Report: Verizon Launching 4G Network Nov. 15

Verizon last year said that its LTE network would be launching in 2010. Today we have a specific date, as sources say Verizon will launch its new, 4G network on November 15. Engadget reports that Verizon will be launching its LTE network just in time for the holidays, with a push into over 30 markets around the country -- including New York, LA, Chicago, and Philadelphia -- and ten airports.

Back in March, Verizon CTO Anthony Melone told the Wall Street Journal that the network would launch its first 4G handsets between three and six months after the LTE rollout. Unfortunately, Melone also said that LTE would signal the end of unlimited data plans.

Recent reports suggest Verizon could announce new tiered data plans next Thursday.

Source: Engadget

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  • coonday
    4g looks painful
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  • nsmetana
    soldier37Man dont that just suck for all those 3G phones they are just now selling like the Droid X and wont be able to take advantage of sucks to be you Verizon users!

    Enjoy your crappy AT&T or Sprint network, lol...
  • coonday
    4g looks painful
  • xacrex
    how much? /sigh