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Indonesia's notoriously strict online censorship means that demand for the best Indonesia VPN services is huge. From general privacy to accessing censored sites, the best VPN is an indispensable tool.

A large part of this is Ministerial Regulation 5 (MR5). Implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Technology (otherwise known as Kominfo) in November 2020, the MR5 enacted legislation that requires the likes of social media sites, search engine providers, and messaging apps to register with Kominfo and give access to all systems and data.

So, it's clear that to access a free and open internet, a VPN for Indonesia is a must. Whether you're traveling to Indonesia and want to circumvent any blocks, or you want to be able to still gain access to content back home, we've summarised what you'll want from a VPN for Indonesia, and our top 5 recommendations for the job.

Note: For travellers, we strongly recommend installing a VPN before you leave home, as they may not be available to download when you're in the country.

1. ExpressVPN – the best VPN for Indonesia
three months FREE

1. ExpressVPN – the best VPN for Indonesia
ExpressVPN is the best service on the market for maintaining online anonymity and accessing restricted services in Indonesia. From regional Netflix libraries to Twitter and PayPal, it's an essential tool for visitors and residents alike. And now, you can claim three months FREE with Tom's Guide.

2.NordVPN – the biggest VPN name for Indonesia

2. NordVPN – the biggest VPN name for Indonesia
NordVPN is another proven VPN service that can get you around the latest internet regulations in Indonesia. You'll also be able to stream tons of content, and stay secure online, and get astonishing speeds on its 5,600+ servers.

3. Surfshark – cheap internet access in Indonesia
less than $2.50 a month

3. Surfshark – cheap internet access in Indonesia
For those looking to spend as little as possible but still get a premium service, Surfshark could be an excellent option. Great for unblocking and boasting excellent privacy features, it's great value at less than $2.50 a month

What makes the best Indonesia VPN?

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People use VPNs for a number of reasons, and it's fair to say those who are after the best Indonesia VPN don't necessarily just want to get around online censorship. They may also want watch foreign streaming service catalogs, secure connections while carrying out data-sensitive tasks, along with a plethora of other reasons.

For users looking to access banned services or work around network restrictions, ideally you'll want a provider that offers obfuscated servers that mask the fact you're actually using a VPN in the first place. Alongside that you'll want to look out for zero-logging policies, AES 256-bit encryption, and a choice of protocols. This indicates a VPN offering excellent privacy credentials and features.

Of course, a provider with a strong track record of working consistently in Indonesia – especially as what is and isn't censored in the country may constantly be shifting – is a no-brainer. Luckily, if you go with any of the 5 services we recommend, you're onto a winner. We'd also suggest prioritizing a VPN for Indonesia that promises quality 24/7 support should you run into any issues. 

Our go-to recommendation for the best Indonesia VPN is ExpressVPN. Checking off reliable, fast speeds, stealthy servers, and a really great support service, it's also excellent for unblocking, with easy-to-use, powerful apps for all your devices. And if you're still unsure, we've got 4 other providers that also do the job. Scroll down to check them out.

The five best Indonesia VPNs you can download now

ExpressVPN best Indonesia VPN

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1. ExpressVPN

Our #1 recommendation for the best Indonesia VPN

Works on: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android | Unblocks: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu | Money-back guarantee: 30 days | Number of servers: 3,000+ | Indonesian servers: Yes | Maximum devices supported: 5

Great apps for all devices
30-day guarantee to test service
Class-leading support
Excellent privacy
Only 5 simultaneous connections

It may come as no surprise ExpressVPN sits at the top of our list of the best Indonesia VPN providers. In fact, for countries facing any kind of online censorship, from UEA to India and so on, ExpressVPN tops the charts thanks to its ability to both protect your privacy and circumvent internet blocks. 

Of its 3,000+ servers, Indonesia is one of the 94 locations these are based. So whether you want to access overseas content or utilize a more secure connection in Indonesia, you can hop on and configure to any of Express' roster of protocols, including its super fast Lightway protocol, OpenVPN, or IKEv2. This is alongside security features like top-level AES-256 encryption, IPv6 leak protection, and a kill switch to ensure your identity is never exposed should your connection drop out. 

ExpressVPN also has a great track record for unblocking, whether you want to watch Netflix exclusives from foreign libraries, watch UK TV abroad like BBC iPlayer, or otherwise blocked services in Indonesia. For gamers wanting to maintain access to the likes of Steam, Epic Games, and Origin, ExpressVPN can also work around recent MR5 bans. 

No matter what you're streaming, you'll want a reliable connection, which ExpressVPN certainly can offer users. In our last speed tests it delivered consistently good speeds, comfortably hitting strong averages of 420-630Mbps.

