What is Nord Threat Protection Pro?

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On June 18th, 2024, Tom's Guide #1 best VPN provider, NordVPN, announced that its cybersecurity offerings would be getting an upgrade with the launch of NordVPN Threat Protection Pro.

But what actually is Nord Threat Protection Pro, and how is it different from Nord's previous cybersecurity solutions? Read on to find out.

What is NordVPN Threat Protection Pro? 

NordVPN Threat Protection Pro is, in the provider's own words, an advanced cybersecurity tool that "protects your online privacy on more fronts than before." Previously, it was known as Threat Protection, however, Nord changed the name to "reflect the broad nature of its features."

Likewise, Nord has changed the name of its more basic threat protection available to all subscribers from Threat Protection Lite to just Threat Protection.

What features does NordVPN Threat Protection Pro have? 

As the first VPN provider to launch the concept of threat protection within the VPN market, Nord have been dedicated to making sure their cybersecurity solutions are always at the top of their game. This includes making sure they have the power to block the latest cyber threats, like phishing attacks, web tracking and malware.

While other VPNs' threat protection relies on filtering out malicious websites on a domain level by using DNS filtering, Nord Threat Protection Pro works on both the Javascript and URL levels. This means it is able to filter out and protect you from not just ads, but malware, phishing attempts, tracking and scams.

Nord Threat Protection Pro also scans downloads for malware, warns you of zero-day phishing attempts. Additionally, its protection does not rely on a VPN connection to work, unlike Threat Protection.

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How is NordVPN Threat Protection Pro different from NordVPN Threat Protection Lite? 

Nord Threat Protection (previously known as Threat Protection Lite) is available on all Nord VPN plans and to all customers, whereas Threat Protection Pro is only available to those on upper tier plans.

Additionally, while Threat Protection Lite protects you from potentially malicious sites by using DNS filtering, Threat Protection Pro also utilizes Javascript and URL filtering to further block malicious sites.

Finally, Threat Protection Pro does not need a VPN connection to be active, while Threat Protection does. 

Where is NordVPN Threat Protection Pro available? 

While Threat Protection is available across all plans, to all customers and across most, if not all, operating systems (Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and browser extensions), Threat Protection Pro is currently only available on Windows and macOS to upper tier plan subscribers. 

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