I test hybrid mattresses for work — these 3 Presidents' Day sales are the best I've seen

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You can't move for discounted hybrid mattresses in today's President's Day sales, with savings of up to 50% off. Many of them look tempting on paper, but not all are worth buying. I test mattresses for a living so I know a good hybrid when I see one, and there are three in particular that I fully recommend buying today before the sales end. My favorite deal helps you save $400 on the Saatva Classic innerspring hybrid at Saatva, a stunning handcrafted bed for all sleepers.

The Saatva Classic is the best mattress in the world right now and one that myself and my team of expert mattress testers fully stand behind as the ideal choice for most people. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a year's sleep trial, plus free mattress installation and removal of your old mattress and bed. With a queen priced $1,595 in this year's Presidents' Day mattress sales, it's an excellent purchase.

As much as I love the Saatva, there are two other hybrids worthy of consideration in this year's sales, and those are The DreamCloud and the Helix Midnight. Here’s why I recommend them to anyone shopping for a new mattress this Presidents' Day...

1. Saatva Classic: $1,295$895 at SaatvaSummary:

1. Saatva Classic: from $1,295 $895 at Saatva
Summary: Few mattresses have wowed my team of reviewers like the Saatva Classic has. This highly sought-after handcrafted bed is a luxury innerspring hybrid and my number one recommendation for the best hybrid mattress for all sleepers, especially those dealing with some general aches and pains or who want a luxury hotel-style bed at home. My testers have slept on it with back pain, with a neck injury, and through pregnancy and new motherhood, and each have found it comfortable and supportive. As a hybrid it's breathable too, with a dedicated lumbar crown boosting back support. Our Saatva Classic mattress review testing data shows that the pressure relief is excellent, as is the edge support (it helps to make it easy to get in and out of). The only things standing in the way of an otherwise perfect hybrid are some motion transfer – not enough to make it a deal-breaker for couples by any stretch – and a $99 returns or exchange fee. Otherwise, this is an excellent buy in the Presidents' Day, with free mattress installation in your bedroom and free old mattress and bed removal. My other best Saatva mattress recommendation is the Solaire (pictured at the top of this article), designed with 50 different firmness levels in one bed.

Price history: I track the Saatva mattress sale each month so I know that on average, the best saving on the Classic is usually between $200 and $300, depending on the size you buy. Our exclusive Presidents' Day discount with Saatva saves you $400 on every size, so it's especially lucrative if you are planning to buy one of the smaller sizes. Saatva only brings out this higher discount for major holidays and occassions, so I doubt we'll see a saving this big again until Memorial Day. In other words, this is the cheapest you're likely to buy a Saatva Classic for in the next few months.

Benefits: 365-night trial | Lifetime warranty | Free White Glove Delivery (with old mattress removal)

2. The DreamCloud Mattress: $839$419 at DreamCloud SleepSummary:

2. The DreamCloud Mattress: from $839 $419 at DreamCloud Sleep
Summary: If you can't afford the Saatva, yet you like the idea of a luxury hotel style mattress at home, buy The DreamCloud instead. At nearly 50% off this Presidents' Day, it's an absolute steal at just $665 for a queen size. Bear in mind that you also get a year's free trial and a lifetime warranty for that low price. It's excellent value for a 12" hybrid stuffed with tech to help relieve big pressure points and to isolate motion from your partner so that you don't disturb each other's sleep. Again, my expert testers loved The DreamCloud and found it super-comfy for back and stomach sleeping, though we agree that lightweight side sleepers may find it too hard (we rate it as being on the firmer side of medium-firm). I also feel that the edge support isn't as strong as on the Saatva Classic, but then it is nearly $1,000 cheaper in a queen size. You can read our full DreamCloud mattress review to get an overview of why it's such a good budget alternative to the Saatva.

Price history: DreamCloud has been running a flash sale for a few weeks now, which to me means it isn't a flash sale at all and rather a juicy discount that they have decided to keep rolling onwards. That's excellent news for you though, as this continued DreamCloud mattress sale reduces a queen to just $665, which is an absurdly low price for a hybrid of this quality and comfort. Don't miss this one.

Benefits: 365-night trial | Lifetime warranty | Free shipping

3. Helix Midnight: $936 $702 at Helix SleepSummary:

3. Helix Midnight: from $936 $702 at Helix Sleep
Summary: There is no beating the Saatva for luxury hotel vibes at home, but if you're a die-hard side sleeper who wants more contouring and softness around the hips, knees and shoulders, I heartily recommend the Helix Midnight instead. My team rates the Helix Midnight hybrid as the best mattress for side sleepers overall, scoring it highly for pressure relief in those key impact areas. It's breathable too, thanks to coils encouraging a better flow of air through the mattress, and it has a magical almost perfect medium feel that's just a little softer than you'd expect. The Helix Midnight is the cheapest side sleeper bed in the Helix Sleep range, with the Midnight Luxe being the more opulent and expensive older sibling. The standard Midnight has five layers and stands at 11.5" tall, whereas the Luxe has six layers, stands at 13.5" tall, and offers more support. The price difference is big though, with a standard Midnight queen on sale for $999 in Presidents' Day sales and a queen Luxe on sale for $1,780.

Price history: I also track the Helix mattress sales each month and I can tell you that 20% is the average discount from Helix Sleep, so for Presidents' Day you're getting an extra 5%. That doesn't sound like much, but Helix Sleep is also increasing the value of its free gifts from two pillows (standard most months) to a free bedding bundle of sheets, pillows and a mattress protector worth up to $418. So, as with the Saatva, now is the best time to buy. I fully expect the discount to drop to 20% again after Presidents' Day and that larger free bedding bundle will be demoted to just two pillows (though they are premium).

Benefits: 100 night trial | 10-year warranty | Free shipping

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