Another important quality you'll want to factor into your search for the best Indonesia VPN is decent support. We really rate ExpressVPN's support team. Offered around the clock, you can speak to a real person 24/7, able to receive an answer to your query in a matter of minutes - if that. With how volatile the internet is in Indonesia, constantly changing what is and isn't blocked, this could come in handy for zeroing in the server and toggles to have on.

The only area Express really falls short its limitation of five simultaneous connections, with all other providers on our list offering more. However, with a 30-day money back guarantee, you can try out all these premium features and ensure its array of clients work for you risk-free.

Get 3 months FREE of the best Indonesia VPN
15 months for the price of 12

Get 3 months FREE of the best Indonesia VPN
As the full package, ExpressVPN is at the top of our list for Indonesia, and now it's even better value with three months free – that's 15 months for the price of 12. Combine that with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try it out risk-free, and you've got a great-value package with the best Indonesia VPN money can buy.

NordVPN Indonesia VPN

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2. NordVPN

Come for the security, stay for the speed

Works on: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android | Unblocks: Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu | Money-back guarantee: 30 days | Number of servers: 5,600+ | Indonesian servers: Yes | Maximum devices supported: 6

Security-focused service
11 servers in Indonesia
Great connection speeds
Mobile apps are a little awkward

There's really not a lot in it between our #1 and #2 Indonesia VPN recommendations. In fact, in some areas NordVPN does outdo Express. Not only is it more affordable, allows for 6 simultaneous connections, and takes the spot for the best fast VPN with averages of  730-760Mbps, it also specifies just how many servers of its huge 5,600+ network are Indonesia. The answer is 11, including Borneo and Jakarta.

Making a name for itself as one of the most secure VPN out there, NordVPN comes loaded with features and a number of configurable settings for those who are a bit more tech savvy. Able to conceal the fact you're using a VPN with obfuscated servers, NordVPN also boasts its Double VPN servers, as well as its Quick Connect button which allows you to get connected to the fastest available server at any one time with almost immediate effect.

Whether you're trying to access Indonesian streaming services like Disney Hotstar while outside of the country, or unblock overseas content, NordVPN is the one for the job. In fact, it sits at #1 on our best Netflix VPN guide, and also makes quick work unblocking other popular streaming services around the world, too.

The area in which NordVPN falls short is its interface. While it chooses to utilize a map interface that at least sets it apart from most other providers, this can prove a little clunky, especially when using it on a smaller screen such as your smartphone. This is only a minor nuisance though and could be deemed fairly subjective from person to person, receiving high ratings on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Want the power of ExpressVPN but with a moderately lower price range? NordVPN is certainly up to the task.

Surfshark Indonesia VPN

3. Surfshark

An uber-affordable Indonesia VPN

Works on: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android | Unblocks: Netflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu | Money-back guarantee: 30 days | Number of servers: 3,200+ | Indonesian servers: Yes | Maximum devices supported: Unlimited

Incredible value for money
Easy to use
Excellent Netflix and iPlayer unblocking
Unlimited connections
Apps are a little basic

For anyone looking for a cheap and cheerful answer to the best Indonesia VPN, Surfshark has got you covered. It's our favorite cheap VPN to recommend, and while it doesn't quite have the same in-depth features as Express and Nord, you still get an astonishingly feature-packed and powerful VPN for an incredibly affordable monthly rate.

In fact, as well as the industry standard AES-256 encryption, it offers Private DNS and leak protection, obfuscated servers, auto connect and kill switch functionality, as well as its Multi-Hop double VPN feature, and CleanWeb which blocks ads and trackers as you browse online.

With 3,200+ servers, including those based in Jakarta, Surfshark has always offered a reliable unblocking experience in our testing, and proves to be one of the strongest in unblocking Netflix libraries in an array of countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan. That's alongside gaining us access to BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime Video in our tests, making it an excellent all-round streaming VPN, too.

All that, packaged in clean and intuitive apps available on an selection of devices, for less than $2.50 a month. An excellent Indonesia VPN in its own right.


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4. CyberGhost

The fastest Indonesia VPN

Works on: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android | Unblocks: US Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, BBC iPlayer | Money-back guarantee: 45 days | Number of servers: 7,000+ | Indonesian servers: Yes | Maximum devices supported: 7

Lots of servers
Incredible WireGuard speeds
Great for unblocking 
No security audit

CyberGhost sits proudly as the speediest VPN on this list, averaging at 830-850Mbps in our last round of speed tests, putting it even ahead of the likes of NordVPN. Much like Nord, it also states how many servers of its mammoth 7,000+ network it has based in Indonesia. Based in Jakarta, it has 12 spectacularly fast servers, making this a great choice, particularly if you're keen to maintain a reliable, strong connection for streaming, gaming, and the like.

