that can be off-putting to those unused to memory foam. 

Don't buy it if...

❌ You sleep on your back or stomach: If you habitually sleep on your back, you should opt for a firmer mattress to ensure your spine is properly aligned. In our review, our tester felt their pelvis was dropping too low in this position. Although our testers found the Nectar comfortable for stomach sleeping, we'd typically recommend a firmer mattress for this position too. Consider the Siena mattress – an extremely budget friendly option at $399 for a queen – or the Awara Natural Hybrid, which swaps memory foam for buoyant latex foam. 

You sleep hot: All-foam mattresses can have a habit of clinging on to body heat. Our reviewers didn't have particular issues with this when sleeping on the Nectar Original, but very hot sleepers could consider swapping for the Cocoon Chill (a similar model with a cooling cover) or opting for a hybrid mattress (the spring layer creates space for air to circulate, boosting breathability). We were impressed with the cooling powers of the Nectar Premier Hybrid if you can push to the higher price.  

You weigh over 250lb: Heavier people are unlikely to get the support they need from the Nectar Original. Our guide to the best mattress for bigger bodies has plenty of options for larger-framed sleepers, although be aware you'll probably need to pay a little more. The cheapest option we'd recommend is the Helix Plus, currently 25% off

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