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PS5 release date reveal tipped for tomorrow: Is this finally it?

PS5 release date rumor
(Image credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty Images)

Everybody is thirsty for the PS5 release date, and it's leading to speculation running rampant. The latest rumor floated to the surface on Reddit and has been reported by Inverse, though we're not quite buying it.

Citing a Reddit post containing a screenshot of a now-deleted Pastebin entry, Inverse claims that we may learn the release date info of the PS5 on Thursday, February 27, at 2 p.m. Pacific (which is 5 p.m. Eastern). And while I bet this will send some folks to Sony and PlayStation's social media at that time, hitting refresh until their devices crash, I don't believe it's legit.

I'm so skeptical because it's all based on a Reddit post that linked to a Pastebin upload that claimed the above date. Nobody has any other details about what the Pastebin file that Redditor BorisBritva666 linked to contains. The Pastebin file has since been taken down, and all the Reddit post has is a screenshot of the above information.

BorisBritva666 has no track record as a proven leaker, and anyone can upload anything to Pastebin. It's a repository for text that has free accounts. It's like running a story about a Twitter user named JimmyJaaaack37, and trusting their tweet about when the CIA will reveal the truth about the Kennedy assassination. 

Oh, and there doesn't even need to be a Pastebin file for this screenshot in the Reddit post. I'm not here to discredit BorisBritva666, but if you right-click anything in Chrome, and select Inspect Element, you get to edit anything you want in the page you're looking at. 

Henry T. Casey

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