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$25,900 3D Copier Makes Real Objects

Z Corporation today revealed the first automated, monochrome 3D printer, costing consumers a whopping $29,500 USD. The monster of a machine takes normal copying to a different level by creating actual objects up to 8 x 10 x 8 inches in size. While the new ZPrinter 350 definitely isn't a Replicator capable or recreating a cup of tea or a Klingon's favorite dish, this new device is certainly a step in the right direction.

So why would anyone need a 3D printer? Engineers would put it to good use, making a physical copy of a current prototype before going back to the drawing board to modify the original. Although the ZPrinter 350 only provides one color (white), consumers can preserve complex geometries and intricate details before making alterations. It's like making copies of a virtual model before applying the textures.

“The ZPrinter 350 gives a lot more engineering departments access to advanced 3D printing technology at a value price,” said Z Corporation CEO John Kawola. “ZPrinting is going to improve the quality of their products, speed their development processes, and ultimately help the bottom line.”

The company said that the new 3D printer uses snap-in binder cartridges, and will recycle the unused, office-safe building materials. However don't expect the machine to magically create the copy in mere seconds: the 3D copier has a vertical build speed of .08-inches per hour.