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Best Buy, Radio Shack Offer Instant Pre Rebate

One thing about the Palm Pre launch that disappointed us was the mail-in rebate. However, it seems there’s a way to work around shelling out $299 at the register and waiting to get your hundred bucks back.

No doubt about it, mail-in rebates are a huge pain in the butt and a lot of people don’t like dealing with them once they’ve actually bought the product. As a couple of you guys pointed out with the initial announcement, Best Buy doesn’t do the mail in rebate thing anymore, so how could they sell the Pre with a rebate? Simple answer? They can’t.

According to PC World, it has been confirmed that both Best Buy and Radio Shack will deduct the $100 rebate instantly at the register. So with Best Buy and Radio Shack offering you the rebate right away, why would anyone want to go to a Sprint store to buy their Pre? And knowing that Best Buy and Radio Shack would be offering rebates at the register, why wouldn’t Sprint do the same?