The experience for streamers especially doesn't stop there. CyberGhost introduces servers specifically optimized for unblocking the likes of Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Nifty features like this allow you to connect that bit faster. Backed by it's near-perfect track record for unblocking, we were able to circumvent geo-restrictions on all the popular streaming services out there. 

Keep in mind if it's Netflix exclusives you're after, you'll only be able to access the US library. To CyberGhost's credit, though, very few providers out there have success unblocking Netflix as the streaming giant has begun to seriously crackdown on IP addresses, with only our top 3 Indonesia VPNs still holding onto access.

It's also worth noting CyberGhost is long overdue an official security audit, and it's a bit of a nuisance that you have to physically remove devices in its 7 device limit to add more.

With sleek apps and a longer-than-industry-standard 45-day money back guarantee, CyberGhost remains a great choice, especially for those who want a big server network backed by serious speed. Better yet, you can get a CyberGhost free trial on desktop and mobile for 24 hours.

Private Internet Access on a variety of devices

(Image credit: Private Internet Access)

5. Private Internet Access

An Indonesian VPN for all your devices

Works on: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android | Unblocks: Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu | Money-back guarantee: 30 days | Number of servers: 10,000+ | Indonesian servers: Yes | Maximum devices supported: 10

Excellent value with new tiered plans
Great, reliable apps and kill switch
Decent browser extension offering
Can't unblock iPlayer
WireGuard speeds below average

Private Internet Access (PIA) is an established name in the world of VPN with the credentials to show for it. With a selection of feature-packed apps that don't skimp on the components of its fully-faceted desktop apps, PIA also hosts powerful browser extensions, with the power of more than 10,000 servers behind it.

Alongside this and an excellent kill switch, PIA ticks pretty much all boxes in the way of streaming. It can unblock US Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime Video. Unfortunately in our last tests it wasn't able to unblock BBC iPlayer, but it may not be long before it irons out this niggle.

There are a few areas where PIA falls short, however. While many of its competitors have hurtled ahead in WireGuard speeds, PIA's results were decidedly below average at 320Mbps. It's fair to say, though, that only last year this would've been considered pretty fast, so while PIA may have not quite kept up with the rest of the market, this is still a speed that users can comfortably carry out day-to-day online tasks without running into issue.

One area we'd like PIA to resolve is its lack of a security audit. While its apps are open source, allowing the more technically advanced to take a deep dive under the hood, an official evaluation of PIA's innerworkings would put more confidence in this provider.

Indonesia VPN FAQs

Which is the best Indonesia VPN provider?

We believe ExpressVPN is the best Indonesia VPN provider currently on the market. With servers based in the country as well as in 93 other locations around the world, it's also really easy-to-use with a huge variety of clients so you can install it on all your devices. It also has market-leading security features that'll protect your online identity as well as being able to access otherwise banned content, or overseas services otherwise geo-restricted. Tom's Guide readers can also benefit from getting 3-months free on all annual plans!

Do any free VPNs have Indonesian servers?

Unfortunately, of the free VPN services we recommend, providers either don't host servers in Indonesia or only offer access to those servers to premium users. For instance, Proton VPN Free is an excellent stepping stone for those who want a trustworthy free service. However, it only allows those using its free software to access servers in the US, the Netherlands, and Japan. The same goes for Privado VPN, Windscribe and the like.

We wouldn't recommend looking elsewhere for a free provider that might offer servers based in Indonesia. It is unlikely many servers will offer this in their free plans, instead opting to allow users to trial countries that will prove more popular like the US and UK. What's more, there are thousands of free services out there that offer the world but rarely live up to their claims, and are likely to be harvesting your details and selling it off to third party companies to fund their infrastructure.

For those who want Indonesian servers, then, we recommend checking out one of our 5 best Indonesia VPN picks. While they're all premium services you have to pay for, they do all offer grace periods if you're not happy with the product. That includes ExpressVPN and its 100% risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

Are VPNs legal in Indonesia to use?

While VPN providers will have to comply with the same rules as other online tools and services and register with Ministry of Communications and Technology, they are completely legal to use. What's more, we recommend installing one if you wish to access content that may otherwise be restricted. Especially if you're a traveler looking to browse as if you were back home.

As ever, it's worth pointing out just because a VPN is legal to use and, what's more, allows you to circumvent geo-restrictions and so on, the software doesn't protect your from being prosecuted if you were to carry out illegal activity while connected to one.

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